The Most Affordable Lifesize Sex Dolls

The Most Affordable Lifesize Sex Dolls

People who want to add more fun to their sex lives turn to the sex toy and sex doll market. These products change the ways we explore sexuality. For instance, teledildonics allows couples to have sex even when they are physically apart. And those together can buy a sex doll so they can have threesomes without introducing a new person to the mix. We all know that would otherwise spark jealousy, which will ruin the relationship. But, the ones who benefit the most from these products are – without a doubt – the singletons. Sex dolls allow single men to have sex whenever they want to. Also, sex dolls offer companionship, making singles not feel so alone. 

The problem is, sex dolls are very expensive – especially the advanced ones that can talk and are almost sentient. It is a pity since they are the most desired. But, if you would not mind not having those features on your doll in exchange for affordability, you have many options.

The thing is, you have to be wary of the quality of the product. Typically, lower-priced products tend to be of substandard quality. You spend a lot more than if you bought a higher-priced one in the long run. So, the term “affordable” here has a slightly different meaning. It means relatively inexpensive but with high quality. Do sex dolls like this exist? Yes, they do. You can find which models fall in this category in this writing. 

With that clarification out of the way, here are the most affordable lifesize sex dolls you can find: 


The Most Affordable Lifesize Sex Dolls

Are you fond of young and skinny girls? If that is so, you will definitely enjoy having this eighteen-year-old blonde babe around. She is a 5 feet 2 inches tall sex doll that has a skinny frame. Also, she owns a face that would pull the attention of all the men within her general vicinity. Her honey skin, cute tits, and fine ass are also huge erection triggers. 

This B-cup-breasted young lady is capable of oral, anal, and intercourse sex. Her anal and vaginal orifices are both 6.7 inches deep. Meanwhile, her oral orifice is 5.1 inches deep. Aside from being deep, these holes are also very realistic. So, when you buy her, you can expect lots of good times to be on the way. 

Since Lexi is made of high-quality TPE, she is admittedly not as cheap as you would like. But, there is a payment plan that you can avail of. With this, you will only need to pay as low as $117 a month until she is fully paid. The best thing is, that she will be shipped to you even before you complete the payment. 


The Most Affordable Lifesize Sex Dolls

Do you find blonde girls attractive? How about East Asian women? Do they turn you on? If your answer is yes to all those questions, Ahri is the woman for you. She is a Japanese woman rocking golden hair. That’s a rare combination; thus, she is a sight to behold. 

This sexy long-legged lady has many capabilities that will make you head over heels for her. She offers oral sex and intercourse. Both of her holes have an impressive depth of 8 inches. So, the whole length of the penises of even well-endowed men can fit comfortably inside her. A sex doll with both orifices this deep is rare. So with Ahri, it’s like you hit the jackpot.

Naturally, treasures like her are not very cheap. But, since you can buy her in monthly installments, she becomes very affordable. 


The Most Affordable Lifesize Sex Dolls

This tan 5 foot 4 inches lady with a youthful glow is a really sexy one. She is so attractive that even straight-as-a-ruler women will be crushing on her. Her E-cup breasts are sights for sore eyes, and her buttocks are so spankable. And between her legs, there is a tight pussy waiting for you to come in. If those things cannot arouse you, what will?

This sex doll is capable of anal sex, oral sex, and intercourse. So your nights will surely be filled with fun activities. The quality of the experiences with this sex doll is very high. That is thanks to the premium quality TPE WM Doll used to create her. The softness of the material boosts the realism. So, many times during sex, you will fail to remember that Bubbles is a doll and not an actual person. 

As you would expect from a sex doll of this caliber, paying for her in one go will hurt your wallet. But, like the previous ones on this list, you can buy her in installments. 


The Most Affordable Lifesize Sex Dolls

If this sex doll went to school and attended prom night, she likely was chosen as Prom Queen. She looks so perfect – like a supermodel. Everything about her is a turn-on. Her C-cup breasts are nice to look at; her fine breasts make you think of erotic things, etcetera, etc. You can say plenty of good things about her looks.

But is she just for show? The answer is a big fat no – this sex doll can please you in many ways. Her mouth, vagina, and anus are caves of sexual gratification waiting to be explored.

How much do you have to spend so you can sleep with this sex doll whenever you want? Sadly, it is a little more than what you would prefer if you were on a tight budget. But by paying for her in installments, you would not need to empty the piggy bank.


The Most Affordable Lifesize Sex Dolls

Do you have a fetish for lactating women? Here is good news for those who have. Viola is a sex doll of that type, and she is pretty affordable. The most prominent feature of this sex doll is her swollen tits and nipples. They look so wonderful you would not be able to resist the temptation of sucking on them. Imagine your jizz on her big boobs. That’s a sight you will definitely be pleased to see. 

For this anal, oral, and intercourse-capable busty sex doll, you don’t have to pay over 2 grand. And you can make her more affordable by paying in installments.

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