Orient Sex Dolls for Anime Lovers

Orient Sex Dolls for Anime Lovers

Anime series are enjoyable to watch. There’s fantastic storytelling embedded in anime series that makes them so compelling. Moreover, there are complex characters that draw the viewers in. Perhaps their backstories, personalities, or appearances make anime fans interested in them. And some people get very interested.

Consequently, you can often find body pillows of anime characters in online shops. And some get off to “Rule 34” drawings or videos of their “anime waifus and husbandos.” If you did not know, “Rule 34” is the concept that says for everything that exists, there’s a porn depiction of it. It does not matter if they are real or fictional; Rule 34 affects them.

Since the studios release new anime almost every season, people meet more characters to add to their waifu and husbandos lists. Last January, for example, A.C.G.T. released an anime adaptation of the manga series “Orient.”

Orient is about Japan during the Sengoku period – but with fantasy elements added. Here, Onis rule Japan, and samurais are seen as taboo. The Onis have brainwashed the Japanese to make them believe they are their saviors. But the protagonist knows the truth, and he’s determined to expose it.

This anime has a great cast of characters. And among them are some really hot ones.

You may be thinking of buying body pillows with the naked bodies of these characters plastered on them. We suggest saving that money to afford something better.

Sex doll lookalikes of these characters exist. With a few customizations and a sprinkle of imagination, you can consider the love dolls the tangible forms of those characters. Unlike body pillows, which are just for cuddling, you can have sex with these models. Therefore, love dolls are indeed superior.

With this article, you don’t have to search for these yourself. We have compiled them on a list so you can order them as soon as possible. Here are the best Orient sex dolls on the market.


Orient Sex Dolls for Anime Lovers

Tsugumi Hattori is the token female friend of the deuteragonist of the show. And boy, is she beautiful. This character has long green hair and a pretty face. Also, she has a great body, and she is aware of it. Sometimes, Tsugumi Hatttori flashes for boys to distract and subsequently defeat them. Yes, she is also a fighter. And you may want to be her opponent so she can flash for you. She would beat you up afterward, though.

Here’s something that does not involve violence. You can buy a Macy sex doll from SexDolls.com.

Macy, like Tsugumi Hattori, is a green-haired lady. She’s also very pretty, and she even has Japanese eyes. If it were not for Macy’s pointy elf ears, she would be perfect for the role. That’s just a minor flaw, though. It’s easy to let that pass, especially since this Orient love doll is super sexy.

This green-haired sex doll is 5 feet tall and weighs 36 kilograms. That’s already a good start. They’re indications that moving Macy around is manageable. With a doll that allows different sex positions and has three orifices, that’s greatly appreciated. 

Macy’s vagina is 5.9 inches deep, while her mouth is 4.7 inches deep, and her anus is 5.5 inches deep. And while you penetrate these holes, you can focus your eyes or hands on this busty Orient sex doll’s big breasts. 

Because of Macy’s amazing assets and likeness to Hattori, she is the best sex doll choice for male Orient fans.


Orient Sex Dolls for Anime Lovers

Kojiro Kanemaki is the deuteragonist of the manga and anime Orient. He is a hot, lean young man with blonde hair and yellow eyes. 

Kojiro Kanemaki’s personality makes him even sexier. He is a kind person who cares deeply about the people he loves. Thus, he is a dream man, for sure. Moreover, Kojiro became self-sufficient at a very young age, meaning he is very dependable. These traits can make him able to swoon the show’s female fans. After all, who would not want a resourceful hubby?

Nick can’t do lots of things for you. But you can depend on him if you want sexual gratification.

Admittedly, you have to customize this doll to match Kojiro’s appearance better. And that’s possible and easy to do. You can choose a different head with a blonde wig before you place your order. Also, amber eyes are available, so don’t forget to opt for that too.

You don’t have to change anything in this Orient sex doll’s body. Nick is not overly muscular nor thin, just like Kojiro.

This sex doll packs a 5.9 inches long penis that is also girthy. With that, this sex doll can make you moan in pleasure.

And in case you are a non-cisgender male who likes to top, this sex doll’s anus and mouth are ready to take you in. 

Nick is versatile and terrific in bed. So take him home if you want a bangable Kojiro Kanameki product.

Stud Male Sex Doll – Justin

Orient Sex Dolls for Anime Lovers

Shiro Inukai is a character fighting for the side of Onis. He is a tall, muscular man with silver hair. This mysterious character is so strong he once opened a crater on the Earth with just his sword. Also, he defeated lots of enemies in a flash.

Shiro is an assertive type of person; he does everything to get what he wants. Being a smooth talker also helps him accomplish that.

So, Shiro Inukai is a bad boy, and to some people, that’s attractive. 

For those who this stud makes wet, here is a sex doll for you. Justin has admirable pecs, abs, and muscles. He also has silver hair, and amber eyes are available on the customization options. So, Justin will do great as a Shiro Inukai sex doll. 

Justin has a 7.87 inches long penis. That is going to reach deep within you and hit your G-spot, making you as pleased as possible.

And if you have your own penis, you can insert it on this Orient sex doll’s anus to punish him fo being too sexy.

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