Best Cartoon Sex Dolls: Fantasies at Your Fingertips

Best Cartoon Sex Dolls: Fantasies at Your Fingertips

Many people found their first crushes on television. The shows are generally full of overtly attractive people, after all. The thing is, it is not always a celebrity that made them discover or confirm their sexuality. Sometimes it is an icon. By that, we mean cartoon characters. They were children when they first watched TV shows. And the only shows kids cared about were cartoons. So, this is to be expected. 

You may still be attached to your cartoon character crushes until now. And who can blame you? They played a big part in your life – probably more significant than you realized. They helped shape you are today.

Maybe sometimes, you think: what if they were real? What if, like you, they have also grown up – assuming they were also kids. How nice would it be if they’d say yes if you asked them to marry you? Or even just agree to have a one-night engagement with you. For sure, you would feel like the happiest man alive. 

Unfortunately, they are just fictional characters. So none of that can happen. But news flash, sex dolls are real. How is that relevant? Because you can order a sex doll that looks like your cartoon crushes. You can build a sex doll model from scratch since most sellers offer customizable dolls. But, you can also avoid the hassle by just ordering ones that already look like your favorites. 

With these sex doll models, you can turn your lifelong fantasies into reality. And the only thing that separates you from them is a few mouse clicks and keyboard presses. So don’t be shy and do it. Make a purchase now.

To help you with your search, here are the 6 best cartoon sex dolls. 


Best Cartoon Sex Dolls: Fantasies at Your Fingertips

Doc McStuffins is perhaps the one girl that taught you to dream big. She wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, so she practiced her passion for toys and dolls. It is really easy to fall in love with a person with that character. Thus, it is not surprising if she was your dream girl.

If that is so, you will be ecstatic to meet this sex doll. Virginia really does look like the grown-up version of the cartoon character. She has the same skin tone and even has the exact hairstyle Doc McStuffin sports. Surely, getting intimate with this sex doll will give you great satisfaction. 


Best Cartoon Sex Dolls: Fantasies at Your Fingertips

Perhaps you like badass but kind-hearted women. Maybe the one who caused it is a certain crime-fighting orange-haired girl. Kim Possible really has that power to captivate men’s hearts. If anything, you are lucky she is not real because it means you don’t have to deal with a lot of competition. 

With the sex doll Annie, anyone who is crushing on Kim Possible can get their dream experience. She is not just a ginger; she is a very spicy one. Annie has exceptionally huge tits. To illustrate, they are K-cup breasts – that’s more than two sizes above the average cup size. Stack that with her three amazing holes. This Kim Possible sex doll will – without a doubt – please you. 


Best Cartoon Sex Dolls: Fantasies at Your Fingertips

Intelligence is sexy, so they say. Therefore, many boys back then fell in love with Mystery Incorporated’s Velma Dinkley. She is basically the brain of the gang. 

Curious as to what she looks like now? Well, here she is. 

Fraya has lovely orange hair, a pretty face, and an eye-widening body. In other words, she looks phenomenal. She will make you feel thirsty even after drinking a gallon of water. The only way you can quench that is by giving this woman a hard pounding. Trust us when we say it is going to be the most enjoyable thing you have ever experienced. This Velma sex doll knows the art of lovemaking down to a science. So, rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed. 


Best Cartoon Sex Dolls: Fantasies at Your Fingertips

The first MILF that caught the attention of boys is definitely Elastic Girl from The Incredibles. Seeing how hot this woman is, it is inevitable. Now That you are older, you may have watched at least one porn film starring a mature woman. And that may have reinforced your lust for Elastic Girl. If so, you are very much in luck. Martina is a sex doll that looks absolutely like the iconic mother-slash superhero. 

Aside from physical appearance, Martina and Elastic Girl have other similar characteristics. Though Martina is not stretchable, she is also flexible. Credits for that go to the articulated metallic skeleton inside her body. Furthermore, Martina – as a silicone sex doll – is pretty durable. She can handle intense action. So there is no need to hold yourself back. Have hardcore sex with this woman to show how much you love Elastic girl. Afterward, you will be jollier than a child at a candy store. 

Wonder Woman

Best Cartoon Sex Dolls: Fantasies at Your Fingertips

They say save the best for last. And here we are. 

Wonder Woman is arguably the most iconic female cartoon character. She is admired by both men and women. And it is easy to see why. She is an intelligent, strong, kind, and beautiful woman. You really can’t ask for anything more. And let’s be honest, her superhero costume is incredibly sexy. 

The sex doll version of Wonder Woman is also a head-turner. She is drop-dead gorgeous. Any man who can have her at his home and experience what she can do in bed should consider himself lucky. 

So what can the Wonder Woman sex doll do in bed? She can please you with either of the three: her mouth, her anus, and her sex organ. These have varying depths, internal structure, and tightness. So each hole is an entirely different experience – all of which will make you lose your mind.

Before You Go

These sex dolls are incredible as is. But, if you want to elevate the experience, make sure to look for premium add-ons. Those will bring the cartoon character sex doll’s man-pleasing prowess one notch higher. 

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