Nicholas Scratch Look-alike Love Dolls

Nicholas Scratch Look-alike Love Dolls

Nicholas Scratch is a recurrent character on Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” Gavin Leatherwood plays him. At the Academy of Unseen Arts, he makes friends with Sabrina Spellman and is a warlock. He wasn’t only a warlock because he was renowned as a youthful and gorgeous warlock throughout the series.   

This imaginary person has olive skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He seems to prefer to wear black attire. Nick Scratch is a skilled binder and conjurer, so you’re mistaken if you think he’s average. He calls himself Edward Spellman’s successor as the best conjurer ever. 

He also appears to favor astral projection and teleportation, succumbing to both on several occasions. However, alcohol has been proven to nullify this, as evidenced by his and Dorian Gray’s attack by order of the Innocents. As a complete warlock, Nicholas ages far more slowly than mortals. 

With everything said, Nick appeared to be a bad person with amazing powers but also cool. As a result, it’s not conceivable for someone to fall in love with him – and you could be one of them. Remember that you’re helpless because Nicholas Scratch is a fictional character, and you can’t do anything nasty with him.   

However, you can have sex with the actor Gavin Leatherwood. If he agreed to have sex with you, that is. You would have to persuade them first. Additionally, it would be best if you flew to their nations.

But it’s not worth it, especially if it’s only a one-night stand. Here’s something better: you can utilize a love doll modeled by Nicholas Scratch every time you feel horny, not just occasionally. Use it up till it breaks. You don’t have to seduce it, either. 

Here’s a list of the love dolls you can use.

Nick – Asian Male Sex Doll 

Nicholas Scratch Look-alike Love Dolls

Nick is a charming, youthful-looking man who exudes such elegance. Like the fictional character, this love doll has black hair and a fresh face. It is especially incredible to consider that this love doll has the same name as the fictitious character’s nickname, Nick, and even shares a similar appearance. As a result, Nick is unquestionably a fantastic choice for a Nicholas Scratch love doll.

Gavin Leatherwood is just 5 foot 8 inches tall compared to Nick’s 5 foot 11 inches. You can assume that even though they are not the same height, height doesn’t matter when having sex. Nevertheless, a love doll’s height could sometimes work against them. 

Remember that a love doll’s height affects its weight most of the time. A tall sex doll is, therefore, probably going to be heavy. In this instance, that is true. Nick is 68 kilograms in weight. Therefore, you sacrifice accuracy for usability.

If Nick’s weight is not an issue, he’s a great option. Aside from a stunning face, he has a panty-dropping figure. Nick lacks chest hair, like Nicholas, but they both have 6-pack abs and are muscular. Also, he has big biceps. Whether shrouded in a business suit or not, he appears to be a complete meal. 

Let’s say you’re already damp from that. Then, news of Nick’s penis will cause many people to descend there. His penis is 6.7 inches long, which will certainly give you an incredible orgasm. 

With Nicholas Scratch, tops and versatile can utilize his 7-inch-deep anal hole to get nasty.

Noah – 165cm (5ft5’) Boy Next Door Sexy Male Sex Doll 

Nicholas Scratch Look-alike Love Dolls

Noah is a gorgeous young man. He also looks youthful with an aura, like Nicholas Scratch. That makes him a fantastic choice for a Sergio Marquina love doll.

However, there are still variances between them. Nicholas Scratch is 3 inches taller than Noah and 5 feet 5 inches. Nicholas’ bodily sizes are bigger than Noah’s. His chest size is 39 inches, and his waist is 30 inches. His chest measurement for Noah is 33.5 inches, and his waist measurement is 27.6 inches. So, the love doll is thinner than Nicholas Scratch.

Noah is quite a heavy love doll, too; he weighs 44 kilograms. So, you would need firm muscles to drag him around the house. It will help if you have someone to assist you. 

Unlike the previous love doll’s penis, you can choose the size of Noah’s penis. Your options are 3.9 inches or 7 inches long. Both are realistic and make you feel like Nicholas Scratch is inside you.

What makes this love doll so worth it despite being heavy is his anal and oral sex capabilities. He can suck your penis with his 4.7 inches-deep oral orifice. And he also has a penetrable anus, which is 5.5 inches deep.

James – 5ft9” – 180 cm – Muscular Male Gay Sex Doll

Nicholas Scratch Look-alike Love Dolls

James looks fantastic in any shirt. Also, he looks like he’s always scheming something or turning on his magic. That vibe matches Nicholas Scratch. On top of that, James has slightly long brown hair and brown eyes. So, it’s easy to see him as Nicholas. 

The main distinctions are that James has stubble while Nicholas Scratch has no beard. Also, James looks at least a bit older than the character. In that case, you can think of Anthony as Nicholas Scratch when he became a little older. 

James is 5 foot 9 inches tall, and he weighs 52 kilograms. Thus, he can be quite difficult to use. Working out or having someone to help you carry him would help alleviate this problem. 

However, the latter is only an alternative for some because you let others know you use a love doll. And while there is nothing immoral with that, other people’s opinions say there is. So, most of the time, you can only request others to help you if you are having a threesome, with James as the third person.

So, how pleasurable would sex with James be? Like the first doll, his penis was already chosen, and its size was 7 inches. However, you can choose between the penis options, whether relaxed or erect. Moreover, he also has a deep anal orifice that penis owners can use to satisfy themselves. 

This love doll has a steel skeleton with movable joints, so you can move him whenever you want, and it will feel like you’re having sex with the real Nicholas Scratch. 

Purchase any of these three Nicholas Scratch look-alike love dolls to get unforgettable sexcapades with the fictional character.

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