Love & Sex Store Review

Love & Sex Store, as suggested from its name, is all about love, sex, and sex dolls. We exist in a world that is virtually almost being taken over by sex dolls, and the desire for these sex goddesses is just overwhelming. Almost everyone now wants to own one or more sex dolls to love, to cherish, and to have companionship and lots of sex with. This is the primary goal of Love & Sex Store; to provide you with sex dolls that will make all your dreams and fantasies come true. 

Love & Sex Store Review

Love & Sex Store Website under AliExpress. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

The sex dolls at the Love & Sex Store are realistic and as real as a real woman could be. However, we do not want you to go to the website with hopes of finding numerous sex doll images for you to select from. This is because all sex dolls that are sold on the Love & Sex Store platform are handmade from scratch for you; they do not trade in preconfigured sex dolls.

Love & Sex Store Review

Realistic Female Sex Doll. Photo taken from Love & Sex Store

If there is one thing we love about Love & Sex Store, it is the fact that they understand that every person has different sexual needs. Aside from that, they kept in their minds that each of their customers has a different ideal real woman. Instead, everyone should be let to explore their sexuality by taking part in customizing their sex doll. 

Love & Sex Store’s Sex Doll Collection

As already mentioned, Love & Sex Store does not particularly sell preconfigured sex dolls. By which, you have an assurance that all the sex dolls you buy from the vendor have been handmade and crafted step by step according to your instructions. The only thing you will find on the image section is sex doll heads, meant for anyone who prefers to have more than one head for the same-sex doll. 

Love & Sex Store Review

First Step in Customizing the Doll. Select Eye Color. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

Love & Sex Store Review

Second Step: Choose the color of Skin. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

Love & Sex Store Review

Last Step: Choose the Type of Foot. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

Customization is critical with Love & Sex Store. They will guide you through the procedure of selecting the best sex doll according to your preferred features. For instance, you get to determine firsthand the color of your sex doll’s skin, eyes, and hair. The size of the sex doll you have in mind; its boobs and butt sizes, as well as the height of the sex doll you dream about. Other specifications like whether or not you like your sex doll’s vagina fixed or detachable also come in handy here. In the end, you will come up with the ideal sex doll for you. That only applies to you based on the preferences, and that cannot be bought by someone else unless you share the preferences.

Love & Sex Store Review

Love & Sex Store Collection of Sex Doll. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

Love & Sex Store also stocks extra sex doll accessories apart from the heads. For instance, there are numerous sex toys in the store, ranging from vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, Kegel balls, and many more to choose from. Also included in the list are sex toys for men, majorly characteristic of masturbators or body parts with the sexual organs therein. Other sex doll accessories include but are not limited to make-up kits, cleaning and care kits, repair kits, sex lubricants, sexy sex doll lingerie, and numerous selections of sex doll wigs.

Love & Sex Store has wowed many of its customers, especially the women and gay men, with its male sex dolls. For a long time, sex dolls were only made for men and lesbians. But now, the rest of the genders can avail for the sex dolls, and smile to Love & Sex Store for their happy times.

Love & Sex Store Review

Male Sex Doll. Photo taken from Love & Sex Store

Why Buy a Sex Doll from Love & Sex Store?

  • The sex dolls are of high quality and are made from superior and long-lasting materials. The sex dolls feature both TPE and silicone materials, and they are high-end and as realistic as that could ever be.
Love & Sex Store Review

Satisfied Customer Reviews. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

  • The sex dolls made are handcrafted from scratch just for you. You take charge of the process of sculpting your sex doll from the first step to the last. This is to ensure that all the features fit your preferred ideal woman.
  • Because this vendor offers you various promotional offers and discounts from time to time. You will receive substantial price drops, attractive offers with each sex doll you buy, and coupons for all your transactions. In a nutshell, shopping at Love & Sex Store equals excellent saving! 
  • They will offer you free worldwide shipping regardless of where you are buying from. There is an exception however-that is for the Islamic countries and other select few. Also, shipping may be subject to a few delays in some states because of the customs procedures, and patience is advised. 
Love & Sex Store Review

The Store’s Shipment & Return and Refund Policies. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

  • The store has very friendly policies governing its sales. These are the shipping policies, the refund policies, and the return policies. These policies are very attractive and realistic. They can be applied without making you feel squeezed out. Bottom-line is, all their policies seek to satisfy the customer first before themselves.
Love & Sex Store Review

Customer feedback on Communication and Costumer Service. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

  • Because the Store has a very strict privacy and protection policy in place, all of your transactions are kept confidential as possible. This includes your personal and financial details. Love & Sex Store values your privacy and understands that sex dol are a sensitive issue to some people and strive to keep it lowly and confidential. It is for the same reason that their sex dolls are packed in plain and unlabeled boxes to avoid attracting any attention during shipping. 
Love & Sex Store Review

The Store’s AliExpress Seller Feedback. Screenshot taken on August 23, 2019

Note: If you want to buy a sex doll, we suggest you check out Love & Sex Store before deciding to buy the preconfigured sex dolls on other vendor websites that do not personalize their service. This vendor will attend to all your needs as and when you want them to. Their customer service is online virtually all year long, every day of the week, to ensure that all your queries are answered. They can be reached via email, phone contact, or live chat, whose details are displayed on the website. 

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