SSSniperwolf Look-alike Love Dolls

SSSniperwolf Look-alike Love Dolls

Alia Marie Shelesh is a famous YouTuber better known as SSSniperWolf. She is known for her reaction, commentary, DIY, gaming videos, and vlogs. 

We know the gaming part is what caught your attention. Guys like girls who are into the same things they are into. She’s not that big of a gamer, though. Her main content is her vlogs and reaction videos, while gaming videos and challenges occasionally appear on her channel. Still, it is undeniable that she has an interest in video games.

SSSniperwolf’s username came from one of the Metal Gear Solid bosses, Sniper Wolf. The YouTuber claims that the ‘SS’ at the beginning means nothing. But those who have watched her since her early days on YouTube know what that really means. Her original channel was called “Sexysexysniper.” But she deleted that in 2013 and started a new one. That’s most likely because of the name.

Anyway, her previous username and good looks may have given you some ideas. Because she’s a vlogger, you also know a little about her personality. SSSniperwolf is smart, bubbly, and introverted but has a great sense of humor. That could have amplified your interest in this lady.

SSSniperwolf is currently single; she ended her long-term relationship with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage. But their relationship has been on-off. So, who knows? Maybe they’ll get back together eventually.

Regardless of that, many men still don’t have a chance. You could be living oceans away from SSSniperwolf. So, you can’t date or even have a one-night stand with her. In that case, using sex dolls is a great idea. These synthetic love partners will allow you to fulfill that sexual desire. How? You just have to look for SSSniperwolf look-alike love dolls.

Here are those love dolls. Introducing: the SSSniperwolf look-alike love dolls.

Ruth Premium Female Sex Doll

SSSniperwolf Look-alike Love Dolls

Ruth is a TPE sex doll with black hair, a sexy body, and a face that resembles SSSniperwolf. She already has brown eyes too, so there’s not much need for customization. This SSSniperwolf look-alike love doll is 5 foot 4 inches tall. That is super close to SSSniperwolf’s height, 5 foot 5 inches – only 1 inch off. Thus, it is easy to convince yourself it is the real SSSniperwolf you are banging.

Here’s more info on Ruth’s body measurements. She has BWH measurements of 27.1 – 22 – 36.6 inches. SSSniperwolf’s is reportedly 34 – 26 – 35 inches. While they are the same numbers, they form the same shape: a bottom hourglass. So, that’s plus points for this love doll.

Ruth’s cup size is not too far off too. She has A-cup breasts, while SSSniperwolf has C-cup breasts. 

Now, onto how fantastic she is at lovemaking. Ruth has 6.7 inches deep vaginal and anal orifices; that’s a good depth. It allows men with average-sized penises to go in balls deep.

Additionally, Ruth comes with a free USB vagina heater. Use that to get her vagina to normal body temperature. It will make you feel like you are having sex with a real person. And in this case, that person would be SSSniperwolf.

Ruth and SSSniperwolf look like they’re peas in a pod. And she’s terrific at sex. Therefore, she’s one of the most solid choices. 

Alina Premium TPE Sex Doll

SSSniperwolf Look-alike Love Dolls

Put Alina and SSSniperwolf side-by-side, and you’ll think either she’s the YouTuber’s sister or you are hallucinating. That’s because they are so much alike. Both the YouTuber and the love doll have a good-looking face and a bottom hourglass-shaped body. The hair and eye colors match too.

Alina is 5 foot 3 inches tall, so she’s just a little shorter than SSsniper wolf – a negligible difference. She weighs 34 kilograms, approximately 20 kilograms lighter than SSSniperwolf. That’s an inaccuracy you would appreciate. The heavier the sex doll, the harder it is to use. 

This SSSniperwolf look-alike sex doll also has small tits, albeit a little smaller. But she has a fat bubble butt. That will turn you on. 

Alina has oral sex capabilities and comes with a free removable tongue. Equipping her with that will make the blowjobs she gives have a more realistic feel. If you want to take that further, you can go to the customization options and select Premium Mouth with Tongue. It adds realistic textures to her oral orifice. Also, you can buy a set of removable teeth you can insert into this sex doll’s mouth.

Please keep in mind not to give Alina implanted hair if you want her to give you blowjobs. That option removes her oral sex capabilities. 

Alina also has anal sex and intercourse capabilities.

Lilia Premium TPE Sex Doll

SSSniperwolf Look-alike Love Dolls

Perhaps you want something pleasing to hold onto while you make love to your SSSniperwolf love doll. Big breasts would do. Yes, that’s not being loyal to the source. But sex dolls are not accurate replicas of anyone anyway. So why not get a doll with something you know you’ll love?

Lilia is your best option if you are looking for a busty SSSniperwolf sex doll. She is a 5 foot 5 inches tall sex doll with F-cup breasts. These are soft to the touch, like real breasts. And you can further improve them; you can select Soft & Natural Breasts on the breast type options. That will add gel implants to Lilia’s breasts, making them feel like genuine breasts. 

Please remember that Soft & Natural breasts are incompatible with body heating systems. So, if you are interested in both, you must pick the one you like more.

Lilia’s BWH measurements are 31 – 24 – 36 inches. Again, they’re not the same measurements as SSSniperwolf’s, but they create the same shape.

The best thing about this sex doll is her vaginal orifice. Thir realistic hole has an impressive depth of 7.1 inches. Her anal orifice is also amazing; it is 6.3 inches deep. Entering these holes will feel like entering a new realm filled with nothing but sexual pleasure. So, it is highly recommended you check this SSSniperwolf look-alike love doll.

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