Olivia Pope Look-alike Sex Dolls

Olivia Pope Look-alike Sex Dolls

Olivia Pope is among the most iconic black female fictional characters. She is the main character in the political drama series “Scandal.” Olivia Pope is loosely based on Judy Smith; she is a former lawyer and Whitehouse aide. She’s a smart, emotionally strong, personally complicated, and professionally powerful woman. Not many female protagonists of a television series are like that. On top of that, Felicia Lee of The New York Times reports that Olivia Pope is special. She is the only dramatic protagonist role played by a black woman on American network television since 1974.

So, if you have a fetish for black women and know Olivia Pope, she’s probably your crush. Unfortunately, you can’t have sex with the said fictional character. But theoretically, you can have sex with the actress that plays the role. However, Kerry Washington is already married. So, you can kiss that dream goodbye.

As always, you can rely on sex dolls to fulfill this sexual desire. All you have to do is search for an Olivia Pope look-alike model. Dress it up and do a little customization to make it resemble Olivia Pope as closely as possible. Then, you can use it to realize your sexual fantasy.

Where can you find such love dolls? You can find them in plenty of places. However, you should take into account the quality of the love doll. Not all sellers will give you sex dolls that are up to standards. A sex doll that causes issues or breaks after a single use will surely make you regret your decision. Thus, it is highly recommended that you be picky when choosing the website to buy a sex doll.

Take a look at these dolls. These are high-quality Olivia Pope look-alike love dolls from known distributors. 

Bettie – 166cm | 5′ 4″ – C Cup

Olivia Pope Look-alike Sex Dolls

Bettie is black, beautiful, and has the “girl boss” vibe. These are among the qualities you should look for in an Olivia Pope sex doll.

Bettie has other similarities with Olivia Pope aside from skin color. For instance, she is 5 foot 4 inches tall. According to sources, Kerry Washington – the actress portraying Olivia – is also that tall. Finding a look-alike sex doll with the correct height is difficult. So that’s a huge point for Bettie.

Furthermore, Bettie has small breasts like Olivia Pope. The character’s bra size is B-cup, while Bettie’s is C-cup. That may not be accurate, but it is extremely close. Also, that’s a great cup size for a sex doll. You can make C-G cup breasts filled with silicone gel. That will add a more realistic jiggle and feel to the breasts. 

Now, onto how Bettie fares in the bedroom. Bettie has an articulated skeleton that allows her owner to have sex with her in different positions. Then, giving her an EVO skeleton through customization will open more possibilities. It will enable Bettie to kneel or squat. Additionally, it gives her shrugging shoulders, allowing you to put her in more realistic poses. Because Bettie is only 28 kilograms, you can take full advantage of that. 

Bettie is a fantastic sex partner; she has a 6.69 inches deep, anatomically accurate vaginal orifice. That guarantees a realistic-feeling sex experience.

Zelda – 168 cm | 5′ 6″ – B Cup

Olivia Pope Look-alike Sex Dolls

Zelda has nice, chocolatey skin, a pretty face, and a body that will make you “pitch a tent.” Olivia Pope has BWH measurements of 32 – 24 – 34 inches. Zelda has a slightly shrunk-down version of that: 27 – 21 – 28. Thus, they have similar body shapes. Additionally, like Kerry Washington, Zelda has B-cup breasts.

However, Zelda is taller than Olivia Pope. She is 5 foot 6 inches tall. Though, if you haven’t seen Kerry Washington in person, that difference should be negligible. 

Zelda can do many things when having sex. For starters, she has a 5.1 inches oral orifice that will give you great blowjobs. Of course, her vagina is even more impressive; it is 7.48 inches deep. It has inside textures that mimic what a real vagina feels like. Rest assured, it will give you the gratification that you want. And if you want to be a naughty boy, you can enter through this Olivia Pope’s anal hole instead. That is as tight as you would expect and 6.7 inches deep.

Lastly, this sex doll is also lightweight. Zelda only weighs 28 kilograms. Therefore, it is so easy to use her.

There’s really nothing bad you can say about this Olivia Pope look-alike. That’s why she’s one of your best options. 

Vinnie – 174cm | 5′ 7″ – G Cup

Olivia Pope Look-alike Sex Dolls

Vinnie is a black-haired sex doll who looks like Olivia Pope. Olivia Hope’s skin is not that dark. Still, Vinnie’s skin is lighter. There’s an easy fix for that. You can use customization options to select the skin tone you deem best for an Olivia Hope sex doll. 

This sex doll is different than the first two because she has a big bosom. So think of Vinnie as Olivia Hope should she decide to have breast augmentation. She’s also taller than Olivia Hope; Vinnie is 5 foot 7 inches tall.

So, Vinnie is tall and has big assets. Perhaps, you know what that means: she’s quite heavy. Vinnie weighs 41 kilograms. So, hopefully, you like working out. You need strong muscles to make the most out of this sex doll.

Knowing how heavy Vinnie is, is choosing her still worth it? Yes, it is! This sex doll is amazing in bed. She has a 7.1 inches deep vagina that will send you to the moon. Also, if you want anal sex, she can give it to you. Her anal orifice is 6.3 inches deep, which is not too shabby at all. And if you want to shove your penis in her face, you can also do that. Vinnie has a 4.7 inches deep oral orifice.

And these are the Olivia Hope look-alike sex dolls you need to know about. They are your best bet at fulfilling your sexual fantasy.  

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