Sergio Marquina Look-alike Love Dolls

Sergio Marquina Look-alike Dolls

Sergio Marquina, also known as The Professor, is one of the main characters in the Netflix crime drama series Money Heist. He is a bearded man who is often wearing a formal suit. Also, he is in good physical condition. In other words, Sergio Marquina is Mr. Suave.

This fictional character is incredibly intelligent and meticulous; he is a criminal mastermind. Sergio Marquina was responsible for organizing the Royal Mint of Spain Heist. Later, he oversaw the Bank of Spain Heist, which he initially planned with his half-brother Berlin.

Furthermore, Sergio Marquina is a person who knows what he wants. And he’s doing what he can to realize his dream. Admittedly, it is not a good dream: to pull off the greatest money heists in history. But, people who have their sight on a goal are admirable.

Because The Professor is a criminal, he has a bad-boy charm. Add that to everything said above, and it is easy to see someone having a crush on Sergio Marquina. Are you one of them? Then, surely, you know it is hopeless. Because The Professor is a fictional character, you can’t have sex with him.

However, you can have sex with the actor Alvaro Monte. That is if he would agree to have sex with you. The other option is to have sex with the Sergio Marquina look-alike from Pakistan. Again, you have to convince them first. Furthermore, you have to fly to their countries.

It’s not really worth it, especially if it’s just a one-night stand. Here’s something better: you can use a Sergio Marquina look-alike love doll whenever you feel horny, not just once or twice. You can use it until it breaks. And you also don’t have to seduce it. 

Here’s a list of the love dolls you can use.


Sergio Marquina Look-alike Dolls

Cormac is a handsome, mature man with so much elegance. He does not have a beard like Sergio Marquina, but he has stubble. Even with that difference, Cormac is a great option for a The Professor love doll.

Cormac is 5 foot 9 inches tall, while Alvaro Morte is 5 foot 8 inches tall. That makes him an even better choice for this role. You’ll feel like you are actually with Sergio Marquina.

However, please note that a love doll’s height affects its weight most of the time. Therefore, a tall sex doll is likely to be heavy. That is true in this case. Cormac weighs 56 kilograms. So, you are trading ease of use for accuracy.

If Cormac’s weight is not a problem for you, then he’s a very excellent option. Aside from a handsome face, he has a panty-dropping body. Cormac has a slightly hairy, muscular chest and 6-pack abs. Also, he has big biceps. So dressed in a formal suit or undressed, he looks like a yummy daddy. 

Suppose that already made you wet. Then, information about Cormac’s penis will make it flood down there. You have two penis-size options. The smaller one is 6 inches long, so it is average-sized and not really small. And the other one is 9.8 inches long – the perfect choice if you think The Professor is hung like a horse. 

Tops and Versatiles who want to get dirty with Sergio Marquina can use his 6.2 inches-deep anal orifice.


Sergio Marquina Look-alike Dolls

Justin is a handsome bearded man. He also looks mature, like Sergio Marquina. Furthermore, has the bad boy luke; you can see this man leading a gang. That makes him a fantastic option for a Sergio Marquina love doll.

Another similarity between them is their heights. Justin is 5 foot 8.9 inches tall, extremely close to Sergio Marquina’s height. The Professor’s body sizes are bigger than Justin’s. His chest size is 40 inches, and his waist size is 32 inches. Justin’s measurements are 35 inches for the chest size and 29 inches for the waist. So, the love doll is slimmer than Sergio Marquina. 

Justin is a heavy love doll, too; she weighs 50 kilograms. So, you would need strong muscles to move him around the house. It will greatly help if you have someone to assist you. 

Like the case with Cormac, you can choose the size of Justin’s penis. Your options are 6 inches or 9.8 inches long. Both are realistic and will make you feel like Sergio Marquina is inside you.

What makes this love doll so worth it despite being heavy is his anal and oral sex capabilities. He can suck your penis with his 5.1 inches-deep oral orifice. And he also has a penetrable anus, which is 6.2 inches deep.


Sergio Marquina Look-alike Dolls

Anthony looks fantastic in a suit. Also, he looks like he’s always plotting something. That vibe matches The Professor. On top of that, Anthony also has slightly long black hair and brown eyes. So, it’s easy to see him as The Professor. 

The main differences are Anthony only has stubble while Sergio Marquina has a full-grown beard. Also, Anthony looks at least 8 years younger. In that case, you can think of Anthony as Sergio Marquina when he was a little younger.

Anthony is 5 foot 9 inches tall, and he weighs 56 kilograms. Thus, he can be quite difficult to use. Working out or having someone to help you carry him would help alleviate this problem. However, the latter is not an option for most because that means you are letting other people know you use a love doll. And while there is nothing wrong with that, other people’s opinions say there is. So, most of the time, you can only ask others to help you if you are having a threesome, with Anthony as the third “person.”

So, how fun would sex with Anthony be? Like the first two dolls, his penis can either be average-sized or big AF – your choice. And he also has a deep anal orifice penis owners can use to please themselves. 

Buy any of these three Sergio Marquina look-alike love dolls to get the best sexcapades with the said fictional character.

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