Why Amazon Doesn’t Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

Amazon.com is the biggest e-commerce website in the world. Once, it was only a platform where users sold books and stuff. Initially, it only sold books. Its creator, Jeff Bezos, believed it was the best way to succeed online. And as we can see now, he wasn’t wrong. 

Now, sex dolls have become in demand thanks to the pandemic. These products allowed people to explore sexuality and get sexual gratification in the comforts of their homes. Based on what one knows on how Bezos’ brain functions, one would assume his move will be to sell sex dolls. He would endorse these products as he did with books.

But if you open the website now, you will be disappointed with what you will see. The sex dolls sold on the platform are mostly blow-up dolls. Yes, those are the ugly, cartoon-looking dolls that aren’t really that good. If there are TPE or silicone sex dolls, they are headless.

Perhaps Amazon does not want a repeat of the controversy that happened years ago. The company has been hit with backlash because of the child sex dolls found on the platform. So while Amazon still sees the importance of sexual wellness, it is playing it safe.

But, if ever that Amazon full body TPE and silicone sex dolls again, it is highly recommended to still not buy from the website. 

Sexdollsoff.com has revealed something literally dirty about Amazon. This sex doll seller says it closed its Amazon shop because of sanitary issues.

If you want to get yourself a synthetic partner that will give you pleasure and companionship, check other places where they are sold instead. But there are many websites like that. Some are even worse than Amazon in terms of the quality of their products. So make sure that you are making your purchases on trusted websites. It’s a little challenging to identify them due to the stigma around these products, yes. But fret not. This article is going to save you from the hassle.

Below is a list of the best places where you can get a sex doll. They have been in the business for many years, and thus, they are trusted and proven. If you buy sex dolls from these sellers, you can rest assured that you will get safe to use sex doll that offers fantastic experiences. They check every model they sell to make sure customers will be satisfied with what they’ll receive. 

Certainly, you can’t wait to know these sellers. So without any more delay, here they are. These are the top 10 best sex doll companies where you can get quality sex dolls.

Just note that some may find a “negative” about these companies. For instance, a top-grade sex doll seller may be selling models too costly for some. While others may find it a no-go, those who can afford it would consider them one of the best. So they are still included on this list. 

Joy Love Dolls

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

Joy Love Doll is a youngish sex doll retailer that has already established a reputation as a trusted brand. Its quick rise is a testament to how good its customer service and the products it sells are. When you are an authorized seller of WM Dolls and YL Dolls – two of the best sex doll manufacturers – that is bound to happen.

Though you can find silicone dolls on Joy Love Dolls selection, most of what you can find are made of TPE. TPE, in case you aren’t aware, is arguably the better material. It is safer and feels closer to human skin. 

But perhaps the thing about Joy Love Dolls it is mostly known for is its wide selection of sex doll models. Regardless of your type or kinks, you can find a sex doll that suits your taste in Joy Love Doll’s collection.

Silicon Wives

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

Silicon Wives also have a huge collection of sex dolls. Despite the name of the company, the silicon-TPE sex doll ratio is the same as Joy Love Dolls’ ratio. There are more TPE sex dolls than silicon ones.

Silicon Wives works directly with manufacturers such as WM Dolls, Yl Dolls, JM Dolls, and JY Dolls. That connection makes it seem trustworthy.

One of the best things about Silicon Wives is the way it presents each sex doll. There are many pictures for each one. Silicon Wives provide photographs of the sex doll in the nude, with clothes, in different angles and locations. So you’ll see every detail about the sex doll even without seeing it in person.

Sex Doll Genie

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

When you visit Sex Doll Genie’s website, the first thing you will notice is how easy it is to navigate. That offers convenience when you are looking for a specific type of sex doll since it has quite a huge collection. You can sort sex dolls by different categories, making it easier to find, for instance, an H-cup blondie.

Sex Doll Genie was built by a married couple. That is an assurance that when it comes to sex life, they know what they are doing. Furthermore, it makes a transaction with the company a lot more comfortable. There’s just something in knowing that you are talking to people rather than an impersonal brand.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

Sexy Real Sex Dolls is the most popular online retail store offering sex dolls and is also the biggest Factory Authorized one. From that alone, you’ll know that it is a brand that you can trust.

This company sells sex dolls at a competitive price and even offers discounts on top-quality products. That is always a plus. Aside from that, Sexy Real Sex Dolls has a long list of good things about it. Some of the most notable ones are it offers great customization options, free shipping, and accepts all major credit cards and even cryptocurrencies.

WM Dolls

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

As mentioned above, WM Dolls is one of the best and biggest sex doll manufacturers in the world. It only makes sense that its own store is one of the best places to visit when looking for a synthetic love partner.

Why is WM Dolls considered one of the best producers? It creates realistic sex dolls made out of materials friendly to both the environment and to humans. Its products are 100% safe to use.

Buying from WM Dolls means you are buying straight from the manufacturer. That would cost you less compared to buying a WM Dolls-produced doll at another store. Furthermore, WM Dolls’ return policy extends to seven days within ownership. Meanwhile, most of its partner store’s return policy extends only for 24 hours. 

With all that said, it would be best to consider getting your sex doll straight from WM Dolls.

Sexy Sex Doll

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

If you can find someone who bought a doll on Sexy Sex Doll, you will hear nothing but good things from them. That is how excellent its services are.

Sexy Sex Doll insists on selling genuine sex dolls only to ensure that its customers will be pleased. All the sex dolls it sells are made of hypo-allergenic materials. Thus, they are all safe to use.

Sexy Sell Doll’s website isn’t too shabby either. The sex dolls it sells are organized by category; looking for a specific type is quick and easy. 

Prices at Sexy Sex Doll are also great. Those reasons make Sexy Sex Doll one of the best stores to get your sex doll from.

Madam Dolly

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

Madam Dolly is a company that refuses to send sex dolls to customers unless they meet Western Standards. While it was founded by two Canadians, they chose to build the Factory in Guangdong, China. If you didn’t know, this place is the sanctuary for sex-related merchandise. The two men roamed around the land, interviewing other sex doll manufacturers to learn more about sex doll production. That is how dedicated it is at making sure that its customers are getting what they paid for. 

A thing you would love to hear is how reasonably priced Madam Dolly’s top-grade sex dolls are. Some of the sex dolls it sells cost only $999.

So if the quality of the sex doll is very important for you, as it should be, consider buying from Madam Dolly.


Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

This seller gets bonus points for having the best-looking website. When scrolling through its website, you’ll feel like you are looking at a Playboy magazine rather than a sex doll store. It is so organized and thus is easy on the eyes. Furthermore, it is also easy to navigate as its design is very user-friendly.

But SexDoll’s webpage layout is not the only thing great about it. Its customer service that is available 24-hours is just as exceptional. And of course, it would not be included on this list if the sex dolls it sells are substandard. 

Silicone Sex World

Why Amazon Doesn't Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

Silicone Sex World has been in the business for many years already. It wouldn’t last that long if its services weren’t great. That’s already a good start to why you can trust this company.

With regards to the sex dolls it sells, Silicone Sex World sells both TPE and silicone sex dolls. Choose whichever material suits your preference best. Both options will be safe since this company requires the dolls to pass quality control tests before sending them out. The company has also been featured in magazines and top websites. It won’t achieve that feat if it is a scammer company.

Why Amazon Doesn’t Sell Sex Dolls, And Who Does?

All of these companies offer discreet shipping. No one is going to know what the package arriving in your home contains, aside from you and the seller. So you don’t need to worry about privacy.

There are other good places where you can get high-caliber sex dolls from. But these are the best and most-known ones. It might be best to stick with these. However, if you really want to check other stores out, be sure to do intensive research before making a purchase.

This article is not meant to stop you from doing that. Instead, it is made to let you know the best options. And that has been accomplished.

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