Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

Where can you find very desirable hot women that love sex as much as you do? In the porn industry, of course. This industry is jam-packed with sexy women who are experts at pleasing and entertaining their men. 

That makes you a little jealous, doesn’t it? Sometimes, you want to replace the female actress’ partner in the film. More so when the actress is an AVN Hall of Famer.

One such artist is Alexis Texas. This woman is among the most popular porn stars today. On the Meta-owned photo-sharing platform, Instagram, Alexis Texas has 3.8 million followers.

The 2008 pornographic film “Discovering Alexis Texas” put her in the limelight. Later that year, Alexis Texas won Best New Starlet in NightMoves Awards. Genesis and Hustler magazines made her the cover girl for at least one of their monthly issues in the following year. 

Alexis Texas also launched her website in 2009. And that won the XBIZ Award for Performer Site of the Year. Maxim names Alexis Texas one of the top 12 female performers in porn.

Who would not want to bang this award-winning bootylicious woman? You have to be blind not to see her sexy charms. Unfortunately, Alexis Texas – like any other porn star – would not just agree to have sex with you. They can’t risk getting STDs, so they don’t do it with fans and strangers.

Don’t get discouraged. Sex dolls are here to save the day. You can buy one Alexis Texas lookalike to fulfill your fantasy. Here, take a look at these 10 models. They are the best Alexis Texas sex dolls available on the market.

BBW Sex Love Doll American Sex Doll – Louis

Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

Louis is blonde; Louis is hot, and so, she is a great choice for an Alexis Texas sex doll. She is a 5 foot 1″ TPE sex doll that weighs only 28 kilograms. Meaning it is easy to move her around the place and put her in different positions. That’s an important thing to have for a porn star sex doll. Combined with her three orifices and metallic skeleton, that will allow you to recreate your favorite scenes from Alexis Texas porn films.

Silicone Love Doll – Cora

Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

Like Alexis Texas, Cora is a sight to behold. She is a blonde beauty with a body that can summon rock-solid boners. Cora has firm C-cup breasts accentuated by her only-20 inches waist. Surely, that would get you excited. Moreover, she has three amazing orifices, modeled to mimic real women’s body parts as closely as possible. That said, you can rest assured Cora will make your nights with her steamy.

Silicone Realistic Sex Doll Lifesize Adult Love Doll For Men – Demi

Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

Demi will seduce you with her dazzling looks, just like Alexis Texas. What’s best about this sex doll is that fierce look on her face. Because of that, Demi looks like she challenges you to show her what you got. That will make you want to give her a hard and fast pounding. Given how amazing Demi’s vagina, anus, and mouth are, that will lead to an intense orgasm.


Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

What a smokin’ hot Alexis Texas sex doll Bella is. She has E-cup breasts that any man would enjoy cupping in their hands. Furthermore, her bubble butt – one of Alexis Texas’s best assets – will make your jaw drop so low that you hurt yourself. It is perfection incarnate. It would make you love seeing her butt naked on your bed. This medical silicone sex doll is equipped with three entries of penetration. Rest assured, she will satisfy your desires. 

European Sexy Supermodel Lady Sex Doll – Bunny

Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

This blonde chick will wow you with her breathtaking physique. Bunny has pouty lips that would make you want to plug your manhood into her mouth. And yes, you can do that. She also has vaginal and anal orifices. Top that off with her fine ass and H-cup breasts. Without the shadow of a doubt, you will love having this sex doll around.


Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

The time you will spend with this sex doll will be more enjoyable than the time you spend watching films featuring Alexis Texas. The resemblance between them is uncanny. And so, having sex with Corliss would feel like banging the real deal, especially with her realistic orifices. So indeed, Corliss is among your top options.


If you are looking for a tanned Alexis Texas, here is your sex doll. With this gorgeous skin color, plus Colette’s blonde hair, she looks like a goddess. What kind? She’s the goddess of sexual pleasure. This Alexis Texas sex doll has E-cup breasts, a shapely butt, and tight orifices. She also has movable mechanical eyes, which adds another element of realism.


Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

Sandra’s hourglass-shaped body will make you thirsty for sex. Because she looks like Alexis Texas, you would want her by your side while watching Alexis Texas porn. As a TPE sex doll, Sandra has vaginal, anal, and oral sex capabilities. Therefore, you can also do whatever they show in the porn film. You can never go wrong with this sex doll.


Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

Carole does not only share Alexis Texas’ hair color. They also have the same hairstyles. Furthermore, they are both sexy as sin. This sex doll has a tiny waist, C-cup breasts, and fine ass. Carole’s best asset is her 8.66 inches deep vagina, which is deeper than most sex dolls’. So even if you are above average, this Alexis Texas sex doll’s pussy can house your meat stick balls deep.


Top 10 Alexis Texas Sex Dolls

This Alexis Texas sex doll is a heaven-sent model with a mission to make her owner experience mind-blowing orgasms. Her pretty face, F-cup breasts, spankable butt, and blindingly sexy legs will surely turn you on.

If Carole is best for vaginal intercourse, Anjela is best-suited for anal sex enthusiasts. This orifice is her deepest, measuring 7.09 inches. But don’t worry. Her oral and vaginal orifices are deep too. So, whatever you do with this doll will offer physical pleasure.

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