Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

There is one part of a woman’s body you love the most (except the vagina, of course.) To some, it is the armpits; to others, it is the feet. Since you are here, it means you like those hips. That is not surprising at all. According to science, men subconsciously or consciously consider a woman’s hips to waist ratio when rating their attractiveness. It is something about reproduction and survival.

Men have different preferences in hip sizes too. Some like them really, really, wide. Others want it narrow. Then, some men like them to be just the right size – “medium size is premium,” they would say.

Finding a woman that suits your preference will not be easy. But, with sex dolls, there is no problem at all. Some websites even categorized sex dolls by hip sizes for you. That expedites your search.

Some of those sex dolls are better than the others, though. So, you still need to spend some time reviewing as many dolls as possible. That could still be tedious. And when you are so excited about buying a sex doll, you want to decide as soon as possible since production and shipping may take a while.

Don’t worry; we got you covered. This list will show you the top 8 sex dolls with medium-size hips.


Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

This sex doll has closed eyes. You can say it is closed because she’s feeling so much pleasure in having you inside her. That element already makes sex with her exciting. 

Kaylani has 38.98 inches hips. Many people would consider that wide. However, in the world of sex dolls, that’s medium.

However, this sex doll’s best asset is not her hips or butt. It is her L-cup breasts. If you want to, you can use those for a titty job. But if you are not into that, more common ways of getting off are also available. Kaylani has penetrable vaginal and anal orifices. 


Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

Sami is a long-haired, pretty babe. She has a modelesque face and an oh-so-sexy body.

This sex doll has quite a petite build. She is only 5 foot 3 inches tall. Her breasts are not big either; they are of decent size. And that brings us to the most important factor here. Like her breasts, Sami’s hips are also medium. It is only 33.86 inches. Admittedly, that is a little higher than the medium size for actual women. But sex doll standards are slightly different.

You can’t go wrong by choosing Sami. She looks great, has the right hip size, and is an expert in pleasing men in bed.

BRIONY – 164CM | 5’4″ – D CUP

Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

Look at Briony’s eyes and say you aren’t turned on. It is not easy to do. Her seductive eyes, coupled with her gorgeous body, make you want to make love to her furiously. She has that effect on men.

This sex doll has an hourglass proportion. Her measurements for waist and hips are 22.83 inches and 33.86 inches, respectively. That gives her a WHR of 0.67. It is only lower than the ideal ratio by 0.01. At this point, the difference is negligible.

Briony has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities, so rest assured that you will enjoy your time with her.


Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

It is not easy to peel your eyes away from this gorgeous lady. Delanie has burgundy hair, grey eyes, kissable lips, and a beautiful face. She has D-cup breasts and a big, bubble butt. 

Now, Delanie’s hips are admittedly wide – 43.3 inches. But believe it or not, it is still considered medium-size in sex dolls.

Delanie has a silicone head and a TPE body. Unfortunately, that means she does not have oral sex capabilities. But the two available orifices are enough to make you very satisfied. 

JANE – 161CM | 5′ 2″ – D CUP

Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

Do you like emos? How about gingers? You can satisfy both desires with this sex doll. Jane is a ginger with the typical emo hairstyle – short hair with bangs covering about half of her face. Additionally, she looks Asian. That’s another desire you can satisfy by buying this sex doll.

Jane has a 32 inches bust, 21.6 inches waist, and 32.6 inches waist. On top of that, she has soft, round, D-cup breasts. That gives her an alluring figure and makes sex with her all the more exciting. 

MARIN – 159CM | 5′ 2″ – D CUP (HEAD: MIKI SMILE)

Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

Marin is a busty beauty. She has hollow D-cup breasts, which are super soft. You can pay $99 more for gel implants if you want them to be more realistic. That will make those breasts jiggle the same way actual breasts do. It will make your sexcapades with her more pleasurable.

Marin has BWH measurements of 34.25 inches – 25.59 inches – 39.37 inches. 


Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

Are thick lips a huge turn-on for you? This 5 foot 5 inches tall sex doll has those. And her overall face is pretty too. 

Velva has a silicone head, though. Thus, these lips are only for kissing; she does not give heads. But that’s okay. What she has below her neck will make you forget about that.

Velva has humongous I-cup breasts. She also has a big butt. And her penetrable orifices are deep, tight, and anatomically accurate. 

SHANTEL – 159CM | 5′ 2″ – D CUP (HEAD: SAYA)

Top 8 Sex Dolls with Medium-size Hips

Shantel is 50% Asian, 50% Caucasian, and 100% gorgeous.

This sex doll is a 5 foot 2 inches tall lady with D-cup breasts, a tiny waist, and medium-sized hips. On top of that, Shantell has a fair and light complexion and an innocent face. There is no negative thing you can say about her. And once you have spent a night with Shantel, you will praise her even more. 

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