KNETSCH is a fast-growing online company that trades in sex dolls and other sex toys, operating under the big AliExpress umbrella. This vendor has one of the best client feedback with as many past customers leaving positive feedback as possible. Established in 2016, KNETSCH has taken up the lead in selling to you high-quality sex dolls that are made from both TPE and silicone, in a bid to ensure you land a sex doll that feels and looks like a real woman; from the skin texture to the eyes, and even the petty little details like nails and eyebrows! 


Image: Knetsch Sex Doll. Photo taken from Knetsch

KNETSCH is highly recommended mainly because it does not operate under any broker, agent, or dealer, and this is the reason the sex dolls sold here are way cheaper than those in most other vendor websites. To be precise, you will be surprised to buy a high-quality sex doll, that is either made from TPE or silicone, and that has all the realistic features at half the price on other websites or less! 


Image: Knetsch Business Information tab on AliExpress. Screenshot was taken on August 23, 2019

The Sex Doll Selection at KNETSCH

The sex doll selection at KNETSCH is extensive, to say only the least. Remember that the vendor sells under AliExpress, a giant online vendor that is widely known for its super affordable sex dolls of varying features.


Image: Knetsch Website. Screenshot was taken on August 23, 2019

Sex dolls at KNETSCH are both male and female, hence are all-inclusive of every client; male or female. KNETSCH came up first in demystifying the myth that sex dolls were only meant for men. Now, in their store, all people, male, female, and gay are represented; sex for all!


Image: A Variety of Sex Dolls and Toys on Knetsch. Screenshot was taken on August 23, 2019

If you are a fan of preconfigured sex dolls, KNETSCH has already-made sex dolls on their websites for you to choose from. They come in different shapes, different colors, and different sizes to pick from. What we can assure you is, most of the preferences have been factored in, and there is always something for everyone.

Available in the KNETSCH stores is the widest ever sex doll accessories collection. It ranges from sex doll heads, sex doll wigs, sex doll lingerie, and even some parts of sex dolls. The collection also includes various sex doll kits; cleaning, self-care, make-up, and even repair kits. Let us not forget the little simple things like shampoos and soaps, sex lubes, and even hairbrushes. Everything you ever needed for your sex doll, KNETSCH has got you covered. 


Image: Customer Feedback on Knetsch. Screenshot was taken on August 23, 2019

Are you a fan of sex toys? Well, KNETSCH comes through for you too. Find a wide assortment of sex toys like vibrators, butt plugs, dildos, Kegel ball, and other masturbatory toys to take home with you: we have to harness the full pleasure of sex at all costs, don’t we now?

The Attractive KNETSCH Website

If you are looking for a sex doll that fits you, please run to KNETSCH website fast. Firstly, the website is so correctly done, complete with super graphic and enticing images of stunning sex dolls. They appear so real you would think you are looking at a real woman! They have been put in many sexy positions to intrigue you even further, and have been photographed from all possible angles to ensure you have a clear image of the sex doll in mind before buying it. The sex doll images will give all kinds of ideas of what to do with them, what to dress them in, and even how to position them during sex.


Customer review on the Quality of the Sex Doll. Screenshot was taken on August 23, 2019

The website content is graceful, complete with all the relevant information for any sex doll owner. The columns have been duly filled, and completely stuffed with as much information as possible in all the KNETSCH fields. What is more intriguing is the blog section on the KNETSCH website, which has so many informational articles for the public to read on virtually everything there is to know about sex dolls. 


Image: Knetsch Customer Service Tab. Screenshot was taken on August 23, 2019

What about the Policies Governing KNETSCH?

Well, these are several and easy to peruse and read through. The bottom line is, they are very friendly, practical, and extremely flexible.

  • The shipping policy has all the KNETSCH customers under its umbrella. They use virtually every courier there is to do their shipping, to ensure they reach as many people as they can across the globe. Shipping may take a few days but could vary depending on how far you are. We can only assure you of one thing; every minute you wait for your sex doll is worth it. 

Image: Satisfied Customer Reviews on Shipping. The screenshot was taken on August 23, 2019

  • Refund policies usually are straining and very stringent, but not at KNETSCH. As already mentioned, KNETSCH trades under AliExpress, and that should be enough to ensure you are taken care of from any loss. The escrow protection is in place in case your seller tries to defraud you or con you. KNETSCH ensures you are protected at every stage of the process.
  • The return policy is quite simple; if you choose a particular sex doll and end up receiving a different one, you are to contact KNETSCH immediately so that they have you ship back the doll to be replaced with the correct one, or refund your money entirely. This may vary with other cases like defective sex dolls. In this case, you will be guided around repairing the sex doll for any minor defects, but if the defects are extensive, they will have you ship it back for repair or replacement. In both cases, however, the sex dolls must remain new and unused for the sake of sanitation and health issues.
  • Privacy policies are some of the guiding factors in any online vendor you choose to engage. KNETSCH ensures that you are protected in every way, by using a stringent privacy policy for all its transactions. First, your details are kept as private and confidential as possible. Secondly, your financial information, like card numbers and email addresses, are left only with KNETSCH and never shared with anyone. Thirdly, the details like addresses and physical locations are only shared with courier drivers for shipping logistics, and only if you let them in. And lastly, the sex dolls are packaged securely in plain boxes that will not arouse any attention at every stage of shipping.