Sex Robots

We are number one in the sex robots reviews business. Sex Dolls Reviews is the first website that will watch all the latest news about robot sex dolls, review them and recommend only the best and trustworthy manufacturers. We are doing a great job in researching the best sex dolls, so why not give you some information about the talking, moving and self-heating love dolls?

The future is here. We are talking about a sex doll upgrade. If you haven’t purchased your sex doll – do so (best, safest sex in the world). If you want a great alternative – read our reviews and choose available/affordable options for sex robots.

We are witnesses to the new technology era, where cheating, raping and abusing women will soon become a non-existing fact. Think about it – if any sexually abusive man/woman gets a sex doll/sex robot the possibility of criminal activity will be greatly reduced.

sex robots

So, What Are Sex Robots?

Sex Robots (aka smart dolls or sexbots) are sex dolls, but they are able to communicate, ask questions, move and stay warm, like a human. You probably enjoyed your love doll, but imagine the same doll being warm and so lifelike? Would that make you experience more pleasure? Sex Dolls Reviews Team is certain – it would.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls are currently selling love dolls that are self-heating and equipped with sound technology. They use something called “HIT” system that can be activated by touching your doll. The sounds that your doll makes can be chosen by you. Watch this video to see how your love doll can be as warm as a human (temperature goes up to 31 Celsius or 87 Fahrenheit):

Very cool, right? We think that anyone who is ready to try something new should get this system installed when buying from Sexy Real Sex Dolls.

The First Sex Robot

A company called Abyss Creations (widely known as RealDoll) are on the path of creating dolls with electronic sensors on the skin. These types of sex robots are able to respond to voice, touch, they vibrate, heat up their genitals and tell you the words of love. You can even choose the personality traits for your doll. She can be intellectual, shy, kind, talkative, or even insecure. The initial price of this model will be around $15,000.

The first Sex Robot that came out was Harmony – a nice young woman that can be anything you want her to be. Her face is able to move, she can have a conversation with you and even remember things about you. It has been proven that most of the men who currently own a sex doll like the fact of an upgrade.

The first male robot named Henry was also made by Abyss Creations. He is also capable of self-healing, talking and he even has a pretty good sense of humor.

In twenty years a relationship between man/woman and robot will be considered normal. It might even solve some criminal problems, as well as the overpopulation issue. This is such great news for humanity. Sex Dolls Reviews Team will closely watch all the news related to sex robots distribution and update our readers every now and then. Enjoy the future now!