Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Avatar (2009) is arguably the most popular science fiction movie. After its release, it broke several box office records and became the highest-grossing film of all time. The development of this film started as early as 1994, and the actual film showed groundbreaking special effects. So, it is easy to see why it achieved that. The title remained associated with the film for nearly a decade until Avengers: End Game overtook it. Then, Avatar regained the title after its Chinese re-release.

That popularity makes the characters in the film well-known. To some, they are even more popular. Some people get turned on by human-like creatures that are “slightly different.” The Na’vi from Avatar fits the description.

These are the residents of Pandora, who have cyan/blue skin. They also have pointy elf-like ears and a tail. These qualities attract those who have fantasy fetishes.

Sadly, Avatar is a work of fiction. So no one can have sex with a Na’vi. But don’t give up on that desire just yet. As usual, sex dolls can help you get that otherwise unattainable experience.

Below is a list of the top 10 Avatar sex dolls. Admittedly, they don’t look 100% like a Na’vi. For instance, they have five fingers and five toes instead of only four on each hand and foot. Also, they don’t have bluish skin – though you may contact the store to ask if they can make the doll’s skin blue. It would be best to save more money, though, as that level of customization heightens the price of the sex doll. 

With the disclaimers out of the way, here are the top 10 Avatar sex dolls.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

There’s so much to sing about this sex doll. She is a gorgeous, voluptuous elf sex doll. She has very prominent pointy ears that will constantly remind you that you are not having sex with an ordinary person. They make imagining her as a Na’vi from Avatar easier. And her magnificently massive boobs ensure that you will be as pleased as possible.

This sex doll can satisfy you, but you will be in for a treat if you can get her with blue skin.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Adelina’s beauty is out of this world. That makes her a top candidate for representing a person from an alien race. Thus, she is one of the best Avatar sex dolls. You will let her not have blue skin slide because of how amazing she is – both in appearance and performance. This sex doll has deep ala, oral, and vaginal orifices that will take you to Pandora and back.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Taunya may not have blue skin, but her blue eyes and blue-violet hair will remind you of the Pandora residents in Avatar. She also has pointy ears that back up that idea. 

This E-cup fantasy sex doll is super gorgeous, so you will certainly love having her around. She is also terrific in bed – having three functional orifices. 

Taunya is also quite short – she is only 4 foot 9 inches tall. Some may see that as a negative, but it is not all that bad. Since she is small, moving her around the house is super easy.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Jaslyn is yet another gorgeous fantasy sex doll that would work well as an Avatar sex doll. She has pointy ears, a pretty face, and a hot body. This 5-foot flat tall sex doll has D-cup breasts, a little bigger than the average. You will love playing with those. More importantly, she has three orifices – all with impressive deepness. Her vagina, for example, is 7.09 inches deep. That alone makes her a top-tier choice.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Ada is a sex doll with aetherial beauty. So, Avatar fans will surely love her.

One of the things you will notice about this sex doll – aside from her pointy ears – is her big, beautiful eyes. They will remind you that she is not from Earth. Her H-cup breasts are also eye-catching. And when she turns, you will see her fine butt. Try to get this sex doll with blue skin color. If things work in your favor, she will arouse you more than anything did before.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Inge is a pointy-eared TPE sex doll. She is hot as fire and is terrific in bed. These qualities make her a fine choice for an Avatar sex doll. Because she is very high quality, you will enjoy every minute you spend with her. 

Just bear in mind that – like all the other dolls on this list – you will need to customize her to look more like a Pandora resident.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

If only this sex doll had blue skin, it would absolutely be the number one choice for an Avatar sex doll. She has that slender frame the Na’vi are known for. Also, she has long hair that would look nice in braids.

Lisbeth also delivers in the sex department. You can rest assured that she can satisfy your Avatar fantasies.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Those who are into horror will love this Avatar sex doll. Na’vi people have more pronounced canines. But imagine if all their teeth are fangs. Hajrah will show you what they would look like. 

This evil-looking Na’vi will make you love the dark because that is when you can do dirty things together.


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Suppose the Na’vi people lived on Earth. Females would look like Lyniel – at least the pretty ones. Do not immediately say pass to this Avatar sex doll just because of her skin color. She is too sexy and talented in bed. Whether you are a vanilla sex enjoyer or you prefer the spicier anal experience, she will make you reach an intense climax. 


Top 10 Avatar Sex Dolls

Meredith has almost everything to make her the best Avatar sex doll. She has a slender figure, pointy ears, and long hair that you can braid. And, she has A-cup breasts. Na’vi women don’t really have big breasts, so that is fitting. Furthermore, she is breathtaking, so it is indeed worth considering this one for an Avatar sex doll.

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