The Wonder Woman Sex Doll: The Lookalike Dolls

The Wonder Woman Sex Doll: The Lookalike Dolls

Damsels in distress out, strong and independent women in. This seems to be the trend these days. And if we are talking about powerful women in pop culture, without a doubt, Wonder Woman is the most iconic one. Princess Diana of Themyscira does not need saving; she will be the one to save you.

That is a turn-on to a lot of men. Not only is Wonder Woman beautiful, but she is also strong. Not all men would admit it. But deep down, they want to find a gorgeous woman who can put them in place. They like a challenge.

Unfortunately, even if Wonder Woman is real, she’ll likely not date any of you. She will either be with Steve Trevor, Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, or Clark Kent, aka Superman. Also, she will be too busy fighting bad guys, so she will not have much time for you. 

But don’t you worry. You can always rely on sex dolls to fulfill your fantasies. There happens to be one model that will blow your mind – and your load. But before you meet her, why don’t we revisit Wonder Woman’s story to get reminded of what makes her desirable?

Wonder Woman’s Background

If you are a comic fan, you would know that there’s no one single storyline for each character. DC has revamped the DC Superhero Universe multiple times and changed the characters’ backgrounds in each iteration. Nevertheless, one thing about Wonder Woman remained untouched: she’s a powerful girl with a heart.

The Wonder Woman Sex Doll: The Lookalike Dolls

In the modern age of comic books, Wonder Woman was depicted as an emissary and ambassador of Themyscira. She was sent to bring peace to the human world. This storyline highlights how intelligent and kindhearted Wonder Woman is.

On the other hand, during the silver age of comic books, Wonder Woman’s selflessness and love for humans were spotlighted. At birth, she received the blessing of many deities. Wonder Woman was supposed to grow up and become as beautiful as Aphrodite, as wise as Athena, as swift as Hermes, and as strong as Hercules. But there came the point where she had to choose between accompanying the other Amazons in another dimension and staying in Man’s world. The latter means she has to surrender her powers, but that did not stop her from choosing it. And even without her special abilities, she kicked asses left and right. She used physical fitness and wits as her weapon. 

Those stories are great, but the most known Wonder Woman origin is still the Golden Age Wonder Woman. The first live-action Wonder Woman film is based on this. 

Here, Wonder Woman lives with the rest of the Amazons on the mystical island Themyscira. After meeting soldier Steve Trevor, she went to Man’s world to return him home. On the journey, Diana finds out about the war going on. Being the peace-loving person that she is, she decided to fight the Nazis. 

Regardless of the era, Wonder Woman is depicted as a wise, confident woman who can carry her own weight. She is very lovable. And that makes her an icon. 

Wonder Woman Sex Doll

Here is the part you are waiting for. This doll will let you experience what it feels like to date Diana Prince. And no, it is not a random sex doll model dressed up as the superhero. She looks almost like Gal Gadot – the Israeli beauty queen who plays Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe films. The sex doll is also only 3 inches smaller than the actress. She could have been a perfect replica. But, there are rules that say sex dolls can’t look too much like a person unless they have given consent. 

The Wonder Woman Sex Doll: The Lookalike Dolls

Anyway, these are only subtle differences. You would not notice unless you have met the actress in person. So it is still the most accurate Wonder Woman sex doll on the market.

Besides, this sex doll’s sexiness will make you overlook that. With BWH measurements of 31 inches, 20 inches, and 30 inches, her figure will arouse you. Add her big, perky boobs to the mix, and your eyes will be practically glued to this sex doll. 

And this sex doll is not just for display. She is fantastic both in form and function. 

Because this sex doll is made of TPE, her skin feels soft to the touch. Its texture is similar to human skin. Therefore, with her, you would feel like you really are with someone. Think how satisfying cupping her breasts and butt cheeks will be. And if you pay an extra $100, you can make her have even jigglier boobs. 

Her weight is a blessing too. The Wonder Woman sex doll only weighs 30 kilograms. That means positioning her will not be too difficult. And speaking of positioning the doll, the Wonder Woman sex doll has a steel skeleton with movable joints. Because of that, you can do “the Scissor,” doggy style, or cowgirl style, or any other sex position you can think of with her.

The Wonder Woman Sex Doll: The Lookalike Dolls

The Wonder Woman sex doll has oral, anal, and intercourse sex capabilities. All of her orifices are designed and textured to imitate the orifices of an actual human. Thus they will make you feel like you really are having sex with Wonder Woman. 

Do you have extra cash? If you do, consider checking out the available add-ons for this love doll. Through them, you can make the ultimate Wonder Woman sex doll. 

One add-on many people enjoy is the internal heating system. This add-on will give you the ability to add warmth to the doll, making it feel like it is a living being. 

That’s for anal and intercourse sex. If you like blowjobs, and of course you do, there’s the “Enhanced Mouth” option. With this, the Wonder Woman sex doll will have a tongue and more realistic textures inside the mouth. It will augment the realistic sensation her default mouth already gives. 

As you can see, this WM Doll is the perfect Wonder Woman sex doll. The best thing is, you can get her on installment. So what are you waiting for? Take one model home now!

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