AVSexToy Review

AVSexToy Review

About The Company

AVSexToy is an online sex doll store that specializes in producing high quality and affordable sex dolls. AVSexToy has been in business for several years now, and its primary goal is to become the ultimate sex doll producer and distributor. AVSexToy has invested in vigorous marketing of its products via several online platforms like RSS, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Youtube. As a result, AVSexToy has established a stable customer base over time.

AVSexToy sex dolls are realistic and life-like and have all the qualities of a sex partner. They vary in sizes and colors, but they can come in whatever design you want them to. What’s more, you get to pick the accessories that you like to vary your experience with your love doll. 

The AVSexToy website is striking, and somehow alluring, with the captivating images of the sex dolls and other products sold. Most of the information about the company is also available on the website for the public. Scroll through the popular love dolls, sex dolls for men, vibrator dildos, realistic dildos, vibrating eggs, masturbation toys, and the customer experience center on the homepage to get the feel of what the AVSexToy producers do.

Most of the sex dolls produced are done on order hence it is not easy to determine from the website how many pieces of sex dolls they create every month. However, for more information, there is a displayed email address and contact information for easy access. 

Sex Doll Selection

All sex dolls available on the AVSexToy website are from top manufacturers in China dispatched straight to the warehouses in the US, UK, and Australia. Rest assured that all the dolls you purchase from AVSexToy are straight from the manufacturer and are of the highest quality.

The sex doll selection is both for men and women, hence all-inclusive. Within the men section, there are allowances to pick from a variety of dolls and ask for a customized doll according to your specifications. Choose from your desired range of skin color, eye color, hair color, body size, boob size, butt size, and height. For women, AVSexToy avails a variety of masturbators, vibrators, and dildos to choose from. It gets easier to actualize your sexual fantasies and fetishes with these products.

Shipping Information

AVSexToy provides free shipping for all their sex dolls to all countries. Their pricing includes shipping and customs fees, and you are not expected to pay any money upon delivery. This makes AVSexToy stand out as it dramatically reduces the time taken to deliver the sex dolls. Some countries may have strict customs and may substantially increase the delivery time a bit. 

Shipping takes between three and seven days for most orders. If a sex doll is tested and found not to have passed the quality tests, the shipping time may be extended to allow room for bettering the doll. This shipping time is agreeably workable with considering it begins from the time you order; AVSexToy is fast in deliveries. 

The AVSexToy sex dolls are packaged in plain boxes that are unmarked and unlabeled, to put your confidentiality first and protect you from prying officers. AVSexToy uses FedEx and DHL courier services for speedy deliveries. Picking can be done at the courier offices or your doorstep according to your preference. If your package arrives looking like it has been tampered with, report immediately via email to AVSexToy.

Return Policy

AVSexToy has a clear guidelines section on the returns and refunds policies. Once you place an order, you are not allowed to cancel it after twenty-four-hour since by then, production of your love doll is already underway.

Since most of the sex dolls are thoroughly checked and tested for quality before shipping, it is not expected that you will receive anything less than you bargained for. However, if it gets spoilt in the course of transformation, reach out to AVSexToy via the provided email and you will be assisted to access your replacement or your refund.

The rule of thumb is, due to the health challenges that may be faced by all involved parties, returns of sex dolls is highly discouraged, and most of the time you will receive fixing tips and maintenance tips to ensure your doll is in the best condition to give you the service you so desire. AVSexToy takes pictures of their dolls before shipping hence can tell if it is the exact one or it has been interfered with. 

For a refund or replacement to be effected, the goods are to be returned in the original package, and the sex doll should be unused. If the damage is not extensive, you get to receive guidance in fixing it from the AVSexToy specialists.

Payment Options

AVSexToy accepts most payment options that are applicable; VISA, Master Card, Credit card, American Express, Bank transfers, and PayPal. Most of these payment methods are widely used by many people and clients have found AVSexToy considerate and all-inclusive. However, if the payment method you are at ease with is not listed, email them with the query, and they will advise on the alternatives available for you. 

Do We Recommend AVSexToy?

AVSexToy produces high-quality sex dolls, as evident from the reviews available online. Their dolls are of great variety, and you have a choice to make. The dolls are also tested thoroughly for all shortcomings, and you get to receive a doll that is of superior quality. Their realistic dolls will give you the pleasure of real sexual experience and help satisfy any sexual desires you have, as well as any sexual fantasies and fetishes you may have. The dolls are flexible and can be used in any sexual positions you so desire. 


  • Competitive prices for most of the sex dolls.
  • Superior quality sex dolls dully tested and approved.
  • Realistic dolls and life-like features added.
  • Several accessories for you to choose from.
  • Produced by top manufacturers around the globe.
  • Concise and clear information available for the public.
  • Flexible payment methods return policy, and shipping methods.