Hyper-Realistic Sex Dolls

It all began with the innocent-looking masturbatory stuffed cloth sex dolls, created by sailors to gratify their sexual desires over the extended sailing periods. Then the classic blow-up dolls took over the scenes with their dull appearances that could barely turn on a high school kid. The sex doll manufacturers took it to the next level with the introduction of the silicone sex dolls that looked like a real woman and could do more than just masturbate for their owners.

Next up came the TPE sex dolls, complete in realistic looks and feels, that have to date passed greatly the realistic test, coming so close to the real look and feel of the real woman. TPE sex dolls are still leading in the realistic sex doll world complete with realistic skin and vagina, and wobbly boobs and bums like any woman. But it does not stop there, the sex doll manufacturers have gone a step higher and now want to add another feature to the sex dolls; artificial intelligence.

Sex Robots’ Features and Characteristics

Artificial intelligence is going to rock the sex doll world to its roots. Here is the reason; sex dolls will not only be able to offer you just sex. On top of sex and companionship, sex dolls will be able to perform other functions any woman would do. For instance, they will come with heat installations that will keep them warm like a real person, such that you do not have to keep warming them up before having sex. On top of that, they will be fitted with plugs that will enable them to hold conversations with you as normally as possible. Let us say you talked about something with your sex doll before you both went to sleep, on waking up; the sex doll will be able to recall and proceed with the conversation as should be.

Imagine coming home to a sexbot that can hold a conversation with you, complete with all the necessary facial expressions like a normal person. As if that is not enough, the sexbot is customized to all your desired features and looks. Then, your sex robot will be programmed to learn your body well and will have sex with you as you love, in all your favorite sex styles, and whenever you want to. Imagine having a sex robot that knows exactly what to do with you, where to touch you, when to touch you, and how to properly respond to you. Most men would ask, ‘what else do I need?’

Hyper-Realistic Sex Dolls

Sex Robots From the Ethical Perspective

Realists will argue that sex robots are going to come to us with more bad than good. How true is this? The sex doll manufacturers have spoken, and they have outlined the motive behind their intention to create artificially intelligent sex robots. And it is simple; it is in a bid to satisfy all the wildest sexual desires registered from person to person. In a more concise way, the sex robots are going to be built in a bid to give men robots to rape and beat, indirectly redirecting their brutality from the normal person. Male sex robots will also be available for the same reasons, to provide women who have the desire to be raped an easy way around it without being judged.

According to the realists, providing a sex robot for someone to rape and beat or be raped and beaten by is only a means to increase the desire of having the same experience from a real person. Easily juxtaposed, the realists compare the manufacture of sex robots with the manufacture of child-like sex dolls. Does having sex with a child-like sex doll reduce the pedophile instincts in a person then? Or does it not make the culprit even want to have sex with children in real life more?

We say in simple terms, it is all about the discipline that comes from within a person. If a perpetual rapist approaches a manufacturer and wants a sex doll for his rape fetish, it means he does not want to rape women around anymore. And for the manufacturers, it is a big achievement to have to take one such person off the streets. We could not agree more, and instead of opposing the idea, maybe embracing it will reduce a lot of pain and hurt for the sexually assaulted people among us.

Hyper-Realistic Sex Dolls

Sex Robots and Human Activists

Apart from realists, another group of people who are really opposed to the sex robots idea is the feminists and women activists. Their argument is different than the sex robots will reduce the cases of men getting intimate with their wives and opt instead to have sex with the robots. That the sex robots will make the problem brought about by sex dolls even worse.

But again, if this will be considered cheating, then it is only true to say that the women cheated first. The reason is simple, the very first sex toys to be manufactured were vibrators and dildos, and they had robotic features to them. The same women embraced them and often used them to gratify their sexual desires. At that point, the men also felt threatened but had no option than to embrace their fellow penises around. The sex robots would only be an equalizer, so we tend to think.

If it would make the women feel a lot better, there are going to be male sex robots in the market too for them. They will be customized to their desires in body and penis size, and will even have the ability to ejaculate! That would make it a lot easier for them maybe.

Hyper-Realistic Sex Dolls

This sex robot idea is still in the pipeline, and whether we are opposed to it or not, it will eventually get its way into the market. And like the previous sex doll cases, it will come to a time when it is all normal to be an owner of a sex robot. Meanwhile, think about incorporating the sex dolls and sex robots into your sex life, to add that sparkle and make it even more exciting, instead of thinking they are all that bad.