Karen Minty Look-alike Love Dolls

Karen Minty Look-alike Love Dolls

Karen Minty is a fictional character from the TV series “You.” She was Joe Goldberg’s (the serial killer in the show) ex-girlfriend. Karen Minty’s relationship with him showed how great of a woman she is.

According to Joe, Karen Minty is very caring. She likes taking care of Joe and the others around her. You can see that during Joe and Karen’s second encounter. Joe saw Karen threatening Ron to leave Claudia, Joe’s neighbor in New York and Karen’s friend, with a baseball bat.

Joe also said that Karen brought out the best in him. That claim could be true because Karen is one of the two girls who got romantically involved with Joe, who are still alive.

Last, Karen and Joe had a very active sex life. And that could have made you very envious. You never thought you would want to switch places with a serial killer until you saw Joe and Karen Minty having sex.

Interestingly, Karen Minty was Joe’s only romantic interest whom he had not had an obsession with. Contrarily, you are obsessing over her because of how wonderful she is. But it’s a good thing that did not happen. Joe tends to kill the women he’s obsessed with. 

But alive or not, you can’t have sex with Karen Minty. Remember, she is a fictional character. So, your best option for fulfilling this desire remains the same, no matter what. That is to use love dolls that resemble Karen Minty. 

Here’s a list of the Karen Minty look-alike love dolls. It includes their similarities, dissimilarities, and why you should consider picking these dolls over the others.

These love dolls all come from respected manufacturers. So, they are surely worth your money. And without further ado, here there are:

168cm (5ft6′) A-Cup Ebony Exclusive Nava African-American Sex Doll WM Dolls

Karen Minty Look-alike Love Dolls

This love doll has black skin and shoulder length, voluminous, curly, black hair. These qualities are perfect for a Karen Minty love doll. That alone already makes her a great candidate for a Karen Minty love doll.

This love doll is 5 foot 6 inches tall, while Nathalie Paul is reportedly 5 foot 5 inches tall. Nathalie Paul is the actress who portrayed Karen Minty in “You.” So, they are almost the same height. That helps a lot in picturing this love doll as the said fictional character.

Karen Minty does not have big breasts; they seem to be of average size. Unfortunately, this love doll’s breasts don’t match that. This Karen Minty love doll’s cup size is only an A-cup. But since they aren’t too different, you’ll easily learn to ignore the difference.

Information about Karen Minty’s body sizes is not available. All we know is that she is sexy. And so is this love doll. This Karen Minty look-alike love doll has 27.2 – 20.8 – 28 inches as BWH measurements. That gives her a sexy hourglass-shaped body. On top of her cute breasts and fine ass, that will send you into lust overload.

Sexual Capabilities

This love doll is amazing in the bedroom. She can start the night by sucking your penis with her 5.1 inches-deep mouth. After the foreplay, you can use her 7.5 inches-deep vagina, which is deeper than most love dolls’ vaginas. Using her 6.7 inches-deep anal orifice is also very pleasing.

161cm (5ft3′) E-Cup African Black Sex Doll – Serena

Karen Minty Look-alike Love Dolls

Serena has chocolatey skin and voluminous, curly, black hair that’s almost an afro. So, like the first doll, Serena is also a great candidate for a Karen Minty love doll. If you put their pictures side-by-side, you’d think they are relatives or the same person. 

Unsurprisingly, Serena and Karen Minty have differences. For one, Serena is 5 foot 3 inches tall, 2 inches smaller than Karen Minty. Then, you can’t help but notice her bulging E-cup breasts. Natalie Paul’s cleavage looks so sexy in some of her pictures. But her breasts are not this big.

Serena’s body measurements will make you forget about those differences. Her BWH sizes are 35.4 – 24.8 – 35. 4 inches. So you know what people consider to be the perfect body shape? It has BWH measurements of 36 – 24 – 36 inches. Serena’s measurements are almost exactly like that. Therefore, the mere sight of her naked body may make you bust a nut.

Sexual capabilities

Serena has three penetrable orifices, each providing a different experience. She has a 4.7 inches-deep oral orifice that starts the night right. Also, she has a 6.7 inches-deep, realistic vagina. It will make you feel like you are actually doing the deed with Karen Minty. You can also try her tight anus if you want to spice things up; it is 6 inches deep.

159cm (5ft2′) G-Cup Sexy Back Door Girl Sex Doll – Thiana

Karen Minty Look-alike Love Dolls

Dark skin, brown eyes, and curly black hair – Thiana has these all. And again, these are qualities that make a love doll resemble Karen Minty.

Thiana is 5 foot 2 inches tall, the shortest of the three love dolls on this list. So, her height is the farthest from Karen Minty’s. She is not lighter than the others, though; Thiana weighs 37 kilograms. That’s because of her G-cup breasts. As mentioned above, big breasts and Karen Minty don’t belong together. But would you really complain? These high-quality TPE breasts are soft and pleasing to the touch. They also sexily jiggle when you are humping this love doll. So, they make the experience hotter.

As with the previous love doll, Thiana has almost perfect body sizes. Her BWH sizes are 35 – 22 – 35 inches, forming an alluring hourglass shape.

Sexual Capabilities

As stated above, Thiana is a TPE love doll. Therefore, she has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. And you can modify her vagina if you want to. Instead of the default one, you can choose to give her a removable 7.8 inches deep one. That will make cleaning and maintenance of this love doll easier. 

There you have it. These are the Karen Minty look-alike love dolls.

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