Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Researchers have discovered that people see darker skin colors as more attractive, reports ABC News. The researchers used the website, where they uploaded photoshopped photos of the same woman with varying degrees of tan. Photos with darker tanned skin received more “hot” votes.

Social trends and psychological effects are responsible for that. People have seen tan as a desirable skin color since the late 1920s and early 1930s. Thus, the boom in tanning products.

Additionally, a tanned person has spent time under the sun. And the sun has mood-boosting effects, which makes the said person look more happy and confident. We see confident and happy people as attractive. That explains why some are very attracted to tan-skinned people.

When buying sex dolls, you want them to be as realistic as possible. The illusion of them having personalities helps with that. And a tanned skin does it. It makes the sex doll seem adventurous, outgoing, and “alive.” So, the popularity of tan-skinned sex dolls is unsurprising.

If you visit sex doll websites, you will find so many tan-skinned models. The question is, which of them is among the best ones? Let us help you with that search. Here is the list of the top 8 tanned skin sex dolls.


Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Barbra will wow you with her looks; she is a 5 foot 2 inches tall sex doll with curves in the right spots on her body. This sex doll has large breasts, a tiny waist, and sexy hips. And her tanned skin makes her even hotter. It also makes her blue eyes pop more. Together, these assets give her hypnotizing beauty. You drown in thoughts of having sex with her after seeing her naked body. 

Barbra has anal sex, oral sex, and intercourse capabilities. Thus, there are so many things you can do with her. 


Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Sex dolls’ purpose is to let anyone satisfy their sexual desires. So, there are now male sex dolls on the market. You can use these models if you are a woman or a non-cisgender male. Connor is one of them, and he is a super sexy man. 

This male sex doll is 54 foot 4 inches tall. He boasts an athletic body – nice pecs and abs. Connor also has tan skin, making him look even yummier. But most importantly, this male sex doll has a 7 inches long penis, a 5.1 inches deep mouth, and a 6.3 inches deep anal hole. So, whatever you want to do with him will be pleasurable. 


Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Do you like petite brunettes? If so, check this sex doll out. She is a 5 feet tall sex doll with brown hair. Also, she has gorgeous tanned skin. That makes it a double whammy!

Salma has cute A-cup breasts, a 22 inches waist, and 32 inches hips. These assets, plus her innocent face, make her look like the perfect submissive sex doll. Salma seems like the type that will allow you to do anything you want with her body (which is true because she is a sex doll.) 

This sex doll has 3 penetrable orifices.


Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

This sex doll’s name means “Queen of Dothrakis” in Game of Thrones, and she looks the part. Those people have copper-toned skins, dark eyes, and dark hair. That matches Khaleesi’s physical appearance perfectly. So, if you want to feel like the ruler of horsemen warriors, you should consider this sex doll.

This sex doll’s likeness to Dothrakis is not the only thing she has going. She has a sexy body – D-cup breasts, fine ass, and hourglass-shaped body. They will make you hot and bothered. Then, her three orifices will help you satisfy your sexual desire. 


Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Blair is a dainty woman. She is 4 foot 7 inches tall and has a petite build. This sex doll is flat-chested; her bra size is A cup. Furthermore, her waist and hips measurements are 19.3 and 29.5 inches, respectively.

Blair’s tan skin and small stature make her a fantastic Filipina sex doll. So, if you want a partner hailing from the Philippines, she’s a great choice.

Blair has three penetrable orifices, which you would love so much because she has a metallic skeleton with movable joints. On top of that, she weighs only 25 kilograms. Therefore, there are so many sex positions you can do with her.


Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Sabrina is a Spanish sex doll. She has tan skin, curly brown hair, and a seductive face. Sabrina is not just a Spanish woman, though; she belongs to the group of blue-eyed ones. According to studies, only 16.3 of Spaniards have that eye color. That makes her special.

Sabrina is 5 foot 5 inches tall, has C-cup breasts, and a fine ass. Everything about her is just the right size. That makes her appealing. 

This sex doll has 3 orifices and a flexible skeleton. She weighs only 33 kilograms.


Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Vampires can’t be tan because they can’t go under the sun. Thankfully, sex dolls can look like anything. So, a tanned vampire can exist. That’s what Allura is. So, if you want to sleep with a vampire with sun-kissed skin, she’s the doll to get.

This sex doll loves to suck… penises, not blood. She has a 5.5 inches deep oral orifice. Additionally, Allura has deep anal and vaginal orifices. These orifices will make your nights filled with sexual excitement and pleasure. She will make you scream from mind-blowing orgasms.


Top 8 Tanned Skin Sex Dolls

Zeta will leave you speechless with her stunning looks. She has a beautiful face and a sexy body that will give you erections whenever you see her. This sex doll with tan skin is a proud owner of a body with BWH measurements of 35.4 – 20.5 – 33.5 inches. Also, she has vaginal, anal, and oral depths of 6.3, 54.5, and 4.7 inches, respectively. These are anatomically accurate. Thus, getting intimate with Zeta feels like having real sex with someone.

And that is the list. These are the top 8 tanned skin sex dolls.

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