Ágata Jiménez Look-alike Love Dolls

Ágata Jiménez Look-alike Love Dolls

Ágata Jiménez is one of the main characters in the Netflix Spanish crime drama series “La Case de Papel” or “Money Heist.” Her codename was Nairobi, and she was responsible for falsification and robbery following problems.

Nairobi was a mother. Before the heist, Nairobi gave birth to a boy. Unfortunately, the father left her after finding out about the pregnancy. Then, child services took Axel, the child, when he was three because they found out Nairobi was dealing drugs.

Out of all the robbers, Nairobi seemed the most empathetic and kind-hearted. Other people’s actions and emotions easily affect her. Furthermore, she ensures everyone feels comfortable. She’s also quite perceptive, capable of making the right conclusions using only a few clues. And she has a good sense of leadership, too. 

Nairobi is also quite romantic. You can see that through her interactions with Bogota and Helsinki. So, Nairobi is easily one of the most likable characters in the show. You may want to make love to her. And the fact that she’s a MILF makes her even hotter. 

Sadly, Ágata Jiménez is a fictional character. And if she were a real person, then she’d be dead. Gandia shot her point-blank in the head.

So, there are only two ways to fulfill that desire. You can have sex with the actress who played her, Alba Flores. But that’s very unlikely to happen. Your other choice – using an Ágata Jiménez look-alike love doll – is a surefire way of making this dream come true.

That said, you best look for a high-quality love doll that looks like Nairobi. And where can you find such dolls? There are several places, but searching for them yourself will consume lots of your time. So, use this list to quickly find the best candidates. Here are the Ágata Jiménez look-alike love dolls.

157cm (5ft2′) B-Cup Hip-Hop Dancer Love Doll – Cynthia

Ágata Jiménez Look-alike Love Dolls

Cynthia is a slim, black-haired lady. She also has brown eyes, which match Ágata Jiménez’s physical appearance. Their faces have some similarities, too. So, she’s easily a great option.

Many sources agree that Ágata Jiménez is a tall woman. Some say she’s 5 foot 9 inches tall, and others say she’s 5 foot 10 inches tall. On the other hand, Cynthia is only 5 foot 2 inches tall. The trade-off is she’s not heavy because she’s petite. This love doll only weighs 28 kilograms. Therefore, she’s super easy to use.

Speaking of Cynthia’s figure, her BWH measurements are 26.4 – 18.9 – 30.3 inches. Ágata Jiménez has BWH measurements of 34 – 26 – 34. Thus, the love doll’s body has a pear shape, while Ágata Jiménez’s body has an hourglass shape. Sadly, you can’t do anything to change it. But anyway, they are both sexy; so who cares?

Alba Flores has B-cup breasts while Ágata Jiménez has A-cup breasts. They may not be the same sizes, but they are both small. That’s close enough. 

Sex Capabilities

Cynthia is a realistic TPE love doll from Wm Doll. So, she has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. She also has a skeleton that allows sex in different positions.

164cm (5ft4′) J-Cup Bouncy Boobs and Sexy Hips Sex Doll – Hailey

Ágata Jiménez Look-alike Love Dolls

Hailey is a sexy lady with brown eyes and long black hair. She’s certainly an Ágata Jiménez look-alike. And other things about her will prove that she’s one of the top dolls you should consider getting.

This love doll is 5 foot 4 inches tall. She’s still shorter than Nairobi, but at least she’s taller than the previous one. But here’s the catch; Hailey is heavier. This love doll weighs 34 kilograms, which is not too bad. And apart from her height, something amazing causes her to be like that. Hailey has J-cup breasts.

Admittedly, that could make or break the deal. Big breasts look good, and caressing them is so pleasing. However, Nairobi does not have that. So, it’s a matter of whether or not you want the doll to look as much like Nairobi as possible.

Hailey’s body measurements are almost the same as Nairobi’s. This love doll’s body sizes are 34 – 24 -36 inches.

Sexual Capabilities

Hailey is yet another doll from WM Doll, China’s biggest producer of realistic TP love dolls. So, she is complete with anal, oral, and vaginal orifices. These are textured to be realistic, with add-ons that take it up a notch. If you couldn’t afford the premium add-ons, the free vagina heating rod would suffice. Rest assured that sex with Hailey will feel like the real deal.

166cm (5ft5′) C-Cup Jill Sex Doll

Ágata Jiménez Look-alike Love Dolls

Jill looks Hispanic; she has brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair. That’s great because that’s how the majority of the Money Heist characters look. It is a Spanish drama series, after all. That means Jill looks like Nairobi. She even has that bad girl-but-also-kind hearted look. 

This love doll is 5 foot 5 inches tall – 4 or 5 inches shorter than Ágata Jiménez. And unlike the previous love doll, the difference between Jill and Jiménez’s breast sizes is not that big. Jill has C-cup breasts. 

Jill’s body sizes are 31.9 – 20.8 – 33.1 inches. So, she is slimmer than Ágata Jiménez. But they are both hourglasses in shape.

Sexual Capabilities

Jill is a TPE love doll. Therefore, in addition to intercourse and anal sex capabilities, she has oral sex capabilities. Her vaginal orifice is very impressive. It has a depth of 7.87 inches. Most men can go in balls-deep in that hole. Jill’s anal orifice is praiseworthy too. It is 6.5 inches deep and as tight as a real anus. Her 5.5 inches-deep mouth is not too shabby, either. 

Jill weighs 33 kilograms and has a skeleton with movable joints. So, you can have sex with her in different positions if you want to.

That is the end of this list. Note that every doll here comes from respected distributors and manufacturers. So, rest assured that they are up to standards. 

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