Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

Do you like to engage in MMF threesomes to get the best of both worlds? If you are, you likely have noticed the nuisances associated with the activity. Your attention is divided because there are two people you have to please. Sometimes, you could also end up as the one that gets ignored for a while.

For sure, you wouldn’t want that to happen. Here is some suggestion: why not try hermaphrodites? They are people blessed with both male and female sex organs. With a hermaphrodite, you wouldn’t need a third person in the room.

The catch is, finding a hermaphrodite is hard. The condition is rare. But don’t you worry. Sex dolls are here to fulfill people’s sexual fantasies. Below, you will meet the top 10 hermaphrodite sex dolls on the market. 


Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

Sandra is a sex doll that will give you the time of your life. Your eyes will feast on her perfectness. She has the beautiful face and body of a supermodel. Her breasts are big, her waist is small, and her butt is meaty. But more importantly, Sandra has a penis and a vagina. So if you ever find yourself in the receiving mood, you can ride her stiff cock.

The best thing about Sandra is she is truly a hermaphrodite. Her penis and vagina are separate and functional at the same time. You will not need to remove the flagpole if you want to use the hole.


Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

Colalee’s hermaphroditism is showing. While she has the body of a woman, her face shows some hints of her hidden male side. So if you prefer that to remind you that you’re with someone who is also technically a man, she’s the doll to get.

With regards to Colalee’s body, she has a fantastic one. That G-cup breasts alone will give you an erection. And speaking of erections, she can also have one herself. Colalee has a normal-sized penis above her deep vagina. So regardless if you want to be the top or the bottom, you can do so with Colalee.

156 cm (5ft1″) G-Cup Tranny Sex Doll

Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

When she’s fully clothed, you would think she’s an ordinary woman. What separates her from others is only her super sexy looks that make her worthy of the centerfold in a Playboy magazine. But that’s not just it, and you’ll find out about it when you remove her clothes.

Aside from her womanly parts, this sex doll possesses one more asset. She has an average-sized penis! Therefore, the sexual activities you can do together are endless. Penetrate her through her anus or vagina, or ride her reverse cowboy style — your call. 


Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

All the dolls featured above are 5’2″ tall. On the other hand, Dora is 5’7″. So if you like long-legged women, this is the doll for you. 

Seeing this love doll in your house, especially on your bed, will surely put a smile on your face. She has H-cup breasts that your hands would love to fondle. Likewise, she has a big ass that calls for your spanking. And, of course, one wouldn’t miss her penis. You would love feeling it inside you.

Unfortunately, her penis is only an insert. You need to remove it if you want to have access to her vagina. So keep that in mind.


Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

Intercourse, oral sex, anal sex with you as the top, anal sex with you as the bottom – all of these are possible with Briana. This cute girl has a little secret – she can be a he. Briana has a penis you would love riding. 

Now, all of the dolls above have humongous breasts. Meanwhile, Briana’s boobs are small. They are only A-cup, the smallest cup size. But that’s not a bad thing as some men prefer flat-chested women. So if you are into that, here’s the sex doll for you. Also, it gives Brian another thing that’s almost a masculine quality. So there’s that.

156cm (5ft1′) Big Ass Sex Doll with Small Tits

Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

Here’s another doll that has small breasts. What she lacks in her bosom is compensated with what’s in her ass, though. She has a really huge bubble butt and juicy, meaty thighs. These will make anal sex with her very exciting. And that’s not the only thing you can do with this doll. She also has oral and vaginal sex capabilities. And if you want to be pegged, you can insert a detachable penis in her vagina and bounce on her until you climax.


Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

This hermaphrodite sex doll is as strange but flawless as can be. She has beautiful flowing long white hair that makes it more obvious that she is different from others. She can be a woman or a shemale, depending on your mood. If you wish to feel her inside you, you can attach a 6 or 7.5 inches long detachable penis to her 7.1 inches deep vagina. Or, you can use this H-cup sex doll as is and feel the goodness her vagina can provide you. Aside from those, this doll also has oral and anal sex capabilities. With those, Bobbie will turn your fantasies into reality, no matter what those are. 


Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

Would you rather have sex with a submissive or with a dominant partner? If your answer is the second option, Sandy is the perfect doll for you. Sandy has the face of a MILF who is also a dominatrix. She’ll like it if you worship her and please her like it’s the only thing that matters. Should you find yourself wanting to have a huge penis plugged in you, she is one that can help. Alondria has not 5 inches, not 8 inches, but a 9.8 inches long penis. With it, she can easily hit your G-spot.

Sex Doll Penis

Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

Perhaps there is already a female sex doll in your home. That would be perfect. You will not need to spend another thousand dollars to get the hermaphrodite experience. You can just buy this detachable penis. Equip it to your female sex doll and viola! You will have what you want.

Penis Insert (Transgender Adapter)

Top 10 Hermaphrodite Sex Dolls

This is yet again not a hermaphrodite sex doll, but a tool you can use to make one. Buy this detachable, average-sized penis so you can make your female sex doll a hermaphrodite. It will help fulfill your sexual desires without draining much cash. 

And that concludes this list.

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