Top 6 Mystical Sex Dolls

Top 6 Mystical Sex Dolls

Most people want human sexual partners – that is the norm. However, some people want something else. For example, some people wish to sleep with ethereally beautiful elves. Then, some want to have sex with a succubus, despite knowing the consequences. Furries also exist; they want anthropomorphic animals as their partners in bed.

The problem is that those things don’t exist. They are mythical creatures. Thus, there is no way the people mentioned can fulfill their desires. But that’s what many people would think. Those who know about sex dolls know it is possible to turn those bizarre dreams into reality.

Sex dolls can look like anything. Their purpose is to provide companionship and allow people to explore sexuality the way they want to. So, it is not surprising that there are elf sex dolls, demon sex dolls, catgirl sex dolls and such. 

Now, here is the thing. Mystical sex dolls are not as numerous as humanlike sex dolls. Additionally, not all manufacturers are trustworthy. So, finding a high-quality one may not be easy.

Don’t worry because we have got you covered. This is a list of the top 6 mystical sex dolls. Choose any one of these, and you can rest assured that you’ll get a long-lasting, realistic sex doll that will keep you satisfied. Without further ado, here they are. 

160cm (5ft3′) D-Cup Angel of Darkness Sex Doll – Gomory

Top 6 Mystical Sex Dolls

Gomory is a fallen angel. She fell because she loves making out with humans, an act that is forbidden. Her wings turned black, and horns grew on her head. But you know what? She does not care. She loves having sex with men; she doesn’t mind losing her fluffy white wings and halo.

Why should you consider getting this sex doll? Gomora’s face is, well, angelic. And her body is blessed with great proportions. She has a 31.9 bust, a 20 inches waist, and 34.6 inches hips. 

Gomora is a TPE sex doll. So, she has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. Her ultra-realistic orifices will send you to heaven and back.

165cm (5ft5′) Sexy Real Love Doll with Big Tits- Jenny

Top 6 Mystical Sex Dolls

The archer elf trope is very popular in fiction. For example, they are in JRR Tolkiens’ Lord of The Rings. Also, they are in many RPGs. 

Some things those elves have in common are long, silver/golden hair, pretty faces, and sexy bodies. For sure, that’s what you want to see on an elf sex doll. Jenny will not make you disappointed because she looks exactly like that.

Jenny has elf ears and a face that’s very pleasing to look at. Furthermore, she has a body that will keep you staring. This sex doll boasts big tits that command attention. With these, she’ll make you think of nothing but having sex with her. 

This sex doll has intercourse, anal sex, and oral sex capabilities. 

150cm (4ft11′) M-cup BBW Big Hooters Sex Doll – Booba

Top 6 Mystical Sex Dolls

Here is another option for people who have a fetish for elves. Choose this sex doll over Jenny if you want your partner to be extra thick. Booba has massive breasts you can bury your face on. The cup size is M! They could be the biggest you have ever seen.

Aside from that, this mystical sex doll has wide hips, a big fat butt, and thunder thighs. If those don’t make you horny, what will?

This sex doll has three orifices: oral, anal, and vaginal. Her oral orifice is 5.1 inches deep, while her anal and vaginal orifices are both 6.7 inches deep. Their textured to be as realistic as possible; thus, using Booba will feel like real sex instead of masturbation with a doll partner.

136cm (4ft5′) Elfic Fairy Queen with Huge Boobies – Eilf

Top 6 Mystical Sex Dolls

Some men had Tinkerbell as their childhood crush. Perhaps until now, you are still thinking of sleeping with the blonde fairy. You can use sex dolls to satisfy that desire. Eilf is a great option for you. She is a sexy blonde elf that looks like Tinkerbell. 

Eilf is a small sex doll – she is only 4 foot 5 inches tall. That’s very fitting for an elf sex doll. And that’s the perfect height. If she were shorter, some people in certain countries might be unable to get her because of restrictions.

This sex doll boasts deep and realistic orifices, an articulated skeleton with movable joints, and a weight of 28 kilograms. These will make your nights magical. 

153cm (5ft) Fairy Sex Doll with Huge Tit and Sexy Ass

Top 6 Mystical Sex Dolls

This sex doll is like a nature fairy. She has pointy ears, a small and innocent face, and bright green hair. She’s so refreshing to look at. Though, some men may feel very thirsty after seeing her. This mystical sex doll is sexy as sin. She has big boobs and a shapely butt. Her bust size is 34.6 inches, her hip size is 33.4 inches, and she possesses a wasp waist – it is only 16.1 inches. And so, her body has an hourglass shape. 

This sex doll can give you blowjobs with her 4.7 inches deep mouth. Her 5.5 inches-deep anal orifice will also please you. Of course, her deepest orifice – her 6.3 inches-deep vagina has the same effect. 

170cm (5ft7′) H-Cup Huge Tits Elf Ailrinni Doll

Top 6 Mystical Sex Dolls

Elves are not always the good guys. There are dark elves; they are mischievous and evil. The thing is, most of the time, the bad guys in fiction are commonly the hot ones. Thus, no one can blame you if you have developed an interest in dark elves.

If you have that fantasy, consider checking Ailrinni. Her facial expression says that she is not one of the kindhearted elves. And boy, is she super sexy.

This sex doll has H-cup breasts. These are as soft and jiggly as the real thing. On top of that, she has shapely booty. And she has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. So, rest assured that sex with this mystical sex doll will be unforgettable. 

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