Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

Voluptuous women are sexy. They have large breasts, wide hips, thick thighs, and big, fat butts. Also, they have soft curves in their bodies, which are very sexy. However, not all men are into them. Some prefer the slim chics over the curvy ones. 

With sex dolls, it is even easier to see why that is. Sex dolls tend to be heavier when the model is a BBW. On the other hand, slim models are typically lightweight. You don’t need to be a physicist to figure out why. 

And why does weight matter for sex dolls? Because they can’t move on their own or support their own bodies. So, it is all up to you when you need to carry them from one spot of the house to another. Also, some sex positions are difficult to do when your sex doll is heavy.

Perhaps you like slim sex dolls because of how easier they are to use compared to BBW models. Or perhaps you are really into slim ladies, whether they are sex dolls or actual women. Here are some sex doll models that will let you satisfy that desire. These are the top 8 slim sex dolls, so rest assured that you will get the gratification you want regardless of which one you choose.

170cm (5ft7′) Real Russian Barbie Doll with Small Tits

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

 Do you want to sleep with tall, slim women? Their long limbs make graceful movements, making them so sexy. If you hold a preference for this type, you should check this sex doll out.

 The Real Russian Barbie Doll and Small Tits sex doll is 5 foot 7 inches tall. She has a slim body with BWH measurements of 31 – 20 – 36 inches. Her short blonde hair also makes her slimness stand out. 

This sex doll will turn you on with her heaven-sent body and pretty face. And her orifices will make you as pleased as Punch. 

150cm (4ft 11′) Small Breast Blonde Sex Doll with Large Ass – Ginger

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

If you want a short, slim blonde lady instead, here is the sex doll for you. Ginger is only 4 foot 11 inches tall. She also has small breasts and a fine ass, giving her a petite look.

This slim sex doll has a surprise for men who give her a chance. Her anal and vaginal orifices are extra deep – 7.9 inches deep, to be specific. That allows her to take in the entire length of most men’s members. Her 4.7 inches-deep oral office is not too shabby either.

160cm (5ft3′) Small Tits Exclusive Sex Doll by SRSD – Lilith

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

A survey has found that a significant amount of men prefer dark-haired girls. If you share the same opinion, you should check out Lilith. She is a 5 foot 3 inches tall sex doll with a slim body.

This sex doll has BWH measurements of 34.3 – 22.4 – 36.2 inches. As you can probably tell, she has an hourglass-shaped body. And that’s just really, really hot. 

You also can’t ignore Lilith’s beautiful face. She has lovely green eyes, a pointy nose, and pouty lips.

150cm (4ft11′) B-Cup Dothraki Sex Doll with small tits- Khaleesi

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

This sex doll is for Game of Thrones fans. Many of the show’s viewers loved Daenerys Targaryen. She had some scenes where she was completely naked. And she’s very pretty. So, it is unsurprising that some men wished they were Khal Drogo.

Suppose you want to know what riding the Khaleesi feels like. You should check this sex doll. Like Daenerys, she has platinum blonde hair and a slim build. More importantly, she has realistic orifices.

# 160cm (5ft2′) Small Breast Silicone Doll

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

Disney Princesses are popular because they are beautiful inside and out. If you want to know what sleeping with them feels like, buy this sex doll. She can be Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, or whoever you want her to be. All you need is to change her wig and eye color. She has a pretty face, so the sex doll will look good no matter what you choose.

This is a silicone sex doll, so it can’t offer oral sex. However, because the material is more heat-resistant than TPE, it is more compatible with an internal heating system.

160cm (5ft2′) B – cup Small Boobies

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

Do you prefer having sex with more mature women? If so, this is the slim sex doll for you. She looks like a hot mom. The best thing is that she does not really have children. So, all of her time is dedicated to you. 

This 5-foot 2 inches tall sex doll has cute B-cup breasts. In contrast, her butt is large. This sex doll has BWH measurements of 30 – 20 – 40 inches. That gives her a lovely pear-shaped body that will make you hungry for sex.

Oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities are all present.

160cm (5ft3′) $2000 Sex Doll with Small Tits and Big Butt- Bonnie

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

Here is another option for MILF lovers. Bonnie is a mature-looking sex doll with voluminous, curly red hair. So, you can fulfill so many sexual desires in one night when you are with her.

This slim sex doll has small breasts, but that’s okay. Your hands will be busy caressing and spanking her big bubble butt anyway.

Bonnie has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. But please note that even though she’s slim, she is quite heavy. So, carrying her is not as easy as you would expect.

168cm (5ft6′) B-cup Dainty Blonde Sex Doll with Small boobs – Marsha

Top 8 Slim Sex Dolls

Marsha is the sex doll version of Goldilocks. She’s a grown-up with curly blonde hair and is hot as sin. Marsha boasts BWH measurements of 30 – 18 -34 inches. That small waist and pear shape make her very appealing.

Once you learn how deep and realistic Marsha’s orifices are, you will love her even more. They will make you excited to go home and see her every day.

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