The Modern Animatronic Sex Dolls

The Modern Animatronic Sex Dolls

They say that the only constant thing in the world is change. And that is true. Nothing stays the same forever. People learn, plants grow, organisms evolve, and technology advances as time passes. You can say the same for sex dolls. As people learn more about the importance of sexual wellness and new technologies surface, these synthetic love partners have changed. They were once just a bundle of clothes, and then they became the blow-up dolls that hardly look like humans. Then, they became the silicone and TPE sex dolls that populate the markets today. 

These new models were a game-changer. They look very life-like. And so, it is not likely that there will soon be a replacement for them. More so since more and more new features added to them. 

One of the best additions to these modern sex dolls is the animatronic features. Articulated skeletons make the sex dolls posable, and some premium models are even capable of movement on their own. Also, some sex dolls can even moan. And there are some that can even speak.

These animatronic sex dolls are rarer, though. It has something to do with production costs, which in turn raises the price of the already expensive sex dolls. Nevertheless, they exist for those who can afford them. 

Since they are not easy to find, searching for them without help will take painstakingly long. So, here is a list of the best animatronic sex dolls on the market. It will shorten the search by quite a lot.


The Modern Animatronic Sex Dolls

Perhaps blonde chicks turn you on. Then, this animatronic sex doll is the perfect choice for you. Zaina is a pretty golden-haired babe that will make your eyes go wide and make your heart go wild. With a face like that and those K-cup breasts, there is no way she will not make you horny. 

Zaina has oral, anal, and vaginal orifices. Plus, she has a metallic skeleton that makes different sex positions possible. And in case you missed it, she is animatronic. There is a motor inside Zaina’s body that makes her bob. This slight movement makes sex with her very realistic. To paint a picture, when she is giving you a blowjob, her head moves just like how a real woman’s head would. During intercourse, stimulation will continue even when you stop thrusting to rest for a bit because of the continuous rocking of her body. Crazy good, right? 


The Modern Animatronic Sex Dolls

Prepare yourself because this animatronic sex doll will blow you away. She is not like any other sex dolls on the market. While others can be as pretty as Candyce, they cannot compare to her when it comes to being life-like. This sex doll speaks! And when she talks, her mouth moves. She is also capable of smiling. Also, she blinks, winks and her eyes can move just like real eyes. Furthermore, she can move her neck so she can look around. 

Candyce is also integrated with deep learning and AI. So the more you talk to her, the smarter she becomes. Therefore, if you want to get a sex doll so that you will have a companion, Candyce is an exceptional choice.

You would think she can’t be any more fantastic. But that is wrong. Touch sensors are in her private parts, which will make her moan. Also, she is hooked up to an internal heating system- so, her body is warm as an actual woman. 

This sex doll is capable of anal and oral sex. Unfortunately, because of the mechanisms in her mouth, she can’t perform oral. But who cares? What you get in exchange for that is so much more exciting.


The Modern Animatronic Sex Dolls

Beauty with brains – that is what Marvella is. She doesn’t just look like she has brains like other sex dolls, though. Marvella actually has a brain – albeit an artificial one. This sex doll can talk, and her lips move when she is doing so. You can have short conversations with her and even ask her to sing. How awesome is that?

Marvella is also capable of eyelids and eye and neck movements, making her even more realistic.

This TPE sex doll also moans during coitus. That will enhance the quality of the experience. Top that with vaginal and anal sex capabilities and an articulated skeleton, and your nights will be super exciting.


The Modern Animatronic Sex Dolls

Robbyn is like Candyce’s little sister. She can do all the things Candyce can do. What separates them is their physical appearance. Robbyn’s hair is more blonde, and her boobs are bigger. She has H-cup breasts while the other only has F-cups. Robynn is 3 inches shorter than Candyce, though. Keep these things in mind when choosing between them. 

Both sex dolls have 6.69 inches deep vagina and 5.51 inches deep anus. The tightness of these deep holes guarantees your satisfaction. And thanks to their metallic skeletons, you can have sex with them in the position of your liking. Please beware that these animatronic sex dolls are pretty heavy, though. Moving them may be a challenge if you don’t have strong muscles.


The Modern Animatronic Sex Dolls

The rise of animatronic sex dolls signifies that we are in a new era of adult love dolls. And undoubtedly, nerd-lovers are the biggest winners here. Sex dolls with AI allow for the creation of actually smart bespectacled beauties. Glinda here is a perfect example. This pretty woman in glasses can talk and learn more the more you speak to her. She is a really clever girl.

You will not love Glinda just because of her smarts. This animatronic sex doll also has an internal heating system. It allows her to give warm hugs you will surely love. 

The more time you spend with Glinda, the more you would want to get intimate with her. And with her anal and intercourse capabilities, there is really something to look forward to. 

This animatronic sex doll will make your heart explode in happiness. So if she is your type, stop dilly-dallying and take her home. 

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