The Biggest Muscle and Muscular Sex Doll

The Biggest Muscle and Muscular Sex Doll

The pandemic made the world realize how important sexual health really is. And because of social distancing measures, people needed another outlet for satisfying sexual desires. That explains the increase in sales of sex toys and sex dolls.

Now, when people talk about sex dolls, they automatically think of either petite or voluptuous female models. These are what most straight men deem as attractive. 

The thing is, the industry does not cater to the needs of cisgender males only. Moreover, some people prefer a body type that’s different from the two mentioned above. They want to see and feel big muscles. 

Albeit a little rarer, models like this exist. They are here to help women, man-loving men, and men into athletic women get sexual gratification.

But then again, there aren’t as many of these models as the typical female ones. So searching for one that suits your tastes may take a long time. But that is when you do it on your own. This list will cut those hours you would have spent to mere minutes. So you shouldn’t go anywhere else because this is the place to be. 

To not waste any more of your time, here are the sex dolls on the market whose muscles will make you wetter than an otter’s* pocket. 


The Biggest Muscle and Muscular Sex Doll

James is a 5’9” tall man with bulging biceps, a broad chest, and eight-pack abs. These assets he possesses, along with his handsome face, will make you obsessed with the sight of him topless. Or better yet, with the sight of him fully naked. And after you experience riding this muscleman’s glorious 7 inches cock, he will make you addicted to sex. 

If you are a top, you can still play with James. He is a people pleaser; he considers making other people as the most important thing. Therefore, he will submit to you if you want him to. James offers fantastic blowjobs and can also engage in anal sex where he is the one being penetrated. 

Overall, this sex doll is a solid choice for anyone who wants a muscular man to be their sexual partner. 


The Biggest Muscle and Muscular Sex Doll

There are some people that prefer short guys over tall men. There’s just something about these compressed bundles of energy and sex appeal. Suppose that you are one of the people attracted to these guys; Ron is the sex doll you should consider taking home. 

Ron is a 5’2″ tall male sex doll with scrumptious muscles. All you would want to do is worship his hot sexy body. Besides this hunk’s abs, he has one more asset that will make you crazy for him. He has an 8 inches long junk. You will find much enjoyment in bouncing and grinding on that thing. 

But perhaps you are a man who likes dominating other men or a woman who finds satisfaction in pegging. If that is so, you’ll be pleased to hear that Ron likes being penetrated too. This sex doll has a 7.4 inches deep anal orifice. He is also game for man-to-man oral sex. 

One could say that Ron is a smaller version of James. And so if James is on this list, he deserves a spot too.


The Biggest Muscle and Muscular Sex Doll

Do you want your muscleman to be hairy as well? Because if that’s the case, this model is the sex doll for you. Ali, the 5’3″ macho, sports a sexy afro. He also has a magnificent full-grown beard. Last but not least, a thick bush of pubic hair lies atop his 6.7 inches penis. This hair overgrowth gives him an unkempt look that many people find hot. 

And that’s not all there is to him. Ali is a bisexual stud. He likes having sex with both men and women. So if you want to punish him for being sexy, you can dominate him through his anal hole. He also gives fantastic blowjobs that are worth giving a try.

Anyone would enjoy having muscleman Ali as their bed warmer. So put him on the top of your options list if you want to buy a sex doll soon. He will not disappoint. 


The Biggest Muscle and Muscular Sex Doll

Straight men and others interested in girls, here is your first option. Raven is a lady sexified by her athletic build. While other girls are busy putting on make-up, she is training in the gym. As a result, she has a perfect physique.

Aside from her muscles, your eyes would love the sight of her round C-cup breasts, fine ass, and tiny pussy. Your penis would love her too. Raven is complete with three orifices, meaning she can engage in oral, anal, and intercourse sex. Respectively, the depths of Raven’s holes are 5.7 inches, 6.7 inches, and 6.7 inches. All of these are designed and textured to mimic what the holes of an actual person feel like.

What’s not to love about Raven? Nothing! That makes her one of the best muscular lady sex dolls on the market.


The Biggest Muscle and Muscular Sex Doll

Hot mom with youthful looks, that’s the type of vibe this fit woman radiates. If you are looking for a MILF, there is no option better than Pam. This 5’4″ woman has a tight body with muscular abs. From that alone, you know she lasts long in bed. And as a woman experienced in sex, it’s likely that she will outlast you. Especially when you take her tits and ass, that will make you cum very fast into account. That is one thing that you would definitely love.

In short, Pam is a muscular sex doll that can make your nights very exciting. That makes her a must-buy. 


The Biggest Muscle and Muscular Sex Doll

Jewels is a woman with a shredded body. If not for her vagina and boobs, one would mistake her for a man. And that’s something people looking for a transexual experience should keep in mind. You can buy a transexual insert to give her a penis she can use to penetrate you. 

But even without that, Jewels is an amazing sex doll. She is capable of intercourse, anal, and oral sex. 

That concludes the list. These are the musclemen and musclewomen you should consider looking at if the chubbies and the slims do not impress you.

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