Top 5 Japanese Sex Dolls

Top 5 Japanese Sex Dolls

Everybody and their mothers are talking about K-pop idols now. But before they rose, Japanese idols took the world’s attention first. There’s also anime, which increased the popularity of Japanese women.

Aside from those, Japanese AV videos are extremely popular. They feature Japanese women who pass the beauty standards in their country. They have small faces, light, flawless skins, and quiet personalities. And when they are having sex, they moan as if every thrust sends them to heaven.

No one could blame you if you developed a fetish for Japanese women. But, how likely are you to find one to have sex with? Unless you live in Japan, it is not easy to do. And even then, it is not as simple as you think. A former Japanese AV actress, Shibuya Kaho, spoke with the boys in the Trash Taste podcast on YouTube. She revealed that they don’t like it when other people objectify them. The same goes for porn actresses from other countries.

So here is an easier route for fulfilling that desire: buy a Japanese sex doll. They are easier to find than a Japanese woman that would want to have sex with you. There’s a reason their population is on a decline.

Take a look at this list. It includes the 5 best Japanese sex dolls.

KIYOKO – 168 CM | 5′ 6″ – E CUP

Top 5 Japanese Sex Dolls

Kiyoko looks like a Japanese princess; she is gorgeous. This sex doll checks all the boxes in the Japanese beauty standards. She has a small face, light complexion, and a slender build. On top of that, she possesses E-cup breasts that will make your eyes and hands satisfied.

Kiyoko boasts an almost perfect bust-waist-hips measurement – the measurements are 35.83 – 23.62 – 35.43 inches, respectively. This makes her an incredible sight in bed. 

This East Asian beauty is 5 foot 5 inches tall. That’s a little higher but still close to Japan’s average women’s height. Thus, it makes her look even more realistic. 

But enough of her physical appearance. Let us talk about how amazing she is in bed. Kiyoko is fully equipped with three orifices. She has a 7 inches deep vagina, capable of taking the entire length of many men’s pleasure rods. Her anal depth of 6.3 inches and oral depth of 5.12 inches is not too shabby either.

SUZUKI CHIHINO (ELF) – 150CM | 4′ 9″ – C CUP

Top 5 Japanese Sex Dolls

The best thing about sex dolls is they can look like almost anything. So, it opens so many possibilities. For example, sex dolls can allow you to have sex with a Japanese elf. That could be a sexual fantasy you did not know you had. And without sex dolls, you can’t fulfill that desire.

Suzuki Chihino is the doll to get if you want to sleep with a Japanese elf. She has long pointy ears, and eyes that make her look like a Japanese idol wearing doll eyes contact lenses.

This silicone sex doll is only 4 foot 9 inches tall and weighs only 27.5 kilograms. That is very fitting for an elf sex doll. And that’s greater news for sex doll owners than you would think. It means it is easy to carry Suzuki around and put her in different positions. Therefore, different sex positions are easily achievable when using this Japanese sex doll.

Please note that while Suzuki’s mouth is slightly open, it is not an orifice. Silicone heads can’t offer oral sex.

FUKADA RYOKO – 165CM | 5′ 4″ – E CUP

Top 5 Japanese Sex Dolls

Fukada Ryoko is stunning. Her innocent face and petite build make her a great option for a submissive sex doll. 

This silicone sex doll has a 35.43 inches bust, 21.65 inches waist, and 33.86 inches hips. She is also only 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 31.5 kilograms. That makes you want to “destroy” her even more, doesn’t it? 

And that’s not the end of it. Fukada Ryoko has E-cup breasts, which you will surely love. All these things about Fukada Ryoko hype up her sex capabilities. And she does not disappoint. Fukada has a 6.1 inches deep vaginal orifice. It is detailed to be anatomically accurate; thus, you will feel like you are having sex with a real person.

KANNO KANNA – 150CM | 4′ 9″ – C CUP

Top 5 Japanese Sex Dolls

Kanno Kanna looks like she is also a J-pop idol. She has a pretty face, long wavy hair, and big, pink doll eyes. Those eyes also make her a good option if you are looking for an anime sex doll.

Kanno Kanna’s body is amazing as well. She has adorable, perky, C-cup breasts. They are neither too small nor too large – just the right size. On top of that, she has a BWH measurement of 32.28 – 19.69 – 31.1 inches. That very tiny waist gives her an incredible hourglass figure.

 You will not regret getting this 4-foot 9 inches tall Japanese sex doll. She has a deep vaginal orifice that ensures you receive the sexual satisfaction you want. Plus, she is lightweight, so you can use her in any way you want.

CHIBA HOTARU – 165CM | 5′ 4″ – E CUP

Top 5 Japanese Sex Dolls

Chiba Hotaru’s dark blue eyes will hypnotize you and make you think of her and her alone. She is that interesting.

Like Kanno Kanna, Chiba Hotaru’s eyes make her a great choice for an anime sex doll. If you have a specific character in mind and her eyes do not match that character’s eyes, don’t worry. You can customize it and select the right color – for free. 

Chiba Hotaru’s build makes her look submissive. She is quite short and has an innocent face.

This doll’s breasts and bubble butt are big. You will love touching and massaging them. Also, if you aren’t content with that cup size, you can increase or decrease it before checking out.

Chiba Hotaru has a 6.1 inches deep vaginal orifice. Its tightness and texture, combined with that will keep you coming home to her.

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