The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Many people are picky, especially when choosing a sex partner. To some, the taller the woman is, the better. But to others, it is the opposite. Then, some people want their girl to be of a specific height. 

Maybe you belong to the last group. And maybe your ideal height is 170 cm or 5 ft 7″. You have come to the right place. Here, you will find the best sex dolls on the market that is 170 cm tall.

(The height of sex dolls probably matters more than the height of an actual person does. It affects the weight of the doll. In turn, that affects how easy it is to carry the doll and put it in different positions.)

So, continue reading, and you may find the woman of your dreams.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

We see a 170 cm tall sex doll with killer looks right off the bat. Hayden is so gorgeous she might give you a heart attack. You can put this blonde chick next to the cast of Pretty Little Liars, and you would think she belongs there. 

But what makes this sex doll look that good? She has a golden ratio face with hazy eyes and pink pouty lips, for starters. Furthermore, she has humongous H-cup breasts – those are probably bigger than what the people you see every day have. And her butt is not too shabby either.

This TPE sex doll will fill you with lust. But don’t worry, she will also satisfy your desires.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Do you like busty women? If so, you should really check this sex doll. She is 170 cm tall, so she fits your preference. Furthermore, she has N-cup breasts. Even for sex dolls, tits this big are quite rare. So, buying this sex doll is a huge win.

Paola’s breasts are not the only thing that makes her special. She’s also super pretty; just look at that face. Doesn’t it make you think of all the lewd things you can do with her? And we are telling you that Paolo will not disappoint you. This sex doll has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Kara looks like a classy woman – she’s giving off a popular supermodel or celebrity vibes. And when a woman looks like that, you know you will enjoy sleeping with her.

Kara is a 170 cm tall blondie. She has sexy long legs that reveal her juicy vagina when spread apart. Also, she has a dirty-thoughts-inducing bubble butt. On top of that, Kara also has M-cup breasts. That is just one size smaller than Paola’s. This sexiness overload is guaranteed to stiffen the penises of men around Kara’s vicinity. And her impressive orifices will keep them standing up even after you orgasm.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

MILFs are extremely popular in porn and, logically speaking, in men’s wild fantasies. Could you be looking for a sex doll that looks like she is one of them? If so, your search is over. Here is the sex doll that you should get.

Merry is a 170 cm tall sex doll with the appearance of a mature woman. And she is as hot as white flames. The foxy smile on her face and her bodacious body make her fit into the role of a dominatrix too. Her N-cup breasts, big fat butt, and thick thighs will be you want to do anything for her.

Fortunately, Merry wants you to do only one thing. She wants you to take her home and please her with your manhood.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Katy Perry, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, and many more celebrities have shown how attractive short-hair blondes can be. If this hairstyle turns you on, Zofia will be a great sex doll pick for you. This bombshell has that plus the charm of the said celebrities. And unlike those people, Zofia has free time. She wants to spend it with you.

That’s an offer that is hard to say “pass” to. This 170 cm sex doll is a beast at pleasing men. Her N-cup breasts, bubble butt, and three orifices ensure that your orgasm will be intense.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Let’s take a break from these busty sex dolls to appreciate someone with average-sized tits. As anime fans would say, “Medium is Premium.” If your thoughts align with them, this is the 170cm sex doll for you. 

Glyca is yet another blonde babe. But she has many things that set her apart from the other sex dolls here. She has C-cup breasts, making her look so lifelike. Many men would find that more appealing than unbelievably huge chests.

Glyca also looks fierce – like she is a wild beast craving sexual action. So, the person who will take her home must be prepared. Glyca will empty your ball sack.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Suppose you are looking for a curvy woman. This is the 170 cm tall sex doll for you. Hassie is a BBW; she has N-cup breasts and a big, fat butt. On top of that, she has a magazine cover-worthy face. Indeed, you will love having sex with her.

Please note that this sex doll weighs 47 kilograms. So, you need strong muscles to move her around the house.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Robyn is the queen of big milkers. She owns a pair of P-cup breasts. If N-cup breasts are rare, anything past that letter is even rarer. Therefore, Robyn offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Also, they are huge enough that you may not need Robyn’s orifices to orgasm. A titwank will get the job done.

But it’s still worth trying her orifices since they are realistic.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Laurynn is for the kinkiest of men. She is a short-haired blonde MILF that is also a dominatrix. Also, she is busty. You will want to bury your face in those N-cup tits. 

Laurynn has vaginal, anal, and oral orifices. They are 7.09 inches, 6.3 inches, and 5.12 inches, respectively.


The Best 170cm Sex Dolls

Do you prefer younger-looking or college-aged girls? Or do you like submissive partners better than dominant ones? Cheyenne is the sex doll for people with this kink. She possesses those qualities, plus she is as pretty as a Greek goddess. Additionally, she has D-cup breasts, which are not too large nor too small. 

Cheyenne is a full TPE sex doll. So, she has vaginal intercourse and anal and oral sex capabilities.

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