The Best Asa Akira Look-alike Sex Doll

The Best Asa Akira Look-alike Sex Doll

The adult entertainment industry is filled with women many men would like to bang. There are actresses for both petite and BBW lovers. Also, there are sexy black, white, and Latina actresses on the scene. Of course, there are also Asians.

Asa Akira

Asa Akira, who hosted the first and second ceremonies for the Pornhub Awards, is among the most prominent Asian porn actresses. In fact, she is the third Asian performer to win the AVN Female Performer of the Year Award. 

Even before Asa Akira starred in adult films, she had worked in the sex industry. Back when she was 19, she worked as a dominatrix. Then, later on, she worked as a stripper at the Hustler Club in New York. Her experience at entertaining men shows in her work as a porn actress. She performs exceptionally. Asa Akira became the most awarded person in the 30th Annual Awards she co-hosted. That attests to her immense talent.

The list of admirable things about Asa Akira does not end there. This woman is also an adult film director. She made her directorial debut in 2013 with Elegant Angel Productions’ “Gangbanged 6.” This adult film saw massive success, further proving how much Asa Akira knows at tickling the fancies of men. 

Asa Akira is indeed desirable. Unfortunately, there is little to no chance that you will be able to share intimate time with her. Contrary to what some people expect, porn actresses don’t sleep with their fans. To book a scene, they have to pass STD tests. So, they can’t risk getting those from strangers.

But worry not because there is still a way to get the experience you want. You can’t have sex with the actual Asa Akira, but you can have sex with sex doll versions of the porn actress. 

Where can you find these models? You can find them in many places. But, here are the two best Asa Akira look-alike sex dolls. 

M-Cup Huge Boobs Elf Brunette Doll

The Best Asa Akira Look-alike Sex Doll

This sex doll has the same strong facial features as Asa Akira has. So, she indeed qualifies as an Asa Akira sex doll. The only thing that may turn you off is her pointy elf ears. But if you can overlook that, that would be awesome. If you can’t, that is okay too. You can find another head from the Sexy Real Sex Doll store and use that instead. Changing it is free of charge. Just remember that silicone heads do not have oral sex capabilities. So if you want to receive blowjobs from this Asa Akira sex doll, stick with TPE heads.

While there is a minor issue with this sex doll’s head, there is nothing wrong with her body. This Asa Akira sex doll’s body looks so sexy it can make your penis permanently erect. For starters, she has enormous M-cup tits that look even bigger on top of her 23.1-inch waist. These breasts are already impressive as is. Nut, you can take them up one more level by opting to equip this sex doll with gel implanted breasts. With this breast type, her boobs will be super realistic. This curvy sex doll also has wide hips, thunder thighs, and a big bubble butt. With all her assets, this Asa Akira will make you as excited as a child in a toy shop.

And we have not yet looked at this sex doll’s lovemaking talents. Like a real professional porn star, she can please you using her mouth. Also, she can engage in anal sex. Her orifice for this is 6.7 inches deep. Of course, she can also pleasure you using her sweet pussy. Just like her anal hole, her vagina is 6.7 inches deep. With these capabilities, this Asa Akira will rock not just your bed but your whole world.  


The Best Asa Akira Look-alike Sex Doll

From certain angles, this sex doll looks so much like Asa Akira you would think it is actually her. Now, regulations and ethics do not permit the creation of an actual Asa Akira sex doll unless she consents. So, this sex doll model is indeed your best choice.

Unlike the model above, this sex doll does not have quirky ears. So, there is no need to change it. That is unless you can find something on the site that looks more like the porn actress Asa Akira. But she already looks pretty with this head, so that is not really necessary.

The body of this sex doll is delicious. She has all the right curves in the right places. Sofia’s H-cup breasts will make women die out of envy and men weak with lust. Her bust-waist-hips measurement is exceptional too. Her bust is 38 inches, her waist is 23 inches, and her hips are 34 inches wide. That is so close to the ideal 36-24-36 inches. So you can be sure she will give you the best hard-on of your life. 

In theory, a woman looking like this should give you unforgettable experiences. So the question is, can this Asa Akira sex doll live up to the expectation?

The answer to that is: yes, she does. This 5’1″ sex doll has a 5.1 inches deep oral orifice that enables her to give fantastic blowjobs. Aside from that, her 6.7 pussy is also a glorious thing that can make you experience more pleasure than you can handle. There is also her anal orifice that has the same depth, but as you would expect, is tighter. With these great holes, this Asa Akira sex doll will make you confused with your roles. Is she your toy, or is it the opposite? Because for sure, you will grab every opportunity to have sex with this doll you can get. Oh! Did we forget to say this sex doll has a metallic skeleton that makes different sex positions possible? That thing will ensure this happens.

Understandably, sex with only a look-alike of Asa Akira is not as satisfying as sex with the porn actress herself. But, it is the best option that you have. So, it would be better to buy said sex doll. Just after one night, you will find it worth it. 

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