The Best 100cm Male TPE Sex Dolls

The Best 100cm Male TPE Sex Dolls

One common misconception about the sex doll industry is that it only serves male customers. The reality is it serves all people, no matter what their sexual orientation is. There are sex dolls for tranny chasers, and there are models for females. Some male sex dolls even have penetrable anal and oral orifices for gay men.

Unfortunately, there are not as many male sex dolls as their female counterparts. Moreover, not all of them come from trustworthy manufacturers. This scarcity of good ones makes it difficult to find one that would offer you great value. That’s important to ensure because sex dolls are not cheap. What you buy with your hard-earned money should be worth it.

But, when you find good male sex dolls, you face another problem. Who will be looking for this type of sex doll? That would be gay men and women. The issue is that male sex dolls are often very heavy; they weigh more than what a P-cup-breasted female sex doll does. While buff gay men are now very common, there are still a lot of twinks out there. And most women are not into bodybuilding. 

Thankfully, there are also male sex doll torsos. These models do not have arms and legs. That reduces the sex doll’s weight. Furthermore, since they are smaller, carrying them is no longer as big of a hassle.

There are only a few of these sex doll torsos, though. So finding a good one is even more of a challenge. Don’t worry because we got your back. You do not need to visit sex doll websites yourself to look for these sex dolls. Below are two top-grade 100 cm male sex dolls for people who can’t / don’t want to lift heavy objects before having sex. 


The Best 100cm Male TPE Sex Dolls

One of the first things you will notice about this sex doll is how handsome he is. There are no sex doll manufacturers that started by making male sex dolls. So, their male models are less refined than their female ones. Admit it or not, something feels off in most male sex dolls on the market. That weirdness is not present when you buy this sex doll. Harris looks more realistic and sexier than most of them despite not having limbs.

Harris has a nice body, too; he has nice pecs and six-pack abs. You will feel a strong desire to touch and caress him. Since Harris is made of high-quality material, his skin is soft to the touch. Therefore, touching him feels like touching an actual man’s body.

And if you want to see chest hair and treasure trail, you can add that to Harris’ body through customization. Now is the best time to get those add-ons too. From $99, both are now only for $75.  

When checking a man out, you probably also check if he has a nice butt. Harris has one; it is perfectly shaped. This bubble butt will make you want to smack this young man.

But enough of Harris’ appearance. Let us talk about how he can please you in bed. This sex doll is not picky with its sex partner. He swings both ways.

By default, Harris has a flaccid 5.9 inches / 15 cm long penis. That is the average penis size. But you can make that harder or bigger through customization. You can choose between 15 cm long erect, 25cm / 9.8 inches long flaccid, or erect 25 cm long penises. Regardless of your choice, riding this male sex doll torso’s meat stick will surely satisfy you.

If you are a penis owner and you prefer being the one who penetrates, this sex doll can also make you happy. Harris is equipped with oral and anal orifices. This sexy man can please you by taking your manhood in his mouth or up his ass.


The Best 100cm Male TPE Sex Dolls

Harris looks like he is someone’s boyfriend because of his youthful appearance. On the other hand, Artour is giving off “daddy” vibes. Lots of women and gay men are into that. That’s because they are seasoned and experienced already. They know the effective ways to please their partners.

If you are one of the people looking for an older or older-looking man, you may prefer this over the Harris sex doll.

What gives Artour this appearance is his sharp facial features. Those cheekbones and jawline make him look so manly. 

His hair also contributes to that. Remember the Taiwanese drama titled Meteor Garden? Artour has a hairstyle similar to what the members of the F4 have in that version of the series. So perhaps you can consider Artour the sex doll and a more mature version of Dao Ming Si or Hua Ze Lei.

Artour looks like a daddy, but he does not have a “dad bod.” He is still fit and sexy. This man has a muscular chest and toned abs. As with Harris, you will feel a strong urge to run your fingers along these rifts. Since Artour is also made of high-quality material, it will feel very satisfying.

His back looks so good too. And when someone looks that great when viewed both from the back and the front, you know having sex with him will be gratifying.

In case you have forgotten, Artour is a sex doll and not a regular dummy. Therefore, you can have sex with him. 

As with Harris, his penis is 15 cm long, and it is flaccid. If you want an erect version of that, you need to pay an additional $40. And if you want a bigger meat stick, you can equip Artour with the 25cm long ones instead. A flaccid variant of that size will cost you $50 more, while the erect one will cost you an extra $99.

Because Artour is a torso sex doll, as stated above, he is lighter than his full-bodied peers. He – and Harris too – weighs only 32.3kgs / 71.21lbs.

That said, these two are excellent sex doll choices for you if you don’t have time to work out.

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