Sex Dolls USA Review

Sex Dolls USA Review

About The Company

As a relatively new realistic sex doll vendor website, Sex Dolls USA has kept its site simple, straight-forward, and manageable for interested buyers. You can navigate through their home page, collections page, and even a video gallery for a demonstration of some of their stock sex dolls. They also have pages detailing the difference between TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls, an important point of discussion for Sex Dolls USA since the site only really sells TPE sex dolls.

They also have pages for topics such as the benefits of using sex dolls when in a relationship or when being part of a couple. They make some fine points about how sex dolls actually stand to make relationships stronger and more long-lasting by spicing up sex lives. To help out the couples looking to buy from the website, Sex Dolls USA also has male sex dolls in their inventory. Maintenance is also a frequently brought up query with sex dolls, so the site has a page dedicated to explaining the intricacies of sex doll maintenance. Lastly, they have the typical frequently asked questions page that answers most if not all remaining questions potential buyers might have before purchasing.

Sex Doll Selection 

Sex Dolls USA has a smaller collection than most. You can attribute this to them being a smaller, newer website. They have 23 ready-made standard dolls, 22 of which are standard female models while 1 is a male model. These ready-made dolls come on standard appearances but are faster to produce and ship. On the other hand, they also have 15 customizable dolls. These custom-made dolls are all female and will take longer to ship out to customers due to their nature.

With both the “pre-configured quick delivery dolls” and the “customizable dolls,” you have a decent array of sex dolls. However, compared to most other older and bigger company websites, this number might not be to the liking of some sex doll buyers. The quality is great, and the dolls also have prices to match that. If you’re a beginner to buying sex dolls and what to test the waters, this might be a good place to start. The smaller inventory will also help for beginners to not feel too overwhelmed with their choices. Just be sure to really consider their variety and their dolls being limited to only being TPE. Do your research and decide afterward.

Sex Dolls USA Review

Shipping Information 

Delivery is not as versatile with Sex Dolls USA. They do offer to deliver to other countries, but the frequently asked questions page explicitly mentions that they have a preference for delivering within the United States only. You will have to get in touch with them to check if a non-US country is covered by their shipping arrangements.

With the shipment time, it varies for the type of sex doll that is ordered. As mentioned before, they have two types of dolls: ready-made “Preconfigured Sex Dolls” and “Customizable Dolls.”

The preconfigured sex dolls are stocked and packed in Texas and are ready to ship anytime. They only deliver these in the US and are estimated to arrive at the buyer’s doorstep from 3 to 7 days after the order is made. The fast delivery is tempting, but you’re stuck with pre-determined sex doll models.

The customizable dolls are produced on the buyer’s demand. These are shipped internationally (depending on your country) and will take 7 to 14 days to be shipped from the day of ordering. 5 to 7 days are spent producing the doll based on the desired specifications and another 5 to 7 days are spent shipping them over to the buyer.

It’s worth noting that if your desired doll is in stock, you will have to wait until it gets restocked to get your order. Also, if the buyer’s preference is to pick up the doll instead of having it delivered at home, they can do so. FedEx manages the shipment, so all you have to do is wait to get the tracking number, click on “manage delivery,” and set your nearest FedEx location as the pickup point. This is useful for those who want to be extra discreet with their sex doll order.


For returns, there is a lot of information on the site about that. They do have a bullet point under the delivery info column for preconfigured sex dolls that mentions that if the buyer is unsatisfied with their order, they can send it back within seven days, but the shipping will be on them. This is assuming that the doll is unused since it is against the law to return sex dolls that have already been used.

Sex Dolls USA also assures a full refund if the item is not delivered somehow and a full or partial refund for orders that are not as they are described.

Payment Options

The site is PayPal verified, so they take payment with that. They also accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Sex Dolls USA Review

Sex Dolls USA Review

Let’s summarize all the information that we have given you about Sex Dolls USA and tell you why are we recommending this company:

  1. Simple Site

Being a simple site, Sex Dolls USA is very easy to manage. You can use their top navigation bar to jump to any of the main useful pages on the site, and the pages are labeled in a very straight-forward manner.

      2. Thorough and Clear Galleries

The photos of the available dolls are very clear and informative. You will be able to see the dolls in different poses and angles to be able to more thoroughly consider if you want to buy that model or not. They also have a video gallery page showcasing the dolls articulation and level of detail.

      3. Discreet Shipping

Like most realistic sex doll delivery services, Sex Dolls USA offers discreet shipping for those that are a bit apprehensive about neighbors or housemates finding out about their order. The option of picking up the doll at your local FedEx is also a nice touch.

      4. Quality

As far as quality goes, the dolls are great!

      5. Great Customer Service 

Some reviews have stated that the customer service of the website wonderful. Email queries and questions would take a little while to get a response.