Maeve Wiley Look-alike Love Dolls

Maeve Wiley Look-alike Love Dolls

Maeve Wiley is a fictional character from the Netflix show “Sex Education.” She’s a highly intelligent lady. Maeve Wiley demonstrates a high aptitude for English literature, history, and philosophy, among other subjects. She likes reading and writing and also has great taste in music.

Maeve Wiley is also resilient; she keeps going strong despite all she has gone through. Her unreliable family and the bullying she endured affected her behavior, though. Because of those, Maeve Wiley rarely opens up about herself. Furthermore, she has a tough exterior and a bold and sarcastic personality. But inside that beast is an adorable teddy bear. 

Maeve Wiley likes to help people in need. For example, she has proven capable of demonstrating extreme acts of kindness and compassion towards her close friends. 

This character is very likable. Perhaps, you have fallen for Maeve Wiley; you want to sleep with her. If so, no one can blame you. Sex Education makes its viewers horny.

The problem is that Maeve Wiley is not an actual person. Additionally, the actress who portrays her may not be easy to seduce. So, your best bet at turning this fantasy into a reality is using love dolls.

The show is about sexuality. Even so, if the showrunners decide to release merchandise for Sex Education, they aren’t likely to make love dolls. So, don’t expect to find a love doll that looks like a carbon copy of a character.

You can make do with love dolls that have some resemblance to Maeve Wiley. With customization options, you may be able to make their appearances as similar as possible.

Of course, you should also worry about the quality of the love doll. Remember that they are pricey.

So, look at this list of Maeve Wiley look-alike love dolls; they guarantee satisfaction.

MERTIE (HENTAI) – 155CM | 5′ 1″ – L CUP

Maeve Wiley Look-alike Love Dolls

Maeve Wiley has blonde hair, which gradually turns pink midway. On the other hand, Mertie’s hair is pink throughout. But that’s okay since a wig that looks like Maeve Wiley’s hair is not easy to find. Pink or blonde hair is close enough.

Mertie is 5’1″ tall. The height of Emma Mackey – the actress portraying Maeve Wiley – is unknown because different sources say different things. One says she’s 5’2″, the other says she’s 5’5″, and another one says she’s 5’8″. So, the love doll’s height doesn’t matter much when talking about similarities.

The love doll’s height still matters when talking about buying one, in general. It usually affects its weight and, in turn, how easy it is to use the doll. This love doll weighs 34 kilograms, so she’s not too heavy. And her shortness helps make carrying her more manageable. 

You’d expect a doll Mertie’s size would be lighter. But, a love doll’s assets also affect its weight. This Maeve Wiley look-alike love doll has big L-cup breasts. They look good, and it feels good to touch them. So, a few kilograms in exchange for having them is a small sacrifice.

Sexual Capabilities

This love doll has oral sex, anal sex, and intercourse capabilities, with a skeleton that allows different sex positions. Mertie’s oral, anal, and vaginal orifices have depths of 2.37″, 5.51″, and 6.69″, respectively. 

MAYLEE – 168CM | 5′ 5″ – G CUP

Maeve Wiley Look-alike Love Dolls

Maylee is a sexy lady with black hair that gradually turns blonde. That’s not exactly what Maeve’s hairstyle was like, but the idea is there. However, Maylee’s eye color needs to change; Maeve Wily has brown eyes. So, we suggest going to the customization options and selecting Black since it is the closest option to brown. That will also give Maylee quite an edgy look, which is totally Maeve Wiley’s vibe. 

Maylee is 5 foot 5 inches tall – it matches at least one of the claims about Emma Mackey’s height. Her cup size is the opposite. Maylee has large G-cup breasts, while Mackey only has B-cup breasts.

Using the information provided above, you will assume Maylee is quite heavy. You are correct. Because of her height and large tits, she weighs 37 kilograms. So, strong muscles are much appreciated when using this love doll. They ensure you would not tire yourself out before the action even begins. 

Sexual Capabilities

Maylee is a TPE love doll. That’s good news for oral sex lovers since silicone love dolls, the other realistic type, do not have oral sex capabilities. Maylee’s oral orifice is 5.12 inches deep.

Of course, a female love doll will always have intercourse capability. Maylee’s vagina has an impressive depth of 7.09 inches.

Last, Maylee has anal sex capability, too; the orifice is 6.3 inches deep. 

BLUE – 158 CM | 5′ 2″ – D CUP

Maeve Wiley Look-alike Love Dolls

Blue has purple or brown hair instead of pink or blonde. But it is close to those colors, at least. Besides, hair color is not the end-all-be-all factor. The overall look of the love doll is more important. And Blue has an edgy look like Maeve Wiley. So, she’s still a solid option.

This love doll is 5 foot 2 inches tall and has D-cup breasts. So, of all these three love dolls, Blue’s bra size is the closest to Maeve’s. Their body sizes are almost the same too. Blue’s BWH measurements, rounded off, are 34 – 24 – 34 inches, while Maeve’s are 34 – 25 – 35 inches.

Sexual Capabilities

Blue is also a TPE love doll, so oral, anal, and vaginal sex are all possible. She’ll give you amazing blowjobs with her 5.11 inches oral orifice. After that foreplay, you can use her realistic 6.69 inches deep vagina. Alternatively, you can use her 5.9 inches-deep anal orifice.

If you want sex with Blue to be as realistic as possible, you can get the premium add-ons. You can make her have a tongue and teeth. Also, you can give her a body heating system so it would feel like you are having sex with an actual person.

That is it. These are the Maeve Wiley look-alike love dolls. 

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