6YE Sex Doll Review

6YE Sex Doll Review.

6YE Doll Global is an online sex doll vendor store based in Dlang town, Dongguan city, China. 6YE Doll Global has several other authorized sellers across the world. Stocking advanced realistic sex dolls, the online store has been in business for six years now and continued to grow every year. The store has established a firm customer base through marketing and promotions.

According to their website, 6YE sex dolls are of advanced technologies and carry a striking resemblance to the real woman. They come in different sizes, skin colors, eye colors, nipple colors, and customized heights and shapes.

6 YE Doll Global website is eye-catching, not because of the design but because it has only the displays of the appealing sex dolls. Information available entails the home page, shopping for sex dolls, a catalog of the sex dolls specifications, quality and STC tests, wholesale purchase information, where to buy (approved sellers), about (the store), and your shopping cart. You will not fail to notice the missing important information like the FAQs and customer feedback, which help most visitors to any website to make informed decisions.

It is not clear from the official 6YE Doll Global website regarding how many sex dolls they make per month or per year, but there is a displayed email for contact and a live chat that is offline apparently if there is a need for more information.

6YE Sex Doll Review

Sex Doll Selection

All of the sex dolls on 6 YE Doll Global are made in mainland China before being exported to other countries for selling. You are assured that you are buying straight from the manufacturer as it is. However, from the website, you are cautioned not to buy from the online shops and other unauthorized channels as they sell scam sex dolls or the old version sex dolls with old skeletons, TPE formula, old vagina, and old anus designs.

The selection of dolls is minimized to women only; the website sells sex dolls for men and anyone with interest in women. They, however, do not sell dolls for women and if you are looking for others like vibrators and dildos, you should look elsewhere.

The sex dolls on 6YE Doll Global are customized with client specifications and there is a page for you to select the king of hair wig you like, whether you want pubic hair or not, your desired eye color, foot type, if you want a different head for the body, and your desired skin color. This ensures you get only what you want as much as possible.

Shipping Information

6 YE Doll Global sex dolls offer free worldwide shipping for all their orders. Shipping time takes anything between two and ten days. The difference in shipping time is as a result of the difference in regions and countries. Some countries may have more extended clearing procedures hence extended delivery time.

The import duty, Tax, and VAT for the various regions differ, but 6 YE Doll Global gives an upfront payment of the same to reduce the shipping time. The split is 50/50 making it even cheaper. However, some countries like India, Norway and the Middle East do not allow sex doll to pass through their customs offices, and there is a chance that they will be confiscated.

6 YE Doll Global sex dolls are packaged plainly and solidly. This helps to make it as discreet as possible since your privacy is key to them. The only time you know it is a sex doll is after you open the plain brown box.  

Most of 6 YE Doll Global sex dolls are shipped via FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Shipping via EMS only applies to sex dolls of 140cm/4’7″ and below. In both cases, you are provided with a tracking number to keep track of your order.

6YE Sex Doll Review

Return Policy

6 YE Doll Global has some few rules on the return policy. You make a custom order of your desired sex doll and wait for it to be done, during which you cannot cancel your order. But, seeing as most of the sex dolls are custom made as per client specifications, chances are you will receive your package as ordered. There are cases. However, that returns are accepted. For instance, if the sex doll arrives while spoilt, defective, or broken severely, you are allowed to return it and a new one shipped to you.

If the damage is not extreme, you are provided with necessary help in fixing it. If the doll is spoilt due to improper use, neither fixing nor returning is applicable. You are advised to take care of the doll so that you can enjoy the services of both the doll and your money. You are not encouraged to return an already used sex doll because according to existing Laws, it will be destroyed with immediate effect. 6 YE Doll Global inspects your sex doll thoroughly and performs quality checks before shipping, so the higher chances are you will receive your perfect doll.

Payment Options

According to the checkout page of 6 YE Doll Global website, the store accepts only PayPal as the payment method. Credit cards, Master Cards, Bank transfers, and others are not applicable. Most people use credit cards though, and this might come out as non-workable for them. It would be good for them to incorporate other payment options to allow for variety.

6YE Sex Doll Review

6 YE Doll Global sex dolls are realistic and appear as real as possible. The silicone skin feels real, the eyes, the arms, the hair, etc. They will give you the perfect sexual experience in all sexual positions you ever dreamed of. However, women’s sexual needs should also be taken care of by penis sex dolls and vibrators, etc. 


– 6 YE Doll Global processes your orders quickly, customized, done, and delivered within ten days.

– Precise information on purchasing, authorized dealers, and policies

– Clear images of sex dolls from many angles for a detailed view.


– Customer service chat is offline. Instant messaging is disabled, so your quick questions will be directed via email and answered after almost three days.

 – No FAQs and customer feedback to help new clients get the picture.

– Limited payment options to PayPal only. Other methods are not accepted.

– Sex dolls available are only for men, women are not considered.