How to Design Your Own Sex Doll

How to Design Your Own Sex Doll

It is common knowledge that people have different preferences. The food you like may not appeal to another person, and their favorites may not appeal to you. You could also say that for clothes, cars, scents, colors, and other things. 

But we are most choosy when it comes to a sexual partner. Even animals like birds are picky with their mates. So it only makes sense that humans, the intellectually superior creatures, would be like that too. It is natural for you to look for a girl that will fill you to the brim with.

How to Design Your Own Sex Doll

Unfortunately, your ideal girl may not exist. Or they do, but they don’t like you, or they don’t live in the same country as you. That, of course, is a problem. 

But as the popular saying goes: “When there is a problem, there is a solution.” 

Using Sex Dolls to Fulfill Your Fantasies

You can find the solution for the problems mentioned above on websites not all visit because of stigma. These are the websites that sell sex dolls

There is nothing wrong with these products. In fact, they are fantastic creations that let people fulfill their sexual desires. Still, people avoid them because they believe sexuality is taboo. Though, for sure, many secretly want to buy a sex doll. 

If you are one of these people, let this article serve as your green light. Doing it will help you take better care of your sexual health. Consequently, sex dolls will bring positive effects to your well-being. 

But remember to buy only from trusted websites to ensure the product is safe to use and high-quality. Some examples are Silicon Wives, Sexy Real Sex Dolls, and Sex Doll Genie. 

There are many sex doll models on each of these websites. And their collections are very diverse too. There are black, Asian, white, and Latina models. Furthermore, there are petite ones, and there are chubby ones. Even anime, elf, and Avatar sex dolls exist.

Still, even with these many choices, some people cannot find a model that suits their preferences. So they may need to settle with models closest to what they like. Luckily, that is not the case because customizing sex dolls is something you can do. With this capability, you can design a sex doll to look like the woman of your dreams. 

Customizing a sex doll is easy as 123. It is like designing your avatar in a video game. Still, it may become a little confusing as different companies do it differently. So, here is a guide on designing your own sex doll. 

Using Pre-built Models

Here is one method of designing a sex doll that you could use regardless of the website. You can select the model on their selection that appeals to you the most. Then, scroll down to see the customization options. 

Most distributors would let you change the head and wig of the sex doll. Also, they will let you choose the eye, skin, lip, nail, and labia color. They will even allow you to remove pubic hair. But keep in mind that some of these options may not always be available. That would depend on the material of the sex doll.

How to Design Your Own Sex Doll

Designing a Sex Doll in Silicon Wives

If you want to give a physical form to the perfect woman living in your imagination, you can contact Silicon Wives. This company allows “men of finer tastes” to design a sex doll from scratch.

The first step is submitting a form containing your contact information and sex doll idea. Make sure to abide by the rules. You should not submit a photo of a celebrity or a trademarked entity unless you have permission. Also, you can’t send a photo of a person below legal age.

Then, you wait for the company to respond. It will tell you if your idea is feasible. If it is, the company would ask for more information and then provide you with a quote for the cost.

After sending all of the necessary information, Silicon Wives’ artists and sculptors will get to work. They will make sketches and clay models, which they will photograph and send to you. By that, they will confirm if the design is what you are looking for. 

After getting your Go signal, Silicon Wives will start creating your dream girl. They will use ultra-realistic TPE material and durable metal skeleton for that. 

Once complete, they will photograph it and send it to get your approval. If you say you are pleased, you can expect the doll to arrive at your doorstep after a few business days.

Designing a Sex Doll in Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie does things differently. While it does not let you design a sex doll from scratch, the amount of available options makes it seem like that is what’s happening. 

On this website, you select what sex doll manufacturer. It is between five of the most renowned brands: WM Dolls, AF Dolls, Sino Dolls, JY Dolls, and Irontech Dolls. Each of these brands has its own customization page on the website. 

Research the strengths and weaknesses of each brand to make informed decisions. Next, go to the customization page of the brand you have chosen. To start designing your doll, select a body type. The drop-down menu will tell you only the doll’s height and its cup size. But the photo on the left side will show more information, including BWH ratio, material, weight, and depths of orifices. So pay close attention to it. 

After that, choose one head from over a hundred choices. Next, choose a hair type. Would you like it to be a wig, implanted synthetic hair, or implanted real human hair? Then decide on which of the 17 pairs of eyes would you want to see on your personalized sex doll. 

How to Design Your Own Sex Doll

Once those are done, proceed to select a skin color. There are 7 options, ranging from white to black. And then, select a mouth type. You can go with either a standard mouth, an enhanced mouth, or one with complete teeth and tongue set.

After that, look at the other options and additional accessories if there are other specifications you want to include. Once done, hit “Add to Cart.”


Designing a sex doll so you can bang the woman of your dreams is a lengthy process. But, it is by no means a difficult task.

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