Hannah Baker Look-alike Love Dolls

Hannah Baker Look-alike Love Dolls

Hannah Baker is the novel “Thirteen Reasons Why” the secondary protagonist and the posthumous main protagonist of the 2017 Netflix production of the book’s name.

Acting as the first season’s postmortem deuteragonist, the second season’s posthumous encompassing protagonist, and a posthumous character in both subsequent seasons. 

The narrative of this Netflix series is essentially Hannah’s suicide, which is also the core plot of the first season. She only surfaced in flashbacks or as a hallucination. The first season was narrated by her using the tapes she left behind. She disclosed the reasons she committed suicide through her narrative on the tapes. As such, she emerges in flashbacks and Clay’s hallucinations and nightmares throughout the show.

But, before she committed herself, her personality was described as sardonic, quick-witted, and extroverted, with a sarcastic sense of humor. Hannah is extroverted, smart, funny, easygoing, and kind; she has high self-esteem and enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. However, as the series progressed, many people, even those close to her, took advantage of her personality. As a consequence, her cold and uncaring side came through as well.

Despite these characteristics, Hannah adored her parents and was thankful for nurturing her with affection and tenderness. She also admired Clay Jensen and considered him a legitimate friend, someone she could rely on, and a genuinely decent and kind person, even telling him on his video that he was not one of the reasons she committed suicide but was included since he was a part of her tale. 

You probably noticed Hannah Baker’s wonderfulness and desired to look after her so she didn’t harm herself. But it’s too late, and even if she survives the series, you can’t be close to her because she’s only a fictional character. So your only option is the actress who played her, Katherine Langford, but even that will be difficult, right?

As a result, the only sure way to be with Hannah Baker is to use a Hannah Baker look-alike sex doll. That being said, you should opt for an exceptional love doll resembling Hannah Baker. 

Where can you purchase these dolls? There are multiple locations, but finding them will take some time. So, use this list to rapidly locate the finest options. Here are some Hannah Baker-inspired love dolls.

Hannah: American Teen Sex Doll

Hannah Baker Look-alike Love Dolls

Hannah is a teen sex doll, which is the same as Hannah Baker, who is an adolescent that is canonically 17 years old. That’s a good place to start. Moreover, they share the same name, so phoning her is like calling the real Hannah Baker, who also looks like her. 

Her brown hair and blue eyes mirror Hannah Baker’s traits. The only difference between them is the length of their hair. Hannah Baker, on the other hand, does not have tanned skin like this sex doll. Fortunately, you can use free customization choices to remedy this, just as with eye color.

Unfortunately, the bodies of love dolls are produced using molds. Consequently, you won’t be able to change Hannah’s height, breast size, or BWH measurements to match Hannah Baker’s.

So, how distinct are they? Not a lot. Their heights are only 1 inch apart; Hannah is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 1 inch shorter than the fictional heroine. Nancy’s breasts aren’t much bigger than the love doll’s; her cup size is C. Her physical measurements of 32 – 20 – 33 inches are close to Hannah Baker’s 34 – 26 – 35 inches.

Sexual Capabilities

Here’s a TPE love doll for those who prefer oral sex. Hannah has a 5.1-inch-deep oral orifice. Then there are her anal and oral orifices, which are 6.7 inches deep. Hannah’s realism will make you feel as though you’re experiencing actual sex.

Bubbles: Virgin Sex Doll

Hannah Baker Look-alike Love Dolls

This stunning sex doll will leave you speechless. Like Hannah Baker, this love doll has long brown hair. Bubbles’ hair, on the other hand, is honey blonde, and Hannah’s is medium brown. However, these are minor differences that are readily overlooked.

Because the color of the eyes is essential, it must be exact. They wouldn’t look so similar if Hannah Baker’s eyes weren’t identical. The promising news is that you don’t need to buy a new pair of eyes or personalize it because this love doll already has Hannah Baker’s eye color. 

According to multiple sources, Hannah Baker is 5 feet 5 inches tall, whereas Emily Osment is 5 feet 4 inches tall. As a result, their heights are comparable. The same may be stated about their breasts; Bubbles has large breasts, whereas Hannah Baker has medium breasts. As an outcome, the difference would be insignificant.

Bubbles’ physical dimensions are 32 – 22.5 – 32.8, indicating that she has an hourglass-shaped bottom. Hannah Baker’s physical dimensions are similar, creating a beautiful hourglass form. They are not identical, but they are also not dissimilar.

She’s not overly overweight because she’s not too tall or has a lot of assets. Bubbles are just 39.9 kilos in weight. Therefore, you would be fine with employing her. 

Sexual Capabilities

Bubbles can have oral, anal, and vaginal sex. This love doll’s vagina is unusually deep, measuring 6.7 inches deep. Her anal orifice of the same depth contributes to her individuality.

Ellie: Prom Queen Sex Doll

Hannah Baker Look-alike Love Dolls

Ellie is a lovely lady with brown eyes and long brown hair. She has a striking resemblance to Hannah Baker. Simply modify her eye and skin color to match Hannah Baker’s under the customization settings, and you’re ready to go. Now, let’s look at her other characteristics to see why she’s one of the best dolls to buy.

Hannah Baker towers above this love doll by 2 inches. But don’t be concerned; appearance matters, and Ellie will please you.

Ellie is a prom queen sex doll with abs and a sizzling gorgeous body. You don’t need to know her precise measurements because you already know she has a magnificent figure to die for because she’s a queen sex doll.

This love doll weighs only 38 kilograms and is incredibly easy to handle and operate. She also features a steel skeleton with adjustable joints. As a result, you’ll have the sensation that you’re having sex with Hannah Baker.

Sexual Capabilities

Ellie, like the last love doll, is a sex doll having anal, oral, and vaginal functions. The orifices’ depths are remarkable, and she will likely not fail you.

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