Things You Need to Know About Sex Doll Payment Plan

Things You Need to Know About Sex Doll Payment Plan

Many people are embarrassed when talking about one’s sexual needs and how they can take care of them. But that does not erase the “needs” in “sexual needs.” People should take care of them. Otherwise, it will be detrimental to their mental health and overall well-being.

The most general approach to satisfying one’s sexual needs is finding a relationship partner. It does not matter if it is a serious, romantic relationship or “friends with benefits” type of relationship. Likewise, it does not matter if it is purely sexual – like in one-night stands. 

Things You Need to Know About Sex Doll Payment Plan

Unfortunately, some people struggle at doing this task. Socially awkward individuals get tongue-tied when talking to others. More so, when they are around someone they like. Because they are too afraid to ask, they get less sexual success than the competitive and confident ones.

People who are undergoing something may also experience difficulty in taking care of their sexual needs. Those who are grieving for their diseased partners, for example, may not want to have sex with somebody else. You can say the same for those who had just broken up with their beloved.

Yes, masturbation is always an option. But, after one has experienced having sex, masturbation becomes less exciting. The feeling of thrusting into a vagina is more pleasurable than the feeling of men’s own hands going up and down their shaft. Likewise, women find more gratification in having the penis of an attractive man inside them than having their fingers do the job.

With all that said, there is a huge problem. And the answer to that is on websites that some people are too afraid to visit because of the stigma. 

Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll

The people mentioned above can use sex toys so they would not be stuck with plain, old masturbation. There is nothing wrong with using these vibrators and fleshlights. However, there is a better option. 

If you want to experience sexual gratification so badly, you can get a sex doll. Note that the ones we’ll be talking about here are the TPE and silicone models, not the inflatable kind.

Sex toys generally look like male or female genitals. On the other hand, sex dolls look like humans. Furthermore, they are so lifelike, both in appearance and texture. Thus, they are superior products.

Because of these properties, sex dolls can make virgins experience what sex feels like. Additionally, unlike human partners, they are not going anywhere. They will stay in your house, waiting for you to become horny so they can please you.

You can also buy sex dolls for companionship. Since they look like humans, you would not feel like you are not alone. 

Sex Doll Payment Plans 

Unfortunately, products as useful as sex dolls don’t come cheap. If you want to buy one, you should prepare a huge sum of money. One model can cost over $2,000. 

Thankfully, there are payment plans available on some websites like Joy Love Dolls and Silicone Sex Doll. These make sex dolls more affordable. Here is what you need to know about them.

Joy Love Dolls’ Payment Plan

Joy Love Dolls accept all credit and bank cards for payment. The company accepts Paypal too, and even Bitcoins. And if you can’t fully pay for the sex doll you want in one go, the company is open to Klarma installments. However, this offer is only available for people in the US.

Things You Need to Know About Sex Doll Payment Plan

Since Joy Love Dolls partnered with Klarna, you can buy what you want from the store when you want. The process is also very straightforward. So you should not experience trouble when opting for this.

The first step when checking out with Klarna is adding the sex doll you want to cart. Then, select checkout. Afterward, complete your Klarna Credit application. Here, you will know how much to pay each month and how many months it would take to make your sex doll fully paid. 

For sex dolls priced $999 – $1998, you will have an 18-month pay period. Meanwhile, for sex dolls that cost $1999 – $2998, the pay period will be 24 months. And for purchases costing $2999 -$10,000, there will be a 36-month pay period. All of these have 9.99% apr.

The company will immediately work on your sex doll and will send it to you as soon as possible. 

You can either use the Klarna app or log in to its official website,, to make your monthly payments. 

Silicone Wives’ Payment Plan

Silicone Wives is one of the most known sex doll distributors. Its goal is to provide sexual wellness products to those who are in need. Silicone Wives know how difficult it is for people on tight budgets to obtain a sex doll. So, it created a payment plan program to make sex doll ownership a possibility for all people.

With this payment plan program, you get your sex doll immediately, and you pay for it later. Silicone Wives will ship your sex doll like any other order. The best thing is you lock in the current price of the sex doll. Suppose there was a sale when you made your purchase. You only have to pay for the doll’s discounted price. So, you can time your shopping so you can save money. 

As with Joy Love Dolls, Klarna will be facilitating payment plans. Keep in mind that Klarna credit accounts are subject to credit approval and terms. 

Things You Need to Know About Sex Doll Payment Plan

To check out the sex doll using Klarna, follow these instructions.

Add the product/s you want to buy to your cart. On the Cart Page, select the “Check Out” option. Then, enter your shipping address information. There will be three options in the “Payment Method” section. Select “Slice it. Pay over time with Klarna.” Proceed to the next page, where you will find instructions on how to get your credit approval within minutes. 

And just like that, you can own a sex doll even if you haven’t yet saved enough money to afford it. 

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