Jessica Davis Look-alike Love Dolls

Jessica Davis Look-alike Love Dolls

Jessica Davis is the main character in the novel and Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” She was Hannah Baker’s second best friend before she killed herself, and she appears in Hannah’s videos. 

In the initial season, she appeared to have been paired up with Hannah to be friends by the school counselor. She befriends Hannah and later Alex, but their friendship is cut short due to an error of judgment. Hannah committed herself a few months later; before her death, she documented thirteen reasons for suicide. 

As shown in the series, Jessica was the second reason for Hannah’s suicide. Jessica struck Hannah across the face after calling her a slut. Jessica’s comments and behavior at that time brought their once-strong friendship to an end, as she began to believe in tales about ‘Hannah the Slut,’ which were never real.   

Jessica completely broke Hannah’s heart. After that, Jessica never accepted Hannah back as a friend, despite once drunkenly apologizing for slapping her. In the second season, it is revealed in a flashback that she abandoned her second time when Hannah attempted to inform her about Jessica being raped at her party and discovered that Jessica didn’t recall. 

Jessica is a stunning multiracial girl with long wavy brown hair, a dark complexion, and brown eyes. She is dressed in a very casual but elegant outfit.  

Jessica, although one of Hannah’s reasons for suicide, is still defined as an aggressive, kind, and thoughtful person who is a terrific friend and loving, supporting partner, yet she can also be arrogant, selfish, and nasty at times.

If you find Jessica appealing and are curious about her love life, she had a lover named Justin Foley; they had a relationship that fluctuated throughout the series but rejoined just before Justin’s death. As a result, she is still working on regaining her sexual confidence.

That said, even if Jessica were real, you can’t get dirty with her. But whether Jessica is traumatized by the rape or not, there’s one way for you to turn this sexual desire into reality. You can use love dolls.

Of course, you don’t pick just any love doll. Selecting ones with some semblance of the character you want to sleep with is best. Also, you must find high-quality ones. They are realistic and durable, so they will not fail you. 

This list will introduce you to the best Jessica Davis look-alike love dolls on the market. Please keep reading to meet them. 

Kendra: Mixed Race Sex Doll 

Jessica Davis Look-alike Love Dolls

Because Jessica Jones has dark skin, this love doll is an excellent choice for Jessica Jones’s sex dolls. 

Kendra is a stunning black-haired lady with the body of a sex goddess. This TPE sex doll’s breasts are lovely and delicate. They are not the largest in the world, but they are significant. She has plump lips if you wish to kiss her throughout your intercourse while envisioning Jessica Jones in her.

Her BWH measurements are 27 x 21 x 28 in. Alisha Boe, who portrays Jessica Jones, has BWH measurements of 35 – 27 – 34. Kendra has a smaller waist and hips than Alisha as a result. In any case, they are both hourglass-shaped. Kendra also has a sculpted butt, which you’ll like for reasons we’ll explain later.

This Jessica Jones love doll looks amazing in bed. She has three orifices for penetration: oral, anal, and vaginal. Each has distinct textures to imitate the sensations of a woman’s body parts. They all have incredible depths as well.

Kendra’s oral orifice is 6 inches deep, with her shallowest orifice providing incredible penis sucking. Her anus and vagina are each eight inches deep. You can go balls deep if you have a medium or large penis. A sex doll with a deep anal entrance like the vaginal one is unique. That’s why you’ll fall in love with Kendra’s bubble butt. 

Jada: Dark Skin Sex Doll

Jessica Davis Look-alike Love Dolls

Jada is a dark-skinned, black-haired love doll with a beautiful face and form. As a result, she’d make an outstanding Jessica Jones look-alike love doll.

Alisha Boe is 5 feet 4 inches tall, but this love doll is 5 feet 3 inches tall. The difference is only one inch. Jada Pinkett Smith has a 20.7-inch waist, which makes her slimmer than the actress who played Alisha Boe. Jada’s hip size is 35.8 inches, similar to Jessica Davis’s, and is broad and lovely. 

Those will make you excited for some sex with this love doll. And be prepared to be amazed because Jada will go beyond your wildest dreams. The depth of her vaginal orifice is 7.1 inches. So, without a doubt, it will show what heaven is like. Her 6.7-inch-deep anal hole will then gratify enthusiasts of anal intercourse.

Jada is also capable of having oral sex. Her oral orifice is 5.9 inches deep, so you can start your sexual adventures with her by eating and playing with your manhood.

Maybe you’d like her anus to be warm as well. You can do this by acquiring the internal body heating add-on, which elevates the doll’s body temperature and makes her look alive.

Please bear in mind that some add-ons do not come for free. You should also not empty your bank account to obtain them. Jada is an excellent sex doll with or without accessories.

Tetyana: Long Leg Sex Doll

Jessica Davis Look-alike Love Dolls

Tetyana is another love doll that resembles Jessica Jones. She, like the character, had a dark complexion and a lovely face. 

If you can set aside allegiance to the source for what you perceive as sexy, Tetyana is the way to go. This blonde love doll stands 5’9” tall. She is not only taller than Jessica Davis, but she also has larger breasts. Tetyana’s cup size is D, and she has soft and jiggly breasts.

One of the advantages of this love doll is her lightweight. Tetyana weighs 38 kilograms so you can utilize her easily. 

Tatyana’s body will make you think her weight is a minor sacrifice. She’s very hot. Aside from her large breasts, she has a small waist, lengthy legs, and a large butt. Her BWH dimensions are 32.3 x 21.6 x 34.6 inches.  

This love doll contains orifices for the oral, anal, and vaginal regions. Both her anal and vaginal orifices are 6.7 inches long. So, unless you’re hung like a horse, you might be able to go in balls-deep in either of them.

And here are the top Jessica Davis love dolls you should look into. 

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