Top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls

Top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls

To satisfy your sexual desires, you look for a person who matches your preferences. That is easier said than done. Even for good-looking people, finding their ideal partner takes time. Just imagine how it is for people who are not blessed with handsomeness. 

Some people also have kinks and fetishes others would consider bizarre. For example, some would want to have sex with a character from the sci-fi film “Avatar.” Likewise, some want to have sex with an elf or a demon. 

Many men have given up on their fetishes because of how difficult it is to fulfill them. Please don’t follow in their footsteps. In situations like these, sex dolls are your best friends – or best sex partners. 

Keep this tip in mind when buying a sex doll: buy only from trusted manufacturers and distributors. That ensures your sex doll will be usable, safe, and long-lasting. You would not want to spend your hard-earned money on something that would break after one night.

One of the best sex doll brands is Irontech Doll. It has been in the business for some years and has proven its worth. Now, it is one of the most known brands. 

Irontech Doll’s slogan is “Beauty-inspired creation.” As such, all of its sex dolls look lovely and realistic. The company also makes sex dolls in all shapes and sizes. So, you can find a model regardless of your kinks or sexual orientation.

This company’s sex dolls are made of high-quality TPE and silicone. So, you can rest assured they are durable, realistic, and safe to use.

There are plenty of trustworthy distributors of Irontech Doll out there. But searching for dolls yourself could be tedious, especially because some distributors also don’t filter sex dolls by brand.

But don’t worry because we did the hard work for you. Instead of reviewing countless sex doll models, you can look only at the top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls. Find them below.

Josephine: Private Secretary Sex Doll

Top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls

Josephine is a sexually attractive Latina woman. She has long, straight hair and beautiful brown skin. Her face also has the “golden ratio,” so she looks like a model.

And we have not yet talked about her gorgeous body. 

This sex doll has large breasts. They are gel-filled too! That means they jiggle and feel like real breasts. You will love having them in your hands.

Aside from that, Josephine also has wide hips and a big butt. So, every asset that she has is amazing. They will give you rock-hard boners.

Josephine is a medical-grade silicone sex doll. So, she only has anal sex and intercourse capabilities.

Kaylee: Curvy Brunette Sex Doll

Top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls

Kaylee is another brown-skinned, black-haired sex doll. The difference between her and Josephine is “age.” Josephine looks like she is in her 20s, while Kaylee looks like a more mature woman. When it comes to sexual attractiveness, they are equal. Kaylee has huge papaya breasts – they are big with the weight pulling downwards. Her small waist accentuates them and her wide hips; this sex doll’s hips measure almost 40 inches. These measurements give her an hourglass-shaped body. 

Kaylee is another medical-grade silicone sex doll. Thus, she can’t offer blowjobs but can offer fantastic anal and vaginal sex. Her orifices are 6.3 inches and 7 inches, respectively.

Kimono: Japanese Princess Sex Doll

Top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls

Perhaps you fantasize about sex with anime girls or women in Japanese porn. You can buy Kimono to turn that dream into reality. This Irontech Doll looks like a Japanese woman and a pretty one at that. 

Kimono has the body of a sex goddess. Her BWH measurements are extremely close to the ideal 36 – 24 – 36 inches. Hers are 38 – 24 -37 inches. But who would complain about extra inches in the bust and the hips? And like the first two dolls, her breasts are gel-filled. So, they are not only big but also very realistic.

This sex doll has a TPE body and a silicone head. So, she still does not offer oral sex. 

Martina: Tennis Pro Sex Doll

Top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls

Do you like sporty women? If your answer is yes, check this Irontech Doll out. Martina is the younger and sex doll version of tennis player Martina Navratilova. She is a gorgeous sex doll with platinum blonde hair, a modelesque face, and a pear-shaped body. 

Martina possesses D-cup round boobs that look like total snacks. Also, she possesses impressive 40.5 inches wide hips, a tiny waist, and a bubble butt.

This 5 foot 4 inches tall sex doll has an articulated skeleton with movable joints that allows you to put her in different poses. That opens up possibilities for different sex positions. But please note that Martina is a silicone sex doll, so only anal and vaginal sex are possible.

Emer: Stylish Pregnant Sex Doll

Top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls

Some people have a fetish for pregnant women. But that’s a little complicated. First, the woman must agree to have sex. And, of course, she needs to be your wife. You also have to worry about how safe it is. But if you use a “pregnant” sex doll, you don’t have to worry about any of those. The good news is that Irontech Doll has produced some models that look like they are expecting. Emer is one of them.

This silicone sex doll has vaginal and anal sex capabilities. But as you would expect from a “pregnant” woman, Emer is quite heavy.

Ren: Tokyo Escort Sex Doll

Top 6 Irontech Sex Dolls

Ren is another option for men who love Japanese women. More specifically, she is the option for men who want to sleep with petite Japanese women. Ren is only 5 foot 2 inches tall with BWH measurements of 30 – 20 – 31 inches. Because of this small frame, she is relatively lightweight – only 30 kilograms. That means carrying her and putting her in a position is very manageable.

This Irontech doll is made out of high-quality silicone. She has two realistic orifices: anal and vaginal. And she’ll make you know the real meaning of sexual pleasure with those orifices. 

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