Gabi Diamond Look-alike Love Dolls

Gabi Diamond Look-alike Love Dolls

Gabi Diamond is the main character in the Freeform series Young & Hungry. She is an outspoken young food blogger. Gabi is a self-taught, aspiring young chef with a special gift for determining what people truly desire to eat. She is delightfully outrageous, good-hearted, and charming.

Gabi developed her culinary skills with her mother when she was young. Her mother died in an accident, leaving her to fend for herself. After that, she began pursuing her culinary dreams and became the personal chef for San Francisco millionaire Josh Kaminski.

Gabi slept with her boss when she was supposed to have a trial dinner. Throughout the series, she has both romantic and platonic feelings for him. However, she had many ups and downs with her boss and career. 

Gabi’s character comes across as blunt and klutzy, but she also has a fabulous sense of style. She’s caring, compassionate, empathetic, kind, smart, wonderful, and friendly but can be pushy and condescending. She is sometimes dim-witted but also a very pleasant and outgoing girl who loves to cook. 

She probably smites you because she has a wonderful personality. It’s certainly possible to fall in love with someone like Gabi. However, as previously stated, though they are not always on good terms, her boss, Josh Kaminski, was known to be her love interest on the show. She is also a fictitious character. So you have no chance of making love with her.

So there are only two options for satisfying that desire. You can have sex with Emily Osment, the actress who played her. But that is extremely unlikely. Your other option is to use a Gabi Diamond look-alike love doll to make this dream come true.

That said, you should look for a high-quality love doll resembling Gabi. Where can you get these dolls? There are several locations, but looking for them will take significant time. So, use this list to find the best candidates quickly. Here are some love dolls that look like Gabi Diamond.

Miranda Premium TPE Sex Doll

Gabi Diamond Look-alike Love Dolls

Miranda is breathtaking and will leave you speechless. This love doll, like Gabi Diamond, has long blonde hair. On the other hand, her hair is too curly and long, whereas Gabi’s is only wavy and shoulder-length. Her hair is also honey blonde, whereas Gabi’s is white blonde. However, these are slight variations that can easily be overlooked.

Because eye color is more important, it must be accurate. They wouldn’t look so similar if they weren’t identical to Gabi’s eyes. There is an option to change her eye color, but Gabi’s eyes are blue, and there is no blue in the customization options. While you can’t customize this love doll’s eyes, you can purchase an additional pair to replace her default ones; make sure to get blue ones.

According to various sources, Miranda is 5 feet 4 inches tall, while Emily Osment is 5 feet 3 inches tall. As a result, their heights are similar. The same can be said for her breasts. Miranda has C-cup breasts, while Gabi has B-cup breasts. As a result, the difference would be imperceptible.

Miranda’s body measurements are 29 – 22 – 33, indicating that she has a ridiculously hot bottom hourglass-shaped body. Gabi is said to have body measurements of 34 – 24 – 32, making her a perfect hourglass shape. They are not the same, but they are also not very different.

Sexual Capabilities

Miranda is capable of oral, anal, and vaginal sex. She has a deep vagina that is 7.5 inches deep, which is unusual. Her anal orifice of the same depth adds to her uniqueness.

Mandy Premium TPE Sex Doll

Gabi Diamond Look-alike Love Dolls

Mandy, like Gabi Diamond, is a stunning blonde lady. When it comes to their hair, the only difference is that Mandy’s hair is a little longer and straighter than Gabi’s. Their eye colors differ, but you can change that in the customizable features before checking out. Still, it’s not noticeable, and she’s an excellent choice for a Gabi Diamond sex doll.

This love doll stands 5 feet and 1 inch tall. She is still taller than Gabi. However, being a short love doll has a significant advantage: you can use and carry her whenever you want. Their breast sizes are identical – they both have B-cup breasts, which is an excellent point.

Mandy is a slim woman with a slim body, exactly like Gabi. So, without a doubt, they are both sexy, and this love doll will instantly make you feel sexually excited.

Sexual Capabilities

Like the preceding love doll, Mandy is a TPE sex doll with anal, oral, and vaginal capabilities. The depths of its orifices are incredible, and she will most likely not disappoint you. You can also specify whether you want her to have premium moaning to enhance the realism of your sex with her. That is an additional cost, but please be assured that it will be worthwhile.

Marla Premium Fitness Sex Doll

Gabi Diamond Look-alike Love Dolls

Marla is a beautiful woman with gray eyes and long blonde hair. She certainly resembles Gabi Diamond. Other aspects of her demonstrate why she is one of the top dolls you should consider purchasing.

Gabi Diamond is 2 inches taller than this love doll. But that’s not a cause for concern; appearance matters, and Marla will not disappoint you.

Marla is a fitness sex doll with a smoking hot body with abs. You don’t need to know her exact measurements because, because she’s a fitness sex doll, you already know she has a divine body to die for.

This love doll has premium heating that raises her body temperature to be normal. This feature will make your sexual encounter with her more realistic. However, as previously stated, obtaining these features requires an additional payment at the time of checkout. But don’t worry; your price is equivalent to heavenly pleasure.

Sexual Capabilities

Marla is another doll from WM Doll, China’s leading manufacturer of realistic TP love dolls. As a result, she has anal, oral, and vaginal orifices. These are realistically textured and enhanced with add-ons. If you can’t afford the extras, the free vagina heating rod will suffice. You can be sure that sex with Marla will feel authentic.

Finally, that concludes the list. It’s worth noting that all of the love dolls in this collection are from the same distributor, WM Doll. As a result, you can rest assured that they are up to par. 

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