Tallest Sex Dolls With Alluring Breasts

Tallest Sex Dolls With Alluring Breast

Tall women look so gorgeous. Their long limbs make their movements look so graceful. Furthermore, their height makes them look respectable, intelligent, and intimidating – in a positive way. 

It’s no wonder why the fashion industry prefers them. That also explains the popularity of high-heeled shoes, no matter how uncomfortable they are to wear. And, of course, that explains why many men dream of dating a tall girl. 

A woman can gain people’s attention just by being tall. But slap sexy breasts to them, and things get more intense. One may even sell his soul just to spend the night with that woman.

Before you do that, please know that there is a guaranteed way to get that experience. Instead of looking around for someone that looks like a supermodel, you can browse at sex doll stores.

You don’t have to ask the sex doll for sex. That’s already an advantage. Bonus, there is no risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

Repeat: sex dolls make your sexual fantasies come true – safely. It is hard to say no to that.

Suppose you are new to buying sex dolls and don’t know where to look for such models. Or perhaps you don’t have the time. This article has you covered. Below are the tall sex dolls with alluring breasts from Sexy Real Sex Dolls – one of the most trusted distributors.


Tallest Sex Dolls With Alluring Breast

Are Latina’s the ones that make your heart beat so fast? You should check Juana if your answer is yes. 

This sex doll is a 5 ft. 7 doll with the exotic allure of Latinas. On top of that, she has a pretty face worthy of being on the cover of magazines. 

Juana has an athletic build. That makes her the perfect choice for men who don’t get turned on by someone super thin or a little chubby.

About her assets, this sex doll has adorable, perky C-cup breasts. You will love watching how they slightly jiggle as you give Juana an intense pounding. She also has a fine ass that will turn you on.

Juana has an anal orifice that is 6.3 inches deep and a slightly deeper 6.7 inches deep vagina. Unfortunately, she can’t offer oral sex, as she is a silicone doll. Her two holes will be enough to entertain you, though, so you will not feel like something is missing.


Tallest Sex Dolls With Alluring Breast

Marga was made with a beach body in mind. So, you can rest assured she has a hot body that will keep your erection up.

This woman is a 5 foot 7 inches tall sex doll with an hourglass-shaped body. Her BWH ratio is 34 – 25 – 37 inches – barely missing what’s considered the golden ratio.

You can’t discount Marga’s face either. She is as pretty as one can be. Overall, her physical appearance will make real women jealous. And why would you not want to have sex with someone that looks like that?

Marga is also a silicone sex doll, so you can’t receive oral sex from her. She has anatomically accurate anal and vaginal orifices, though. And she has an articulated metal skeleton that lets you bang her in different positions. That said, having sex with Marga is just as hot.


Tallest Sex Dolls With Alluring Breast

You may call this redhead a giant because everything about her is big. Jules is a smokin’ hot 5 foot 8 inches tall sex doll. She has H-cup breasts that will make real women wish they were her. For sure, you will love looking at them – or better yet, cupping them in your hands. 

Jules also has great hips and a big butt. Combined with her sexy breasts, those would make you so hot and bothered. 

This sex doll also has amazing and deep orifices. They will – without a doubt – please you. 

The best thing about this doll is the manufacturer has upgraded its processes. So, she is not as heavy as you would expect from a doll this big and tall. That makes moving her a lot more manageable.


Tallest Sex Dolls With Alluring Breast

Julia has a face and a body that will keep you coming home to her. She is so sexy that you would not be able to resist her.

This 5 foot 7 inches sex doll has enormous H-cup boobs. You can use them for many naughty things. As Julia is equipped with three orifices, you can have endless fun with her.

Julia is lighter than she used to be, thanks to improvements in Sinodoll’s end. However, if you choose to equip her with an internal heating system, she will weigh 44 kilograms, as she did originally.

The heating system will make Julia even more realistic. So, if your muscles are big enough that lifting will not be much of a problem, consider equipping her with it.

170cm (5ft7′) Silicone

Tallest Sex Dolls With Alluring Breast

Sexy Real Sex Dolls also allow you to build your own doll. To do that, you must first choose a body. This one is 5 foot 7 inches tall with a BWH ratio of 42 – 31 – 41 inches. Yes, she is voluptuous. If you are into that, choose this body.

Next, choose the head you want to go on top of her neck. You have 16 options, all looking very pretty.

This sex doll body has anal, oral, and intercourse capabilities. And since the doll will be custom-built according to your preferences, there’s no way she would not please you.

New Head #29. Silicone Real Sex Doll

Tallest Sex Dolls With Alluring Breast

This 5 foot 7 inches tall sex doll looks like a princess. For sure, that is enough to pique your interest. And it is not just her face that is noteworthy about her. Her body will make you more excited than you have ever been before. Those gorgeous breasts guarantee that.

Do not be surprised if you become sex-addicted after buying this sex doll. She has the assets to make that happen. This tall sex doll has orifices that will make you moan in pleasure – even if you are not a moaner.

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