Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

Sex dolls allow you to have sex with your ideal woman. They are highly customizable and are made to look as appealing as possible. Thus, finding your dream sex doll is tenfolds easier than looking for a woman who matches your preferences.

Huge assets typically make men crazy. It could be huge breasts, a big bubble butt, or thick thighs. Many sex dolls have these assets.

But of course, you can’t open a website and buy the first sex doll you see. It is best to select one that is (1) high-quality and (2) matches your type. You can look at this list of the top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls to speed up your search.

170cm ( 5.58ft ) Small Breast PREMIUM Sex Doll DM19061120 Eve

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

“Small” may not be the correct adjective to use here. This doll actually has big breasts – but they hang lower and are not perfectly round. They are like papayas.

Eve has other things to boast about aside from her big tits. She has a pretty face, a tiny waist, and a big bum. Moreover, she’s proud of her sex expertise. This sex doll offers anal, oral, and vaginal intercourse sex. She will make you feel like the luckiest man in the world.

168cm ( 5.51ft ) Big Boom Sex Doll CQK19040802 Alicia

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

This blonde bombshell will make you drool like a rabid dog. Alicia’s face is perfect, and so is her body. This sex doll has big, round breasts. You can put your manhood between them and use them for stimulation. That’s not all. This big boom sex doll also has a big bubble butt you would love to spank. 

Please note that sex dolls with big assets tend to be heavier. This particular sex doll weighs 43 kilograms.

165cm (5.41ft) Huge Breast Sex Doll DW19061018 Lynn

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

Lynn is a 5 foot 5 inches tall blonde beauty. Like Eve, she has big, papaya-shaped breasts. They touch her lap when she’s sitting down. You can customize Lynn’s breasts to make them feel the way you want them to. If you want them super soft, select hollow breasts.

Lynn has a slender build. Her BWH measurements are 41.73 – 23.22 – 34.64. Her enormous breasts, combined with this body proportion, give her a sexy, quirky look.

158cm Real Sized Adult Sex Doll With Big Boob Huge Ass DB19040701 Special Price Tess

158cm Real Sized Adult Sex Doll With Big Boob Huge Ass DB19040701 Special Price Tess

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

Tess will seduce you with her modelesque face and jaw-dropping assets. She has short, blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Also, she has colossal breasts and a spankable huge ass. Top that with deep and realistic orifices. Buy this big boom sex doll, and she will give you unforgettable nights.

The best thing is that Tess is currently on sale. So, it is easier to afford this premium sex doll now. If you are into blondes, we highly recommend you check her out. 

171cm ( 5.61ft ) Big Chest Exotic Girl Red Head Aristocrat Sex Doll DQ19052019 Karen

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

No, Karen is not looking for a manager. Instead, she is looking for a man she can sandwich between her legs. And you would love to be that man.

Karen is a 5 foot 7 inches tall redhead. She has BWH measurements of 34.25 – 22 – 37.7 inches, giving her a sexy hourglass figure. Furthermore, she has above-average breasts. But what you would love the most about Karen’s body is her eye-widening big, bubble butt.

156cm (5.12ft) Huge Breast Sex Doll DP19121706 Meisa

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

Have you seen Japanese adult videos? Those actresses are dreamy; they have innocent faces, slender builds, and big boobs. Their shy but kinky personalities also add to their sexiness. If you are into them, you should check this sex doll out.

Meisa is a Japanese sex doll with breasts so big they become magnets for your eyes. Not only that. Her butt is also something that gives many men rock-hard boners.

Japanese AV is known for the moans of the actresses. You can replicate that by equipping this doll with moaning systems. 

165cm (5.41ft) Huge Breast Aristocrat Sex Doll DP19121719 Prudencia

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

Prudencia has eyes that show dominance. She also has a smirk that seems to say she’s not like the other girls. Indeed, she is not. This big boom sex doll is a goddess in bed. She has anatomically accurate orifices that will make you feel like you are having real sex. Additionally, she has big breasts that will keep your hands busy. Take this aristocrat sex doll home, and she will please you more than any woman could. 

156cm (5.12ft) Huge Breast Sex Doll DW19061027 Natalie

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

“You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere” is a line from the “Barbie Girl” song. And that’s Natalie’s favorite song. This blonde chick with baby blue eyes has a body that’s to die for. Every time you look at her, you would want to undress her. 

This sex doll has humongous breasts, which are at least an L-cup. You also can’t ignore her amazing butt. And, of course, the main course, her juicy pussy. It is deep and anatomically accurate.

166cm ( 5.45ft ) Big Breast Sex Doll EB19081313 Amalia

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

Amalia has a wild look on her face. That makes sex with her super exciting because she doesn’t look as lifeless as other dolls. That is not the only thing that’s great about her. Her breasts and ass are great, too – both literally and figuratively. So, you can’t go wrong with choosing this sex doll. 

165cm ( 5.41ft ) Big Boom Sex Doll DR19120220 Madeline

Top 10 Big Boom Sex Dolls

This big boom sex doll looks like a boss and also a MILF. So if you want a sex doll who looks like they are dominant (even though all sex dolls are submissive), she’s a great choice.

Madeline has big breasts, but not so big they are unbelievable. Her whole physical appearance is like that – perfect but nothing too crazy. How realistic a sex doll looks affect many men’s decisions when buying. And Madeline has hit the perfect spot.

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