Joe Goldberg Look-alike Love Dolls

Joe Goldberg Look-alike Love Dolls

Joe Goldberg, a fictional character from the book and television series “You,” is a stalker and a serial killer. He manipulates everything and everyone around his love interest, Guinnevere Beck, to increase his chances of winning her heart. Joe even went as far as killing Beck’s boyfriend using his peanut allergy and burning his remains in the woods. 

That is enough information to stop people from liking him. However, those qualities are a huge turn-on for some people. Suppose you are one of those people. We won’t judge you. Kink-shaming is not a thing here. However, we highly recommend not dating a real person if you already know they are a serial killer.

This is a case where we can be thankful that Joe Goldberg does not exist. You may try to sleep with him and get in trouble if he does exist. So, it is a case where using a love doll is much more preferred than getting dirty with the person. It will not get you killed.

Now, you should look for a Joe Goldberg look-alike love doll. But not just any Joe Goldberg look-alike love doll. You need to ensure it is a high-quality doll – made of high-quality material and is actually pleasing to use.

This article will point you to such love dolls; they are realistic, full-sized, and durable. These love dolls come from respected manufacturers and distributors. Thus, your money will not go to waste if you buy any of them.

But before we start the list, here is one thing to remember. These are only joe Goldberg look-alike love dolls. So, don’t expect them to look exactly like the character – or the actor who portrayed him.  

With that out of the way, here are the Joe Goldberg look-alike love dolls. 

HARRY – 165CM | 5′ 4″ – MALE DOLL

Joe Goldberg Look-alike Love Dolls

Harry is a handsome young man with curly black hair. He looks a few years younger than Joe Goldberg, but you can see their similarities. So, he is a great option if you want the younger version of Joe Goldberg – the one played by Gianni Ciardiello.

How different/similar are they? Gianni Ciardiello is 5 feet 9 inches tall, while Harry is only 5 feet 4 inches tall. But a love doll being shorter than the actor is not negative. It usually means they are lighter than their look-alike person. 

Gianni Ciardiello weighs 66 kilograms. Imagine if Harry is as heavy as that. You may not enjoy using him because just moving him will already tire you out. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Harry weighs 44 kilograms, so there’s still some difficulty in using him. But at least it is more manageable than if he was 22 kilograms heavier. 

The actor who played young Joe Goldberg is physically fit. Likewise, this love doll has an athletic body. He has a muscular chest and 6-pack abs. These make women and gay men who see Harry’s upper body thirsty. And they haven’t seen what’s beneath his pants yet.

Harry can have a 3.49 inches or 7.09 inches long penis. The choice is yours to make. 

His penis is not the only thing that can give sexual pleasure to his owner, though. Harry has oral and anal orifices too. 


Joe Goldberg Look-alike Love Dolls

Carle looks more like the present-day Joe Goldberg. He’s a hot, black-haired man who looks a little creepy. That creepy look makes him perfect for this role. Change this love doll’s eye color to brown, and you are good to go. Don’t worry; you can customize a love doll’s eye color for free.

Penn Badgely, who played Joe Goldberg, is also 5 foot 9 inches tall. Carle is only 5 foot 5 inches tall. Thus, it is the same case as Harry. This Joe Goldberg look-alike love doll weighs only 48 kilograms. That is high for a love doll but compared to Penn Badgely’s weight – 71 kilograms – he’s much lighter. 

Now, if you are getting a love doll as heavy as Carle, you must ensure it is worth it. And Carle’s sexual capabilities prove that it is worth buying him. This love doll has an 8.27 inches-long penis with a girth of 6.02 inches. That will surely fill you and send you to the moon. Aside from that, he also has an anal orifice; it is 5.91 inches deep – an impressive depth for a male love doll.

LEO – 170CM | 5′ 5″ – MALE DOLL

Joe Goldberg Look-alike Love Dolls

Leo is a love doll with killer looks; he’s a handsome man with a bad boy aura. Those are qualities Leo shares with Joe Goldberg. Admittedly, he looks Asian. But not so much. So, it’s easy to overlook.

Leo is also 5 foot 5 inches tall, meaning he’s shorter than Joe Goldberg. As mentioned many times above, that’s alright. The good news is that while he’s as tall as Carle, he weighs 8 kilograms less. You can do much more with a love doll only weighing 40 kilograms because they are more manageable to use. It allows you to take full advantage of the doll’s skeleton.

You can use that difference in the doll’s weights when deciding which love doll to choose.

This love doll’s body sizes are different from Joe Goldberg’s, but you will not mind because he looks like a total snack. Leo has a muscular chest, 6-pack abs, and a bubble butt. These assets will make you horny. 

Leo’s penis has 2 different looks – you choose which one he will have; one is small and flaccid, and the other is big and erect. Look back into your past experiences and analyze what size pleases you more. It’s not always the bigger, the better. Use that to select what penis size to give Leo.

That concludes this list. These are three Joe Goldberg look-alike love dolls who are also different from each other. Check these three out before going elsewhere because there’s a high chance they already have what you are looking for. 

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