Top 8 Ready-to-Ship Sex Dolls

Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

If you plan to buy a sex doll and want to receive it as soon as possible, it’s best to buy ready-to-ship dolls. You don’t have to wait until the manufacturer has built it because it is already built. That shortens the wait time significantly.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls, a distributor with the largest sex doll collection, has this offering. And here are the top 8 dolls that you can quickly take home.

Big Breast Curvy Doll

Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

Here’s a busty Brunette babe for anyone who likes shoving their faces on a sexy woman’s breasts. She is a 5 foot 2 inches tall sex doll with jawdropping, penis-stiffening assets. On top of those, this ready-to-ship doll is complete with three realistic orifices.

Sexy Police Officer Sex Doll – Tina

Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

If you are into role-playing and BDSM, you will love this ready-to-ship sex doll. Tina is an attractive policewoman who will arrest your heart. What is your punishment? That would be hot, wild sex that you will never forget.


Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

Here’s a 5 foot 3 inches tall Japanese girl for Asian fans out there. Ride her or let her ride you; either way will result in memorable sexcapades. This curly blonde model has an upgraded mouth and gel breasts! Also, she has a removable vagina, which makes maintenance easier. 

Hot Fitness Body with Red Head Sex Doll Model

Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

This ready-to-ship sex doll will make your nights extra hot and spicy. She is a high-quality TPE sex doll with small tits and a huge ass. Also, she has a good BWH ratio which makes her so attractive. All these, combined with her oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities, will make you pleased.

F-Cup Doll with Cutest Butt

Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

This ready-to-ship sex doll is for the BDSM enjoyers who like being the dominant partner. She is a hot petite sex doll – 4 foot 11 inches tall, with F-cup breasts and a tiny ass. Also, she looks so innocent, and hence, this sex doll is perfect for the submissive role.

SexBomb MILF Sex Doll

Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

Large and in charge – if this sex doll were a person, that would be its personality. She is a MILF with perky round boobs, a big ass, and a tiny waist. Furthermore, she is 5 foot 8 inches tall, meaning she also has sexy long legs. She is a yummy mummy indeed.

 Sexy Blond Girl Sex Doll

Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

This ready-to-ship sex doll is like a goddess; she is perfect in every way! She has beautiful long blonde hair, enchanting eyes, big boobs, and a wide ass. Without a doubt, you will enjoy having her in your house. The sexual experiences she offers are too pleasing.

Asian Sex Doll in Natural Skin

Top 8 Ready-to-ship Sex Dolls

Asians are pretty. And if you are into them, you will like this ready-to-ship sex doll. She is an East Asian-looking sex doll who has amazing sex capabilities. To paint a picture, she has a 7 inches deep vagina. Her oral and anal orifices – though less deep – are also just as amazing.

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