OR Doll Review

OR Doll Review

OR Doll is an online sex doll vendor located in mainland China. OR Doll has been in the sex doll business for quite some time now, and it only keeps getting better. OR Doll has very many authorized vendors for its sex dolls, and they have all been outlined on the website for easy retrieval. You can find more information on OR Doll on the internet and many other social websites full of reviews and feedback.

OR Doll has a very attractive website. On opening, you find yourself drooling over the many beautiful sex dolls displayed openly, from all angles, and in all possible poses. This is quite inviting for OR Doll clients considering the nature of the business being run here, that need for the clients to be lured and provoked into purchasing sex dolls. 

The sex dolls at OR Doll are realistic and as real as human women. The feel and tastes as good, even better. The skin is soft and tender on your hand and sex with the dolls feels just as good. The sex dolls are made from either silicone or TPE materials, both with advanced formulas that have been tested and approved as safe for man’s use.

Sex Doll Selection

OR Doll is one of the biggest producers of sex dolls in China. On top of that, OR Doll has outlined on its website the numerous sex doll vendors attributed to them for clarity and to avoid fake vendors trading in their name.

 All of the sex dolls at OR Doll are made from either silicone or TPE materials. OR Doll relies on you to specify the material you want your sex doll to be made of. OR Doll goes ahead to outline for you the differences between silicone and TPE so that you can make an informed choice while you buy.

How do you like your sex doll? What is the ideal body size for your dream sex doll? What about the breast sizes and butt size? What skin color appeals to you in women? What is the eye color that you like to stare at in bed? How tall do you want your sex doll girlfriend? Do you want her in a long, short, straight, or curly hair? How do you want her manicure done? Any make up you want her to have on? All these and more are options availed to you by OR Doll to allow you to customize your sex doll into your ideal woman specifically. 

Outline clearly what accessories you want your sex doll to come with. Specify the colors and lengths of the wig, specify the type o sexy clothing you want, and specify if you want her to have a detachable vagina or not. Finally, if you are crazy with fantasies, you can order for a detachable penis for your sex doll so you can feel how shemales are in bed. 

Shipping Information

OR Doll offers free shipping of sex dolls across the world and major countries. However, Muslim countries are not eligible as they have stringent sexuality laws that limit the sex doll business. You can, however, ask for your doll to be shipped to the nearest country and pick it up from there. 

OR Doll packages its sex doll in plain brown boxes that are unlabeled and unmarked to protect your privacy. You can have the sex doll dropped at your address, or arrange to pick it up from the couriers’ offices; whichever is convenient for you. OR Doll uses FedEx and UPS services for speedy deliveries.

Shipping takes about fifteen days from the day you place your order. This might be longer or shorter depending on the customs procedures of your country. Sometimes it takes longer than fifteen days, but communication is done upfront.

Return Policy

OR Doll allows you to cancel any orders before twenty-four hours elapse. After that, the production of your doll will have begun, and you cannot cancel the order. This has apparently been outlined on their website. 

OR Doll does not accept sex dolls back; their sale is final. There are exceptions where your sex doll arrives while defective or different from the order you placed. Such cases are rare but can warrant a return of your doll.

If the defect is manageable, OR Doll experts will take you through a process of correcting the defect. If it is beyond your ability, they can allow for you to return the doll to then for a replacement, at their discretion, though. In case of any defects, you should contact them within twenty-four hours. 

Used sex dolls cannot be accepted back by OR Doll owing to the many health compromises on all the parties involved. It is upon you to use your doll well so that it can give you both sexual satisfaction and the value for your money.

Payment Options

OR Doll accepts all payment methods you can reach out to them and tell them the payment method you prefer and they will advise further. Meanwhile, all major cards like VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover are accepted. PayPal is also accepted, and you do not have to have a PayPal account. Direct bank transfers, as well as swift transfers, are accepted too. For any inquiries on the accepted payment methods, contact OR Doll customer care.

OR Doll has been in the sex doll business long enough to be a scam vendor. Besides, the OR Doll website has all the practical contact information to pass for your trust. Scam vendors do not put up working contacts. All the sex dolls sold at OR Doll are of great quality and professional work. You will be getting your sex doll straight from the manufacturer. OR Doll ensures that all its sex dolls have passed quality tests before shipping to you. So, you are safe from any effects, and your financial information is protected. 


Great quality sex dolls.

Viable website to transact with.

Competitive pricing on dolls.

Great website outlook.