Sex Dolls USA Review

Variety, attractive and inviting images of sex dolls, and amazing offers are what will strike you when you first log in to the Sex Dolls USA website. Sex Dolls USA is an online sex doll vendor that is based in the state of Texas, United States. The company has been in the sex doll business for years now and has garnered significant experience and expertise in the industry. It promises you unwavering provision for all your sex doll needs within the United States and its environs, and beyond. 

Sex Dolls USA Review

Image: Sex Dolls USA Website. Screenshot taken on August 24, 2019

This company prefers to work within the United States, as its name suggests. However, this should not worry you if you are from outside the United States; they still ship sex dolls to countries outside of the US. There may be restrictions on the countries they ship to, so it would be a great idea to reach out to them first for further advice. 

Reasons Why Sex Dolls USA is the best Sex Doll Vendor in the US

  • For one, Sex Dolls USA operates from the United States. Most sex doll warehouses and manufacturers are based in China. For this reason, it might take them a more extended period to get your sex doll home to you. Some are taking as long as thirty working days or more! Shopping at this vendor will see you receiving your sex doll within days of placing your order. Customs and border controls would not delay it as would if you shopped elsewhere.
  • They pride themselves in the safety of their payment methods. They accept all verified credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. The company notes that many cases of theft and scams have hit online shops, and it has stepped in to ensure you are protected by their anti-fraud technology. This will boost your confidence and assure you of a refund if your transaction does not go through.
Sex Dolls USA Review
  • For the love of fair prices and competitive price match, they strive to retain your business with them at all costs. This even includes them incurring a small loss to satisfy your need for a sex doll. So, if you come across a sex doll with a lower price than found on Sex Dolls USA, do not hesitate to reach out; they will match your price!
Sex Dolls USA Review

Image: Button on the Website for Wheel of Fortune Promo. Screenshot was taken on August 24, 2019

Sex Dolls USA Review

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  • They are the biggest advocators of private and confidential transactions. In this era of theft of all kinds, Sex Dolls USA has taken stringent measures to assure you of maximum privacy while transacting with them. Apart from keeping your details private, Sex Dolls USA ensures that your sex doll is wrapped up in plain-colored boxes. This is to avoid attracting too much attention. The boxes are unmarked and unlabeled for the same reason stated. Also, if you wish your address to remain private, have your sex doll picked at your nearest courier shop.
Sex Dolls USA Review

Image: Inside the Packaging. Screenshot was taken on August 24, 2019

Sex Dolls USA Review

Image: Discreet Packaging. Screenshot was taken on August 24, 2019

  • Everybody loves excellent customer service. Sex Dolls USA has outstanding customer service that is available for twenty-four hours in seven days a week. On their website, you will find a working email address through which they can be reached. There is also a working contact number which can be used to reach out in case of further help.
Sex Dolls USA Review

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  • If someone assured you of one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, it is highly like that you would choose to do business with them many times over. That and more is what you get at Sex Dolls USA; they assure you of a refund of your money if you do not like your preconfigured sex doll. Just make sure you do not tamper with it, and that it remains unused and in its original package for this to be effected.

Sex Dolls USA Naughty Side

Among the pictures, you will find on the website are the close-up images of the private parts of the sex dolls available. Imagine seeing the close-up image of a vagina, anus, mouth, and boobs of a sex doll. If it does not turn you on, then it will set you running to buy your love doll. Some of the images are so real as you can see that hand pressing the breast, with the nipple all erect and such. Sex Dolls USA is at the frontline to give you the perfect image of your sex doll before you buy it.

Sex Dolls USA Review

Image: Sex Dolls USA Naughty Side. Screenshot taken on August 24, 2019

A Variety of Sex Dolls as well as Ideas at Sex Dolls USA

Sex Dolls USA Review

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The website has numerous sex dolls that you can choose from. This is, however, only applicable to sex dolls that are already preconfigured. You also have the option of customizing your sex doll to be tailor-made to your taste. In either option, you have numerous options to choose from; enough to allow you to make a sober choice.

The company provides you with information on sex dolls depending on their make, for instance, the difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls. This is one point that customers find caring for, as it goes a long way in informing the choice of sex doll you make.

Real-life Customer Feedback

There is absolute power in third-party feedback on the right about anything you want to buy online. Sex Dolls USA brings this to you outrightly, with the displayed comment and feedback stories from its past clients. This not only boosts your confidence but it also gives you the confidence you in buying your first sex doll when you cannot face anyone to ask them

Sex Dolls USA Review

Image: Customer Reviews through Third Party Website. Screenshot was taken on August 24, 2019

Note: have you heard of the fantastic offers available at Sex Dolls USA? Click on the many options available on the website for a redirect to the way you can land yourself a fantastic offer if you transact with Sex Dolls USA. Remember to refer a friend and you will get a whopping $150 reward.

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