Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

Different men have different preferences. Some like blue, others like red. The same thing goes when talking about sexual partners. A man may prefer a submissive or a dominant partner over the other. Some men may like younger ladies, while others are into MILFs.

Sex dolls show a clear picture of this. The models are very different from each other, yet all sell well. It indicates that men don’t have just one preference; it varies a lot.

Still, some sex dolls are more popular than others. These dolls offer many different things and fulfill many fantasies, so they beat the one-dimensional ones. The quality of the doll is also a strong factor. Men will not buy a sex doll even if it is as pretty as Aphrodite if it is as frail as an eggshell. 

So, a sex doll must meet the following requirements to be popular:

  • Stunning looks
  • Offers many things
  • Realistic
  • High-quality/Durable

Yes, finding a sex doll like that could take a good while. Don’t worry. We did the searching for you. Here is a list of the top 7 sex dolls that are most appealing to men.

Sara – 5’4″ (163cm)

Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

Sara is a beauty who will make you as lustful as an incubus. She is a fair, light-skinned, raven-haired lady with a model’s face. And let’s immediately address the elephant in the room because it certainly has captured your attention. Sara has a bodacious body. She has enormous melons as breasts and a big bubble butt. Indeed, Sara is a sight to behold.

This busty sex doll is a sex expert. She has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. Her best orifice is her vaginal orifice – it is 7 inches deep. So, men with average-sized penises can go balls deep inside Sara. While her anal and oral orifices are not that deep, they are also impressive.

Christin – 4’11” (150cm)

Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

Are petite, submissive girls your type? Men who are like you found this sex doll very appealing. Christin is a 4 foot 11 inches tall blondie.

What’s different about this sex doll is her eyes; they are closed. It is as if Christin is feeling and loving every stroke you do. “Yes. Give it to me,” is what she would be saying if she could speak. And you will not be able to resist. This sex doll is fully equipped with three penetrable orifices, all of which are deep, tight, and realistic.

Christin also has a flexible metallic skeleton that lets you put her in different positions. So, if you prefer dog-style sex over missionary, please know it is possible. Christin’s weight of only 25 kilograms also enables you to utilize that feature fully. Since she is light, you can easily carry and lift her.

Daisy – 5’1″ (155cm)

Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

Daisy is another blonde babe. She’s unlike Christin, though. In fact, she is the opposite. While Christin looks shy, Daisy looks confident. Her way of seducing you is through her sexy, playful smile. This smile gives her a kinky vibe. 

Indeed, Daisy is kinky. She loves giving blowjobs with her 5.5 inches deep oral orifice. And after that foreplay, she likes being penetrated. You have two options: vaginal intercourse or anal sex. Rest assured that it does not matter which you choose. Both will make you satisfied. 

Daisy is also lightweight. She is only 30 kilograms, making it easy to carry and lift her.

Cassidy – 5’5″ (165cm)

Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

Blonde chics are so popular with men. And so, here is another one.

Cassidy, Christin, and Daisy may share the same hair color, but they are all different. The two blondes above look like they are barely legal. Meanwhile, Cassidy looks more mature. She is also more fierce than bubbly. So, she’s perfect if you are looking for a “dominant” partner.

Cassidy is drop-dead gorgeous; she has beautiful green eyes, big breasts, a tiny waist, good hips, and an incredible butt. She could pass as a CW actress or an ANTM contestant. Better yet, Cassidy would be a porn superstar. But thankfully, she can’t be one – it means her naked body is for you and only you to see.

Jessie – 5’4″ (163cm)

Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

Here is another blonde beauty. What separated Jessie from the others was her likeness to Barbie. She is a blonde bombshell with blue eyes and incredible body proportions. Jessie has a 30.2 inches bust, 20.5 inches waist, and 36.2 inches hips. Yes, she has a spankable bubble butt.

Jessie will make your nights unforgettable with her realistic anal, oral, and vaginal orifices.

Alisha – 5’1″ (154cm)

Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

If blondes are not your type, maybe you’ll find women with unnatural hair colors appealing. Alisha is one of those girls; she has short, pink hair. It’s such a cutesy color, which suits her innocent, youthful face. Also, it has great contrast against her slightly darker skin.

Alisha has big, round breasts. Since she is made of high-quality material, these feel like real breasts. Touching them will be super satisfying.

That’s not all. Alisha also has a bubble butt, which is a sight to behold. Alisha’s physique will make you excited for sex. And she will not disappoint. This sex doll is appealing to men because of her anatomically accurate orifices.

Shirley – 5’3″(164cm )

Top 7 Sex Dolls That are Most Appealing to Men

Shirley is a blue-eyed, black-haired woman. That combination is rare, making Shirley special. She may be your only chance to get a sexual experience with someone that looks like that.

That is not all there is to it about Shirley, though. She also boasts some incredible assets. This sex doll has a sexy 19.7 inches waist. Above that are round, above-average breasts, and below is her cute pussy and bubble butt.

Shirley is an expert in the art of lovemaking too. She has three tight, realistic, penetrable orifices. Her mouth is 5.5 inches deep, her anal hole is 6.3 inches deep, and her vagina is 7.1 inches deep. These things will send you to heaven and back.

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