Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Regardless of a woman’s skin color, she can be sexy. But for this article, we’ll focus on one: white women. Even for the Japanese, Korean, and other Asian countries, the whiter you get, the more attractive you become. Needless to say, banging white girls is many men’s dream.

Now, one’s skin color is not the only factor that people look into when grading a person’s attractiveness. There’s also the body shape, for example. Some people like skinny girls, so the petite get a higher score. On the other hand, some people prefer plus-sized, curvy women. In this case, the list gets inverted.

This article is for people whose preferences fall in line with the latter. It is for people looking for “phat ass white girls,” PAWG, for short. We don’t know all PAWGs on Earth, and how likely they are to agree to have sex with you is a mystery. So instead, this list includes PAWGs that are not picky and are always available. These, of course, are sex dolls.

So, here are the top 10 PAWG sex dolls you can buy in 2022.

Thicc Sex Doll With Super Big Booty – Rashelle

Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Danaerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones is undeniably hot. But do you know what could make her even sexier? More body fats. Rashelle, a sex doll made with high-quality TPE, looks just like that. So if this is one of your fantasies, consider it already fulfilled. You can buy this sex doll for that to happen, of course. 

H-cup breast, big booty, and three amazing orifices – these are the assets Rashelle has. And with these, she’ll make you as delighted as a grown man can be.

Thicc Sex Doll with Super Huge Ass – Cassy

Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Cassy is like a ray of sunshine, thanks to her very yellow hair and pretty looks. You would love to have this PAWG around since she will surely brighten up your life.

Cassy has humongous H-cup breasts. Those are many sizes above the average. They are hard to find in an actual woman, much more in PAWGs. That’s already a good reason to buy this sex doll. 

But if you still are not convinced, please know that Cassy also owns a super huge ass. Moreover, she has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities.

Wide Hips and Thick Thighs Sex Doll with Big Tits – Bootania

Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Bootania gives her name justice. This “phat ass white girl” has wide hips, thunder thighs, and a big butt.

And that’s not all! Bootania also has big tits. On top of that, she has anatomically accurate oral, anal, and vaginal orifices. There are really so many things to love about this blonde sex doll. If you don’t give her a try, you will be missing out on something incredible.

So, indeed, Bootania is one of your best options. 

Biggest tits Sex Doll – Nettie

Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Let’s take some steps away from the blonde babes. This list is not exclusive to them. To change things off, here is Nettie. She is a black-haired beauty.

This 4 foot 11 inches tall sex doll has something other girls do not. Nettie has O-cup breasts that will make your jaw drop all the way to the floor. Those are the largest ever made for a sex doll!

The best thing is that Nettie is not that heavy even with that. She’s only 35 kilograms. So, moving her around is not as difficult as one would expect.

H-Cup Thicc Love Doll with Huge Ass – Rayla

Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

This PAWG has a seductive expression. It is like she is saying, “Come try me. I’ll give you a night that you will never forget.” And she has the assets and capabilities to back that up. For starters, Rayla has H-cup breasts that you’ll enjoy fondling. You can also do other kinky things with them, such as using them for a titwank. And what’s a PAWG without a fat ass? 

Of course, Rayla also has that. 

Moreover, Rayla is fully equipped with the three orifices. So don’t doubt this sex doll’s sex capabilities.


Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

This PAWG sex doll gives off successful businesswoman vibes. She looks like a boss, and perhaps, you would want her to step on you. Rainda has beautiful, long silky brown hair, a pale complexion, and an angelic face. But don’t let that seemingly-innocent face fool you; this woman is a beast in bed.

This H-cup-breasted woman has realistic orifices. And thanks to her articulated skeleton, she can have sex with you in different positions.


Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Reineeh is a bodacious beauty. You would instantly recognize the hourglass-shaped body once you laid eyes on her. She has huge breasts, a tiny waistline, and wide hips. This redhead also has the face of a supermodel. So, she’s eye candy for sure.

Looking good is not the only thing she does, though. This PAWG has mastered the art of love-making. So expect to be taken on an incredible sexual journey.


Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Kiyo looks like a princess from a fairy tale. What kind of princess? Perhaps, Kiyo is the princess of lust that Disney never included because she’s not kid-friendly. Anyway, this PAWG sex doll has the assets that many men want to see on their sex partner’s body. She has H-cup breasts, a huge butt, and a juicy vagina. So rest assured, this sex doll will make you satisfied.

Annika Premium Female Sex Doll

Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Do you like tall girls? Because if you do, you don’t have to look any further. Annika stands at 5 foot 8 inches. Meaning she is taller than a lot of sex dolls. She is gorgeous too, which is more reason to love her.

And like the other dolls on this list, Annika is terrific in bed. So, you will never regret buying this PAWG sex doll.

Kaylen Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll

Top 10 PAWG Sex Dolls

Kaylen is mega-sexy. She has H-cup breasts, thick thighs, a big butt, and wide hips. Also, she has deep and tight orifices. And since she is a TPE PAWG sex doll, her skin and orifices are very realistic.

Just bear in mind that because she’s plus-sized, this sex doll is quite heavy. Moving and posing her will take effort. 

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