Sex Dolls That Look a Lot Like The Little Mermaid Characters

Sex Dolls That Look a Lot Like The Little Mermaid Characters

Many things fascinate people, some of which are mythological creatures. One example is the mermaid; these creatures are half human and half fish. Legends say they lure men with their ethereal beauty and golden voice.

Several people have reported that they have seen a mermaid. But there is not enough evidence to prove what they are saying is true. You can deny mermaids’ existence, but you cannot do the same for the interest around the topic. Some people wish these fish-tailed ladies were real so they could court one.

Because of people’s interest in mermaids, many works of fiction popped up. The most known is the fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. Disney made an animated film adaptation of this story, making it even more popular. 

The animated film showed King Triton and her seven princess daughters. Each of these girls has an interesting personality, and of course, physical beauty. So no one can blame the viewers if they find at least one of them attractive. 

The movie may have intensified your yearning for a mermaid partner. Sadly, it did not change the fact that mermaids are not real. So, you may never find the woman of your dreams. 

That is a false belief. There is a way for you to get a mermaid partner. These mermaids are not on the sea, so don’t look for them there. Instead, you should look for them in sex doll stores.

That is right. Whenever you have a sexual desire that seems impossible to fulfill, you can always turn to the sex doll market. Manufacturers model these to satisfy all men, no matter their tastes. 

Admittedly, there are no real The Little Mermaid sex dolls because that is trademarked by Disney. But, there are sex dolls that look like characters from the film. With maybe just a few tweaks, you can bring the characters to life through these dolls. 

Below is a list of the said sex dolls. They will bring you one step closer to the realization of your dream. 


Sex Dolls That Look a Lot Like The Little Mermaid Characters

Being the main character, Ariel is the most popular among King Triton’s daughters. She is the adventurous and curious youngest sister who is most interested in human beings. And you know how the story goes. She became human, found a boy she fell in love with, and had a family.

You can buy the Katalina sex doll and pretend that you are the one Ariel married instead of Eric. She is a 5 foot 8 inches tall TPE sex doll – very fitting for playing The “Little” Mermaid. And her hair will also remind you of a Disney princess.

And that is not all. Katalina is also very sexy. She has great measurements all over her body, including her three orifices depths. This mermaid sex doll has a 6.7 inches deep vagina, 5,9 inches deep anus, and 5.1 inches deep mouth. These guarantee sexual pleasure regardless of what activity you choose to do with Katalina. That said, you can never go wrong with this sex doll. 


Sex Dolls That Look a Lot Like The Little Mermaid Characters

Attina is the oldest of King Triton’s seven daughters, meaning she is the heir apparent to Atlantica. As the oldest sibling, she feels responsible for taking care of her sisters. Her sisters misunderstand her intentions, though, and call her very bossy. However, they are the ones bossing her around via majority votes. Still, Attina believes she has to take care of them.

So, Attina is mature, responsible, and a caring person. And she is soon to be a queen. There is nothing more you can ask for in a woman. Thus, falling for Attina is completely understandable. 

If that is the case for you, Attina is the sex doll to get. This sex doll radiates the vibes of a strong-willed woman – perfect for the character. Aside from this B-cup-breasted doll’s facial beauty, you will love her for the experiences that she will bring to your life. Attina has a very impressive 7.1 inches deep vagina. Furthermore, her anal depth of 6.3 inches and oral depth of 5.1 inches is not too shabby either. You will really enjoy this Little Mermaid sex doll’s company. 


Sex Dolls That Look a Lot Like The Little Mermaid Characters

Alana is the second-oldest of the seven Atlantica princesses, depending on the source material. So, should anything bad happen to Alana, she will become the queen. 

Alana is very interested in beauty and health. And thus, she is obsessed with making sure she looks presentable. But even with this personality, she is by no means selfish and vain. In fact, in the books, Alana is very shy. That makes her extremely adorable. 

Alana’s sisters say she is glamorous. And you likely are saying that too. It would be best to look at the Sekira sex doll if you fancy Alana. This model is as gorgeous as one can be. She has a pretty face and a perfect body. With this Little Mermaid’s E-cup breasts and three realistic orifices, she will surely turn your nights magical. By magical, it means they will be filled with intense orgasms that you will never forget. 


Sex Dolls That Look a Lot Like The Little Mermaid Characters

Adella is a playful sister; she loves toys. Aside from that, she is also boy-crazy. So, Adella ticks all the checkboxes for a perfect partner. With that said, liking her is not in the realm of strange things.

Suppose you want to be the man that makes Adella happy. You can buy a Coraline sex doll for that. This sex doll has brown hair like the mermaid princess. Moreover, Adella and Coraline both have shapely bodies. For starters, Adella has D-cup breasts. Those mountains are bigger than average. Then there is her sweet, fine ass. You will, for sure, love that asset.

Adella has three amazing orifices plus an articulated metallic skeleton. That means you can have fun with her in bed in many ways.

None of these dolls are mermaids. But you can buy them a costume so you can store them in their mythical creature form.

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