Top 3 Neko Sex Dolls

Top 3 Neko Sex Dolls

For sure, you have encountered the Playboy Bunny at least once in your life. Have you ever wondered why the company chose this animal specifically for its logo? 

The artist chose it because it has a sexual meaning in America. Since the 1700s, calling a woman a bunny has been similar to saying she’s attractive. Also, it is playful. The bunny would smell you and then escape, says the artist. Then, it would come back. That’s when you start playing with it. Women are like that. They are playful and joking, which men find sexy.

But move aside, bunnies! A new animal has arrived in the sexy town. It is none other than the cat – Neko, in Japanese.

Catgirls are like the Japanese culture’s equivalent to Playboy bunnies. It uses an animal linked with attractive, feminine traits to boost the erotic appeal of a fictional character or an actual woman. 

The difference is that catgirls are more prolific. You will see Playboy bunnies almost exclusively on sex-related media. Meanwhile, catgirls can be in manga and anime that go nowhere near the topics of sexuality.

That’s because catgirls are not made to be sexy. Instead, they embody the Japanese concept of “moe.” They are carefree, naive, and innocent. So, it is more “cute” than “sexy.”

Though, some people consider innocence as sexy. Therefore, they find catgirls very appealing and ideal sex partners.

But where can you find a woman willing to wear a Neko costume for you? And how would the costume suit them? Will they be able to represent the catgirls in a way that you’ll find satisfactory?

You can save yourself from asking these questions by buying a sex doll. Some models fit the catgirl aesthetic like a glove. So, you can use them to satisfy your Neko desires. 

So without further ado, here are the top 3 Neko sex dolls on the market.

Cat: Cosplay Sex Doll

Top 3 Neko Sex Dolls

This catgirl sex doll looks like she has an interesting personality. She looks like that type of cat that is snobbish but is super clingy if she likes you. And wouldn’t you like someone that is touchy only to you? That’s like the perfect partner.

Since we’re already on the topic of touching, let’s discuss this Neko sex doll’s skin. This one is made out of silicone. While that means her skin is not as soft as a TPE sex doll’s, it is still realistic. So, cuddling with this Neko sex doll will feel like cuddling with an actual person.

That also means that playing with Cat’s tits will be pleasurable. If you close your eyes while fondling her round, perky breasts, it would be easy to believe that those are real breasts.

Now how about her measurements? This Neko sex doll is 5 foot 6 inches tall – not very tall, but taller than most sex dolls. She weighs 32 kilograms, meaning she is neither lightweight nor heavyweight, just in the middle.

So, she seems average. But after you factor in her BWH ratio, it becomes clear that Cat is more than that. This Neko sex doll has a 33 inches bust, a 21 inches waist, and 34 inches hips. These measurements give her a really nice figure that has a hypnotic effect on men.

This sex doll will not disappoint you in bed. Her oral, anal, and vaginal orifices ensure that you will have a great time with her.

Sexy Kitty Cat Role Playing Asian Sex Doll – Ynnah

Top 3 Neko Sex Dolls

This Neko sex doll is Asian, which is very fitting. So indeed, she is one of the top candidates for your sex doll.

Ynnah also passes the Japanese beauty standards test with flying colors. She has a small face that gives her that innocent look. And as mentioned above, that is one of the “moe” characteristics.

Ynnah also has a pale complexion. She would remind you of those cute white kittens; any Neko lover would be pleased with that.

But how can this sex doll please you physically? Let’s start with her breasts. These are D-cup breasts, meaning they are slightly larger than average. You would like cupping these in your hands for sure.

Ynnah also has bodacious hips and a big, bubble butt. These, plus her breasts, will make your hands super busy. This sex doll’s assets have the power to make you so excited you might finish already while the night is just getting started.

Please try your best so that will not happen. You would want to reach the part where you penetrate this Neko sex doll’s orifices. She has three of those. Ynnah is fully equipped with an anal, oral, and vaginal orifice, all of which are tight, deep, and realistic.


Top 3 Neko Sex Dolls

This sex doll took the concept of catgirls and took it to the extreme. She also took inspiration from large cats aside from domesticated ones. As such, she looks a little wild and fierce but innocent at the same time. And she can definitely make your wildest fantasies come true.

This Neko sex doll, like the other two, has three orifices. Her vaginal orifice is 7.5 inches deep. That can fit in slightly above-average penises, balls deep. Her anal orifice is not as deep, only 6.7 inches deep, but it is just as impressive. And her 5.1 inches deep oral orifice can also make you moan in pleasure.

All of those are crafted to be as anatomically accurate as possible. So, sex with Leona would feel like real sex. Without a doubt, those experiences will always lead to orgasms more intense than any you have experienced while doing a solo play.

The best thing is, Leona can please even when you are not using her. She is drop-dead gorgeous – an eye candy. So just seeing her will brighten up your day, just like how a pet cat can. 

As you can see, these sex doll models can indeed help make you satisfied. So buy one if you want an easy way to make your dreams come true.

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