AJDoll Review

AJDoll is a very vibrant sex doll vendor that is based in Hanun Province, China. AJDoll has won the hearts of many of its customers. This is because of the overwhelming feedback and numerous positive reviews. Having been in this business for a long time now, you are assured of transparency and security in all of your transactions. You will also gen an assurance of one hundred percent financial safety. Your privacy and confidentiality are also observed at every stage while buying from AJDoll.

AJ Doll Review

Image: AJDoll Trademark. Photo taken from Trademarkia

Owing to its overly successful feedback, the warehouses of AJDoll are gradually expanding, and the production of sex dolls keeps rising with each passing day. There are numerous reasons why AJDoll is a trusted and highly recommended sex doll vendor. So, if you are looking to buy your sex doll online, AJDoll is really who you should be talking to.

Buy your Sex Doll from AJDoll for all these Reasons 

An extensive collection of both TPE and silicone sex dolls to choose from. AJDoll assures you that every little one of your sex doll needs is attended to by their many sex dolls of varying colors, sizes, and heights. If you are looking to find the perfect sex doll for any use, check out the numerous sex doll images on the AJDoll and make your ideal choice. 

AJ Doll Review

Image: Sex Doll Collection of AJ Doll. Screenshot was taken on August 21, 2019

At AJDoll, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to customize your sex doll to your liking and preference. For instance, you get to decide how tall or short your sex doll can be, the body size of the doll, the eye and hair color, or even the size of the ass and boobs. The aim is to land the perfect image of your dream girl, and we do not come across such changes every day.

AJ Doll Review

Image: Japanese style sex Doll. Photo taken from AJDoll Official Store

AJDoll has been serving its customers for many years now, and as such, is a trusted vendor. There is nothing we love more than the security and assurance that our business transactions will go through without significant losses or hitches. This is another reason why you will find yourself buying from AJDoll time and time again.

The privacy and confidentiality policies of AJDoll are very friendly and relatable. As some people still shy away from this very topic and are not ready to come out, all they ever need is that their privacy is maintained throughout. Whether it is for personal reasons or not, personal details like addresses and financial details should remain a confidential thing as they risk exposing a client. 

Perhaps the best reason as to why you should buy your sex doll from AJDoll is because of the quality of their sex dolls. The sex dolls are made from highly durable materials and reliable parts. This is to ensure that you not only get the value of your money but also to see to it that you will be using your sex doll for the longest time. Provided that this is with absolutely strict maintenance, care, and use. 

Some Benefits of Shopping at AJDoll

The store has some of the best sex dolls in the industry. This could be, partly, because it operates under the AliExpress branch. But whatever the reasons are, AJDoll has sex dolls of high quality that sell for as low as $ 500! We know of sex doll vendors that sell sex dolls for as high as $2,000 or more! So, this one definitely comes as a huge relief.

AJ Doll Review

Image: Customer Reviews on the AJDoll Realistic Quality. Screenshot was taken on August 21, 2019

There is a very flexible refund policy in place to protect you. For instance, if the sex doll you receive is different from the one you ordered for, you are subject to a full or partial refund. Well, even if it partial, at least you do not lose your money in totality.

Many offers and promotions are available for you at AJDoll. You could win vouchers or coupons just for shopping at AJDoll, not forgetting the occasional price drops and attractive giveaways. Also, you enjoy free shipping for your sex doll from AJDoll. It might take longer for some deliveries, but it is because of delays at the customs. However, there are restrictions on all Islamic countries and other select ones.

AJ Doll Review

Image: Sales and Offers of AJDoll. Screenshot was taken on August 21, 2019

AJDoll understands that not every one of their customers come from China, and has invested in multilingual communication to be able to serve every client. For instance, French, German, Korean, Russian, among other languages are well represented.

An all-inclusive payment method awaits you at AJDoll. The vendor accepts all major cards as well as PayPal and bank transfers. If your preferred mode of payment has not been listed on the website, reach out to AJDoll customer service so that you receive further guidance. Remember, whichever payment method you choose, your transactions are fully secured and are safe.

The availability of numerous sex doll accessories is also another benefit of shopping at AJDoll. You have access to extra sex doll heads, various sexy lingerie options, storage kits, and cabinets, a comprehensive collection of care and cleaning kits, make-up kits and sex lube options, and even multiple sex doll wigs to choose from. You will reduce the monotonous look on your sex doll while at the same time making her as attractive as you would your woman.

AJDoll Outstanding Customer Service

AJ Doll Review

Image: Customer Review on AJDoll Customer Service. Screenshot was taken on August 21, 2019

As already mentioned, regardless of the language you speak, you will receive full attention from AJDoll. They have staff speaking all the major languages spoken across the globe, including English. But that is not all, the customer service contact line remains open for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred and sixty-five days a year. If you do not prefer calling their lines, you have the option of using their email line which is equally operational round the clock. Perhaps you want a more instant approach to the communication aspect. In this case, you can contact the customer service on the live chat option whose button can be toggled on the website. All these options have their details on the website, and regardless of the time of day, rest assured that all your issues will be appropriately addressed.

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