Sex Doll Cheap Review

Sex Doll Cheap Review

Sex Dolls Reviews’ goal is to look into all major sex doll store retailers. We are #1 in this business of providing honest reviews of the quality of sex dolls, stores’ customer service, and more. Sex Doll Cheap review is here for you – enjoy the read!

Sex Dolls Review

There is almost no information about this company besides the fact that they are choice #1 in over 50 countries. Sex Dolls Reviews Team did not find any company’s information, the location, where the warehouses are, etc. We would like Sex Doll Cheap employees to post that information on their website, just like other companies do.

There are not too many dolls on the website, probably the least number of dolls we have ever seen. On the other hand, there are lots of petite girls, and a couple of pregnant ones, which is very rare to find in other retailers. Also, there are a couple of love dolls with large breasts and one African American option. Most of the love dolls are blond, and there is barely any ethnic variety.

The customization option is available, but it is extremely pricey on SexDoll.Cheap website. It is better to choose the dream doll from a small number of options on the website.

With every purchase, you will get a DollRoll (some device we haven’t found any information about, which makes it easier to move sex doll around the house), two hooks, headstand and covers stand.

There is a large variety of heads, which could be necessary if you like to make love to a different sex doll every time. There are some wigs as well if you would just like to change the color of the love doll’s hair.

Sex Doll Cheap Review

Payment Methods

SexDoll.Cheap Team accepts PayPal as the main form of payment. You may also use credit cards. We have not found any information on the website about other credit card companies, like AMEX, or Discovery. But, this company is open to other possibilities, if you would like to use any other payment method.

Shipping Options

On the website, there is some information about the fact that SexDoll.Cheap does not ship to Islamic countries. This is very vague, in our opinion. Also, this company does not ship to India.

The shipping is free to most countries. If the shipping will cost money for your country, SexDoll.Cheap will notify you, and you may be able to cancel your order. Regular shipping will take 1-2 weeks. This sex dolls tore uses UPS, DHL, FedEx or TNT and gives you tracking info when you make the purchase.

Return Policy

After receiving your love doll, you will have almost 14 days to inspect it and see if there are any manufacturing defects. The sex doll cannot be returned for any other reason.

Sex Doll Cheap Review

We have lots of questions about the sex doll selection, the lack of some mandatory information on the website, and the price of sex doll customization, but overall, we can say this:

1. A small variety of sex dolls, but a large variety of heads/wigs;

2. Some pregnant sex doll options, which is rare;

3. The website is not perfect, and lacks some very important information;

4. The prices are very competitive;

5. Free shipping to most of the countries;

6. No shipping to Islamic countries and India;

7. Very liberal return policy;

8. PayPal and credit cards are the main form of payments.

In any way, the choice is yours to make! Think thoroughly before purchasing your first sex doll and enjoy the ride!